Boys Track And Field

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things to help you when you run

things to help you when you run

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  • 1. Boys Track and Field By: Jordan Johnson 4/24/08
  • 2. Track and field events
    • 2mile
    • 1mile
    • 400m dash
    • 200m dash
    • 100m dash
    • 70m dash
    • 55 meter hurdles
    • 1600m relay
    • 3200m relay
    • Long jump
    • shot put
    • Pole vault
    • High jump
  • 3. To run track
    • To run track you have to maintain your grades and not fail tests. If you are marginal and you fail a quiz or test you cant run that meet. If you get A’s in your classes you will be fine. But if you are getting F’s or D’s you are not fine.
  • 4. Relays
    • Relays are the most hardest event to run because you have to keep your group in the lead. If you fall behind in you relay there is a good chance your team wont ketchup. Relays are also hard because if you drop the baton you get disqualified. If your team gets a good lead you will probably win the race.
  • 5. Hurdles
    • Hurdles are the worst event to do because if you trip you can kill you self if you hit your head on another hurdle. If you trip and fall there is a good chance you will get stepped on by another runner. Hurdles can make your legs get messed up if you fall and hit a hurdle. That is a good way to get hurt so don’t do hurdles.
  • 6. Long Distance
    • If you run long distance you have to pace your self. If you go out to hot you will get cramps and you will be very sore the next day. When you run long distances you have to drink a lot of water that day or you will get dehydrated. When you come around the last corner of a track give it all you got and sprint in.
  • 7. Sprints
    • When you do sprints you have to go as fast as you can go and pass the finish line. When you are done racing in that race stay in your lane so the timers can get your name. The different sprints there are is 100m dash, 200m dash, 75m dash, and the 400m dash. The sprints are the most easiest to do because all you have to do is run hard to the finish.
  • 8. Long Jump
    • Long jump you have to sprint and then jump from a line and land in the sand. Long jump is a event that people with good jumping abilities do. When you do long jump you have to jump as far as you can and land. Usually people with long legs do long jump.
  • 9.
    • People who do high jump have to have long legs to get them in the air. They also have to have a good jump to clear the bar. High jump is a event that you have to have good skill to do. High jump has a bar that you have to jump over and you can level it as high as you can jump.
    High Jump High Jump
  • 10. Track Video
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