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Personalise and Segment - A video strategy blueprint for 2014

Personalise and Segment - A video strategy blueprint for 2014



Phil's presentation from Marketing Fest in Brno on 22nd November

Phil's presentation from Marketing Fest in Brno on 22nd November



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    Personalise and Segment - A video strategy blueprint for 2014 Personalise and Segment - A video strategy blueprint for 2014 Presentation Transcript

    • PHIL NOTTINGHAM •  Video Marketing Expert •  Semi-Professional Pirate •  Enthusiastic Beer Drinker Consultant, Distilled Phil.nottingham@distilled.net @philnottingham
    • The Future (2014)
    • Online video has been a “thing” for 10 years.
    • Broadband gave us streaming at 15fps
    • Global median mobile speed today > 1MBPS
    • Online video strategies have historically looked like TV advertising strategies
    • Common Approach to Video Marketing Decide you want to Have idea create a for a Video video Pay for “optimise” loads of video advertising and seeing Phil Nottingham Pay a creative agency to make it Put the video everywhere Pay for some seeding/ advertising Count how many views it’s got @philnottingham
    • But this doesn’t work very well
    • Let’s think about how we consume media on the internet
    • We surface content through filters
    • Our technology protects us from unwanted content Including unwanted marketing
    • Apparently my son insisted on watching this about 10 times consecutively yesterday. He hates pre-roll adverts interrupting his videos, but loved this bit of creative marketing. Conclusion: the attitudes of a one year old are a good proxy for the average internet user. Rob Ousbey (my boss), 2013 Phil Nottingham
    • Online audiences are then always inside filter bubbles
    • Permission is no longer enough Marketing needs to get above the sharing radar of our (personal) curators
    • people need to love your marketing
    • Online Video ≠ Online TV Phil Nottingham
    • Hyper Targeted > One size fits all Phil Nottingham
    • Segment and Personalise: A video strategy for 2014 PHIL NOTTINGHAM, DISTILLED
    • COMMON METHOD Form Driven We need to do a video What can we do a video about? Make video Optimise video Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
    • Form Must Follow Function Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
    • STRATEGIC APPROACH Goal Driven We need to improve “X” What’s the best way to do that? Video Define technical & creative strategy
    • Only use video when the message would be lost by any other medium
    • All content must be goal driven
    • How can you build turn these principles into a strategy?
    • 1. Segment by goal
    • Three main goals for video in online marketing http://moz.com/blog/building-a-video-seostrategy @philnottingham
    • 2. Personalise based on audience demographic
    • Know your customer conversion funnel http://www.distilled.net/blog/distilled/content/kill-it-in-contentcreation-by-knowing-your-customer-conversion-funnel/ @philnottingham
    • Tie it to your audience http://www.distilled.net/blog/distilled/using-customersurveys-to-define-your-content-marketing-efforts/ @philnottingham
    • Sign Up For Google Tag Manager @philnottingha @philnottingham
    • Upgrade to Google Universal Analytics http://dis.tl/H2RgUq @philnottingham
    • Universal Analytics Tracks People Not Sessions
    • Customer Database
    • Enable Demographic Data http://dis.tl/H2VhrN @philnottingham
    • User Based Tracking
    • Dimension Widening
    • Go check out Craig Bradford’s presentation http://www.slideshare.net/DistilledSEO/craigbradfordsearchlove-london-2013 @philnottingham
    • Find trends in user behaviour to discover gaps in your content marketing Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
    • Any quick hacks until I get my tracking in order? Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
    • Internal Site Search Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
    • Keyword Research Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
    • Competitor Analysis Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
    • Analysis in Different Verticals Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
    • Three goals for video http://moz.com/blog/building-a-video-seostrategy @philnottingham
    • For each goal you need multiple pieces of content, targeting each of your core user groups
    • Goal 1
    • Viral Videos
    • A creative story attached to your brand http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBlRbrB_Gnc @philnottingham
    • Informational Content
    • Tutorials & How-to’s http://youtube.com/rei @philnottingham
    • REI have a great library of informational content http://www.youtube.com/rei @philnottingham
    • Purely Informational with no transactional call to action Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
    • Thought Leadership content
    • “Blogging” video http://www.youtube.com/playlist? list=PLaUepPJV0nAP20cyu55PfQw2Pu7vsvAYi @philnottingham
    • How can I do my own Whiteboard Friday style video? Someone in the audience Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
