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FluidFeatures 5min pitch for Launch Academy's DemoDay
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FluidFeatures 5min pitch for Launch Academy's DemoDay

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5 minutes pitch for FluidFeatures. Prepared for Launch Academy's DemoDay.

5 minutes pitch for FluidFeatures. Prepared for Launch Academy's DemoDay.

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  • FluidFeatures is a way to manage the relationship between your web application’s functionality and your users, in real-time.\n\nA/B testing is key part of FluidFeatures, but it’s not the whole story.\n
  • Eric Ries’ book, The Lean Startup, is the new bible for entrepreneurs building great companies in the most efficient way using data-driven methods.\n
  • When you reach the end of the book, you are keen to start implementing what Mr Ries has taught you, but where do go from there?\n
  • You will start to hypothesize about your business and customers and set out to test those hypothesis.\n\nA classic technique for testing is A/B testing. The background is red vs background is green. \n\nYou will divide up your user-base and see which version results in the most sales for your business. The best performing version will become the default for you website.\n\nYou run these tests often and move quickly, all the time measuring the critical metrics of your website.\n\n
  • How do you actually integrate these tests into your web application?\n
  • If you are only looking for aesthetic changes, then there are some great solutions such as Optimizely or Google Website Optimizer.\n\nThese work in the web browser, so are limited in what they can do.\n\nAt most, they can only move images around, change colours and redirect to other pages.\n\nWe think your business goes much deeper than these superficial changes.\n\n
  • FluidFeatures gives you full stack control over your features and users, so that every part of your business is working unison when interacting with customers.\n
  • What does that mean?\n
  • Instead of only the web browser knowing which features a user should see, FluidFeatures integrates at the server level.\n\nThis results in a consistent user experience however you interact with your customers.\n\n
  • Managing feature rollout is not only useful for A/B testing, but also for taking a feature from idea to your customers in a controlled manner.\n\nI’ll give you an example...\n\n
  • Bob is a Web Developer for company that sell stock images online.\n\nBob has developed a new feature for the website, that also enables them to sell video.\n\nHe’s tested the feature and pushed it production. Initially nobody can see it.\n\nUsing the FluidFeatures dashboard, Bob enables this feature for himself.\n\nAfter testing, he enables it for his manager and then for his development team.\n\nBob’s Manager adds Anne from marketing and Anne takes control of the rollout.\n\nThe marketing team decide they need to better understand what impact this feature will have on their business, so they roll it out to a random 2% of their users.\n\nFeedback is good and they now have the data to show that this feature will have a positive impact on their business.\n\nThe feature is opened up to their PR agencies and early adopters, so they can get some buzz, before finally turning it on for all users.\n\nThis is all done in real-time, so marketing have full control over timing and strategy.\n\n
  • FluidFeatures is live and we are sending out invites to new customers everyday.\n\nWe’re working closely with Rails developers, since it is a great community that fits very well with this service.\n\nIt takes only a few minutes to get up and running with FluidFeatures and your Rails application, so we hope you’ll visit the site and take a closer look.\n\n


  • 1. Features Meet Users Phil Whelan Founder @fluidfeatures
  • 2. What next?
  • 3. hypothesize a/b test iterate quickly measure, measure, measure!!
  • 4. How to do that?
  • 5. a/b testing Limited in-browser solutions Aesthetic changes Redirects
  • 6. gives you... FULL STACK CONTROLof your features and user-base
  • 7. What does that mean?
  • 8. you your user mobile browser server database email
  • 9. Feature Rollout...
  • 10. Rollout Control Feature Visibility FeedbackBob, the Web Developer Nobody Bob the developer Bob’s Manager eh? Bob’s Team Bob’s Manager Anne in Marketing yes! Anne’s team Anne in Marketing Random 2% no Friendly PR Early adopters Everyone
  • 11. We’re live!! Visit fluidfeatures.comto sign-up for an invite