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  • 1. Persona Definition
    “an artifact that consists of a narrative relating to a desired user or customer's daily behavior patterns, using specific details, not generalities”
    “a social role or a character played by an actor.”
  • 2. Why Need Them
    We are not the people who use EB. We shouldn’t design if from our point of view.
    EB users are different with different, job roles, environment, education, and needs. Without personas we end up talking about users generally.
    Personas help us identify with users and find empathy for them
    Real users cannot be part of the immediate design process we need to define an artifact that can guide who we are designing for.
  • 3. How We Developed EB Personas
    One hour brainstorming session with EB customers at the 2009 ACE Conference
    Two hour brainstorming session with EB Product Team
    Over 100 hours of interviews with bank and corporate customer end-users.
  • 4. How We Should Use Them
    Refer to personas within design discussions and writings. “Tim would expect…” “Sam needs…”
    To refine our requirements. As personas are considered, their unique needs will emerge and challenge our requirements.
    To create robust scenarios for each sprint
  • 5. Scenarios
    Example of a scenario (customer support persona)
    “Mike gets a call from Carol at the Cinnabon corporate payroll department. Carol typically uploads their payment file on time but needed to add a new person at the last minute. As a result, the file was five minutes late. She wants Mike to confirm that the file arrived and was loaded and that the payroll payments will be processed on time. She would also like some kind of confirmation faxed or emailed.
  • 6. Summary
    “Carol” Small Business User
    “Al” Large Corporate Cash Manager
    “Sam” Middle Manager
    “Tim” Account Payables
    “Sally” Office Generalist
  • 7. “Carol” Small Business User
  • 8. “Carol” Small Business User, cont…
  • 9. “Carol” Small Business User, cont…
  • 10. “Al” Large Corporate Cash Mgr.
  • 11. “Al” Large Corporate Cash Mgr., cont…
  • 12. “Al” Large Corporate Cash Mgr., cont…
  • 13. “Sam” Middle Manager
  • 14. “Sam” Middle Manager cont…
  • 15. “Sam” Middle Manager cont…
  • 16. “Tim” Account Payables
  • 17. “Tim” Account Payables cont…
  • 18. “Tim” Account Payables cont…
  • 19. “Sally” Office Generalist
  • 20. “Sally” Office Generalist