    • Focus lighting to eliminate shadow and get a balanced colour on the subject
    • Good Sound is more important than good picture
    • Get the microphone as close as possible to the persons face
    • Minimal requirements for a video studio •  •  •  •  DSLR with 50mm lens Any Tripod Lavalier microphone set Three Lights http://wistia.com/blog/your-first-lighting-kit @philnottingham
    • Supporting PR campaigns
    • Video News Releases – get journalists to notice you http://www.bbc.co.uk/guidelines/editorialguidelines/page/ guidance-video-news-releases @philnottingham
    • Ads
    • Advertise your content library and permission assets http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVIGuJeS4y4 @philnottingham
    • Host for maximum visibility @philnottingham
    • Relevant for an audience unfamiliar with your brand Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
    • Use the YouTube Keyword Tool for idea generation https://ads.youtube.com/keyword_tool @philnottingham
    • Optimise for YouTube •  •  •  •  http://www.distilled.net/training/video-marketing-guide/ http:///www.distilled.net/blog/social-media/youtube/youtube-seo/ http://moz.com/blog/the-marketing-value-of-youtube Come and speak to me throughout the conference Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
    • Measure user engagement, not views https://www.youtube.com/analytics @philnottingham
    • Ensure consistent quality Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
    • How can I optimise my YouTube videos for success with TrueView advertising Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
    • Ensure you force engagement withinin the first five seconds Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
    • Ad Spend = Social Proof
    • 77,000 Views Cost - $8000 (Avg. CPV = 10c
    • And what if I have no budget? Someone in the audience Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
    • Hangout on air http://www.google.com/+/learnmore/hangouts/ onair.html @philnottingham
    • https://vine.co/v/bnqj5qmnIwQ @philnottingham
    • http://instagram.com/p/bT2BGwxkLu @philnottingham
    • Goal 2
    • Use video as part of a creative page type
    • 190 linking root domains http://www.simplybusiness.co.uk/microsites/ wordpress-for-small-businesses/ @philnottingham
    • 64 linking root domains http://www.simplybusiness.co.uk/microsites/ youtube-for-small-business/ @philnottingham
    • Guest post with video
    • Interview your customers Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
    • Interview authorities in your niche http://www.landlordlawblog.co.uk/2013/01/15/tessa-hasa-bad-hair-day-and-gives-out-some-advice-on-camera/ @philnottingham
    • Interview your friends & competitors http://seogadget.com/awsome-excel-skills-for-linkbuilding-and-more-at-linklove/ @philnottingham
    • Interview SERP competitors Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
    • Get interviewed by others http://wistia.com/learning/advanced-seo-withdistilled @philnottingham
    • Create a video others will embed
    • This isn’t the same as “viral content” Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
    • What does it look like then? Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
    • It got awesome links http://www.forbes.com/sites/matthewnewton/ 2011/06/30/anatonomy-of-a-computer-virus/ @philnottingham
    • It got awesome links http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm? id=stuxnet-like-viruses-remain-a-top-us-security-risk @philnottingham
    • 682 links from 214 Domains To video on abc.net.au Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
    • 6,608 links from 517 domains To video on vimeo.com Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
    • When people embed a YouTube / Vimeo video – they don’t link to your site.
    • LRDs   600   500   400   300   517   200   100   214   0   To  own  site   To  vimeo.com   LRDs  
    • How can I prevent this? Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
    • Ensure the video is only visible on your domain to start with Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
    • Use a secure, paid hosting solution Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
    • Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
    • Automatically includes a link back to your domain
    • If you don’t want to use Wistia I’ve made you a tool…. http://dis.tl/video-embed-generator Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
    • But… YouTube and Vimeo can generate social traction Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
    • •  Securely host •  Outreach •  Put on YouTube afterwards Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
    • Bait and Switch! Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
    • Use OSE to work out who has linked to the videos Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
    • Outreach with a value proposition Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
    • Agency side? Do your clients have successful YouTube videos?
    • And what if I have no budget?
    • Custom YouTube Playlists https://developers.google.com/youtube/ @philnottingham
