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    TEDx Warwick TEDx Warwick Presentation Transcript

    • Luke Robert MasonResearch Director, Philter PhactoryDirector at Virtual Futures@lukerobertmason@weavrs@virtualfutures
    • Virtual Personsin an Information Age
    • Online Social Network
    • Self Description
    • CyberCulture
    • “…boring!”
    • “…full of useless information.”
    • “…it will never take off.”
    • LOLCats.com
    • Cyber-
    • Cyber-Space
    • The EyePhoneThe Future is not what it used to be…
    • 2012
    • CyberCulture
    • Culture
    • iTunes Cover FlowVirtual Music
    • iBooksVirtual Books
    • PayPal LogoVirtual Transactions
    • TamagotchiVirtual Pets
    • Second LifeVirtual Worlds
    • Social MediaVirtual Persons
    • Consensual HallucinationWilliam Gibson
    • Abstraction
    • Information
    • Who are we?
    • 1931
    • Harry Beck
    • Interfacing with Identity
    • Information
    • Infosphere
    • First, electronic sensors got smaller and better. Second, peoplestarted carrying powerful computing devices, typicallydisguised as mobile phones. Third, social media made it seemnormal to share everything. And fourth, we began to get aninkling of the rise of a global superintelligence known as thecloud.The Data-Driven Life - The New York Times Magazine
    • Feltron Report
    • MyLifeBits, Gordon Bell
    • What’s the point?
    • The Facebook MirrorPhoto Credit: Jennifer Daniel
    • A woman poses in a funfair hall of mirrors, circa 1935
    • "Its not who you share with,’ its whoyou share as.”Chris Poole, 4Chan Founder (2011)
    • MySpace Angle
    • “Beauty through Obscurity”
    • Performing/ Subjectively Editing
    • "Media lets you clone pieces of yourself and send them outinto the world to have conversations on your behalf. Evenwhile you’re sleeping, your media —your books, your blogposts, your tweets—is on the march. It’s out there trying tomaking connections. Mostly it’s failing, but that’s okay: thesedays, copies are cheap.”Robin Sloan, Kanye West: Media Cyborg (2010)
    • Inforg(Information Organism)
    • “our machines are disturbingly lively,and we ourselves frighteningly inert.”Donna Haraway, 1991
    • Infomorph
    • Darth Weavr
    • King Kong, @thatbigmonkey
    • Womblr
    • @parkinn & @HenryWeavr
    • “I Tweet Dead People”
    • “Im feeding my own persona into the Weavrs system andmapping out my own personal history. The Weavrs post, tweet,listen to music, check in to places and learn new skills. Imcurrently running a series of 40 year old versions of myself thatlive in Munich”Marcus Brown, Army of Me
    • Internet of Things
    • “The next logical step in this technological revolution(connecting people anytime, anywhere) is to connect inanimateobjects a communication network.”ITU Internet Report, 2005
    • SiriService-Based Personality
    • Talkie the ToasterFunction-Based Personality
    • WeavrsEmergent Personality
    • Darth Vader
    • Roomba Hoover
    • George Clooney
    • SaSi Sex Toy
    • Computer Wins on Jeopardy! Trivial,It’s Not.John Markoff - New York Times, February 16, 2011 In Case You Wondered, a Real Human Wrote This Column Steve Lohr - New York Times, September 10, 2011Siri, Can You Hear me?Sam Grobart - New York Times, October 13, 2011
    • 1.  We Turn Our (Life) Narratives into Data.2.  Weavrs turn our Data Into Narratives.
    • Thank you! http://weavrs.com @weavrshttp://philterphactory.com