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Drupal 7 multilingual strategy
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Drupal 7 multilingual strategy


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OC Drupal meetup - Drupal Multilingual strategy

OC Drupal meetup - Drupal Multilingual strategy

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  • 1. Multilingual Strategy forDrupalOC Drupal - Feb 2013Mariano Crivello
  • 2. Large companies choosing Drupal Every day large multi-national companies are selecting Drupal as their web system of choice ● Scalability ● Cost ● Ability to manage multiple language content from a single system
  • 3. Questions you should ask● Which Languages? ○ Regional logic? i.e. Spain serves : English, Spanish, French, Italian● Who will be translating content? ○ Web service ■ Cheap ■ Prone to error ■ Not good for Industry specific terminology ○ Translation service ■ Works ■ Expensive. (starts at about $350/pp.)
  • 4. Questions you should ask (cont.) How will you manage workflow? ● Quality Control ○ How will you manage the sign off of content? ● Wait for translations to publish? ○ What is your publication time dependencies ● Is there Industry specific terminology ○ Mapping terminology upfront is important for agencies and services alike.
  • 5. Two Major Methods for Translation● Content translation (i18n, locale)● Entity translation (the future)
  • 6. Comparison Chart Content translation Entity translation only works with nodes works with any entity type one node per language (copies nodes) one entity for ALL languages (fields are translated) uses core node title field Requires Title module for titles need multiple menu links for one node can theoretically use one menu for all translations breadcrumbs just work breadcrumbs can show wrong translation Views language filtering just works Views language filtering needs a patch/module XMLSitemap works XMLSitemap doesn’t work (work in progress) Metatags Quick works per language Only works for English nodes Bean blocks don’t work Bean blocks work nicely
  • 7. Organic Groups ● Can help manage regional language logic. ● Permission structure for regional content managers. ○ Allows for independent workflows for each region
  • 8. Translation Services ● Microsoft (Bing) Translator (machine) ● Google Translate (machine) ● Nativy (human) ● MyGengo (human) ● Supertext (human) ● One Hour Translation (human)
  • 9. Translation Standard XLIFF (XML Localisation Interchange File Format) is an industry standard format that has been adopted by most translation systems and agencies.
  • 10. Workflow management● Workflow module ○ Build publication process ○ Quality control● The Translation Management Tool (TMGMT) module ○ Interfaces with external web services
  • 11. Pain Points● Menu translation● Taxonomy translation● Cost for human translation
  • 12. ResourcesModules:● Entity translation● Translation Management (TMGMT)● Workflow
  • 13. Resources (cont.) BOOK - Drupal 7 Multilingual Sites
  • 14. Resources (cont.)