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06 will-goodhand-brain juicer-digividuals

  1. 1. DigiViduals™ - Robot Avatars The ASC 30th September 2010 Will Goodhand Juicy Evangelist, BrainJuicer 1Month Yr
  2. 2. Unreliable witnesses… 2October 10Month Yr
  3. 3. Just ask the pollsters….. X 596 Polls ¾ (1988 - 2000) 3October 10Month Yr
  4. 4. Social animals… 4October 10Month Yr
  5. 5. 5October 10Month Yr
  6. 6. A New Way of Looking… 6October 10Month Yr
  7. 7. We Research 7October 10Month Yr
  8. 8. We Research 8October 10Month Yr
  9. 9. Definition of a great insight… 2 sides of the same ‘coin’ If your insight has …it will have a significant Resonance and Edge… impact on the business. 9
  10. 10. The oldest wisdom…. 10October 10Month Yr
  11. 11. …in the newest of forms 11October 10Month Yr
  12. 12. Much more than tweets the eye…. 12October 10Month Yr
  13. 13. introducing DigiViduals™… In very basic terms DigiViduals™ are robotic researchers programmed to represent a particular type of person conducting automated mass web ethnography to build up a rich, detailed picture of their lives from which understanding, insights and new product ideas can be generated. DigiViduals™ are designed as a person on Twitter: – Scan for tweets that match their key words, characteristics and emotions – Collect the relevant tweets, blogs, images, video from those people – Build a rich and insightful picture of character’s life – From which we can generate understanding, insights & new product ideas 13October 10Month Yr
  14. 14. Like casting a movie… 14October 10Month Yr
  15. 15. Meet Nicole Nicole n 15 (*) In addition to Nicole we have created 9 other characters, Nicole is an exampleOctober 10Month Yr
  16. 16. The most human ‘dashboard’ you’ll ever see… Nicole Savage Tribes Decorative Aromatherapy Candles n 16October 10Month Yr
  17. 17. ….and Nicole’s Lifeboard… Cute, domestic Coffee, chocolate Village life Sociable, romanticMythical, labyrinthineadventures Social conscience Delicate, colourful, quirky, intricate Nicole Edgy, Gothic, dark 17October 10Month Yr
  18. 18. 18October 10Month Yr
  19. 19. Implications… Narrative Nicole Nicole is fascinated by design, fashion and Female craft objects. She’s genuine, sociable and has an infectious zest for life. She’s a magpie – alive to the joy that little things can bring. She Age 38 can often be found hanging out in the cooler Lives London parts of town – a source of inspiration for her. Profession Jewellery Designer She loves the buzz of the big city but revels in Lives Hammersmith the intimacy that the urban village provides. She is very popular but has a close circle of friends who admire her warmth, elegance and Insight generosity. “There are times in my life when I need to say sorry or cheer up a friend and or be coquettish or just plain silly. Wouldnt it be great to express my sentiments creatively in candy”. Theme Creative Kitsch Idea to Illustrate Cuties are large, wrapped, flat, sweets [Cute dog with curly coat and a bald patch saying "Bad hair day repair". Cute dog with eyes lowered looking sorry saying "Sorry, Im a bad hound :-(" Cute dog with long lashes saying "Down boy!". 19October 10Month Yr
  20. 20. Quant to back the Qual…. 20October 10Month Yr
  21. 21. …current usage 21October 10Month Yr
  22. 22. And finally…. 22Month Yr
  23. 23. Choose your twit....er 23October 10Month Yr
  24. 24. Romanced Diva Wants to be liked Fun / energy Conceptual thinker Dreams ofOvercome difference/ hardwork 24October 10Month Yr
  25. 25. Angelic Cloggs Optimistic Sense of urgency / time has come Defiant Questioning Keen to learn of authority 25October 10Month Yr
  26. 26. Grr. No. Now. Bod Vulnerability Steely Exterior / Sadness Frustration Scared of Need to death please 26October 10Month Yr
  27. 27. More info? info@brainjuicer.com Will Goodhand Juicy Evangelist will.goodhand@brainjuicer.com +44 7980 673 186 www.brainjuicer.com 27March 2010October 10