    • http://dis.tl/youtube-playlists-tool @philnottingham
    • Goal 3
    • Identify the gaps in your website’s conversion funnel. Which pages have highest drop off rates?
    • Establish Your Minimum Viable Conversion at every stage in the funnel Craig Bradford @CraigBradford
    • Create content which encourages the MVC
    • Videos FOR Pages Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
    • Videos to help sell a specific product or service
    • Product/category page “conversion” videos http://www.appliancesonline.co.uk @philnottingham
    • A user who watches an Appliances Online video… @philnottingham
    • Is TWICE as likely to convert @philnottingham
    • Spends 9.1% more money @philnottingham
    • •  Soft Sell •  Hard Facts •  Empathy @philnottingham
    • Product Specific Tutorials
    • Offer guidance and explain core functionality Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
    • Best Software for Screencasting PC Mac Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
    • Quick Mobile screen mock-ups http://placeit.breezi.com/
    • Videos to enhance non-commercial pages
    • Distilled has a video on our /contact page https://www.distilled.net/contact/ @philnottingham
    • Get pages ranking with a Rich Snippet http://www.kurtzandblum.com @philnottingham
    • How? @philnottingham
    • Create and submit a video sitemap http://www.distilled.net/blog/video/creatingvideo-sitemaps-for-each-video-hosting-platform/ @philnottingham
    • And/Or Implement Schema.org Mark-up Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
    • Make sure your Facebook Open Graph tags are implemented correctly Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
    • Make use of Twitter Cards Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
    • How can I work out whether my pages will benefit from having video rich snippets? Someone in the audience
    • Split Test SERPs with Mechanical Turk http://www.tomanthony.co.uk/tools/serp-turkey/ @philnottingham
    • Create transcriptions and put them in the HTML •  Valuable for users •  Provides unique and relevant text for product pages Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
    • Best paid transcription service Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
    • Use a secure, paid hosting solution @philnottingham
    • The best platform …by some distance http://wistia.com/pricing @philnottingham
    • Don’t use YouTube for “conversion”
    • Use YouTube and you’ll drive traffic to YouTube http://www.youtube.com/appliancesonline @philnottingham
    • I don’t see why that’s such a problem. Can’t YouTube also drive to your site Traffic? Someone in the audience @philnottingham
    • I’ve done some research
    • 95 Individual Company YouTube Channels Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
    • 904,053,617 Views Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
    • Av. CTR = 0.72% Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
    • YouTube does not typically drive much traffic back to your site Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
    • Steals your traffic Doesn’t give much of it back Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
    • Don’t use YouTube to host if you want the traffic Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
    • YouTube is for top of funnel content only http://moz.com/blog/the-marketing-value-of-youtube @philnottingham
    • What should I do with video I already have?
    • Segment: Where in the funnel will it help you?
    • Personalise: Re-edit your content to target that user demographic.
    • Where should I host my video? At least five emails that Phil gets per week
    • Hosting Options YouTube Securely host, then YouTube http://moz.com/blog/building-a-video-seo-strategy Securely Host @philnottingham
    • I want rich snippets, links and my video on YouTube. Can I target every goal with the same video? Several people in the audience Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
    • Technical Implementation can cannibalise Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
    • Content will best support a goal… …when it’s created with that goal in mind Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
    • But you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time
    • Slight adjustments in targeting will allow you to repurpose Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
    • Build up a library of…. •  •  •  •  Interviews Product shots Screencasts General Views Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
    • Segment your content by goal Recut and re-edit a library of content to get there
    • You don’t have to do everything at once, but do it well. Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
    • Making better pages and better marketing channels Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
    • Use Video when it’s the right form of content for an idea Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
    • Let business goals drive both the technical & creative
    • Think Big @philnottingham
    • Start Small @philnottingham
    • Thanks. Any questions? PHIL NOTTINGHAM phil.nottingham@distilled.net @philnottingham