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Presentation by sdesign1 on web usability that looks at good and bad design.

Presentation by sdesign1 on web usability that looks at good and bad design.

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  • Hi - I’m Phil Smears from sdesign1. We build accessible, usable and compliant web sites. Today I’ll be talking about usability and building a site based around the needs of users and not the needs of the CEO or marketing director. We think if you do that you will gain more respect, trust and ultimately SALES!


  • 1. Usability Phil Smears – 2 nd April 2008
  • 2. sdesign1 web design and development – clients:
  • 3. Usability
    • Making it easier to do something!
  • 4. Top Ten Usability Mistakes
    • Layout
      • Bad: http:// www.restaurantguideatlanta.com /
      • Good: http://www.rikcatindustries.com/
    • Navigation
      • Bad: http://www.novell.com/en-us/GB/home/index.html
      • Good: http://www.bninorthwest.com/about.php
    • Control
      • Bad: http://www.aceofcakestv.com
      • Good: any web site that doesn’t perform unrequested actions
    • Intuitiveness
      • Bad: http://www.naco.net/
      • Good: http://www.calibre-repro.co.uk/
    • Typography
      • Bad: http:// www.fiberopticproducts.com /
      • Good: http:// www.towercollege.com /
  • 5.
    • Splash or intro pages
      • Bad: http:// www.jonespartners.com /
      • Good: http://myriadtravel.co.uk/
    • Memory overload
      • Bad: http://www.aceofcakestv.com
    • Distractions
      • Bad: http://www.oca-arb.co.uk / , http://intuitconsultancy.com/Hr/web/index.php
      • Even worse: http:// www.restaurantguideatlanta.com /
    • Image crazy
      • Bad: http://manducatis.com
      • Good: http://www.pacificatraining.co.uk/
    • Clear evidence of insanity
      • Bad: http:// www.worldglaucoma.org /
  • 6. Conclusion
    • ‘ Don’t make me think’ – Steve Krug
    • ‘ Ultimately, users visit your web site for its content. Everything else is just the backdrop. The design is there to allow people access to the content.’
    • ‘ Flowers are nice, but don't put them in your doorway’
    • A web site is like a car. New models are brought out but it’s usually a good idea to keep the gear stick in the same place.
  • 7. sdesign1 Ltd
    • Free web site health check!