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  • 1. Anime By: Justin Vandling
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    • Anime comes in many different forms. But mostly it can be caterogrized into 3 main geners, one type is film, the movies that are generally released into theaters. These films represent the highest budget and are on the higher end of video quality.
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    • The second type of anime is Original Video Animation, or OVA. These are most similar to television miniseries. The number of episodes can range anywhere from two to twenty episodes and are normally released directly to video. The different episodes in a series normally have a very continuous plot making it confusing to watch them out of sequence. Each episode relates to the last one, making one long story. They are also of very high quality animation, close to that used in films, and sometimes even surpassing.
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    • The last type is anime as television series. These shows are typically of lower quality than that of the other two due to the budget having to be spread out. A full season consists of twenty-six episodes each averaging about twenty-three minutes. As in many live-action television series, episodes are commonly unrelated to each other so viewers would not have to have seen the previous ones to enjoy the one they are watching. They also use “eyecatch” scenes before and after commercial breaks and have opening and closing credits like other television series.
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    • One of my fav. Anime is bleach, The charcters in bleach are Ichigo Kurosaki, Rukia Kuchiki, Orihime Inoue, Kon, Chad and Uryu Ishida.
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    • Kurosaki Ichigo is a 15 year old student, with the ability to see ghosts. His life was forever changed when he met Kuchiki Rukia, a Death God, who is charged with sending lost souls to the afterlife, known as Soul Society.Whilst saving Ichigo from the attack of a malevolent ghost known as a Hollow, Rukia sustained serious injuries. Unable to finish the battle, she offers to share her powers, and responsibilities, with Ichigo..
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    • http://youtube.com/watch?v=rVpi4s9Trv0
    • This is a amv on bleach, it starts out kinda ery but shows kinda what bleach is
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    • Every Weekday you can watch Bleach at 12:00am. Andyou can watch other anime on Sat. from 9:00pm to 6:30am
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    • WHAT IS ADULT SWIM? Adult Swim is Cartoon Network's late-night programming block of cartoons that appeal to a grown-up sense of humor and other adult sensibilities. Adult Swim is a separate entity that is shown on Cartoon Network but has its own programming, marketing, branding, and web presence.
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    • WHY IS IT CALLED ADULT SWIM? It's a swimming pool analogy, basically. It refers to those times when adults find it more enjoyable to have kids "out of the pool." The name "Adult Swim" reflects this block's appeal to older viewers.
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    • The end