Multimedia in WebKitGtk+, past/present/future

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Mini talk I did at FOSDEM 2010 in the GNOME dev room.

Mini talk I did at FOSDEM 2010 in the GNOME dev room.

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  • 1. Multimedia in WebKitGTK+ Past / Present / Future Philippe Normand, Igalia
  • 2. About WebKit itself IT IS NOT A BROWSER, it is a framework to build browsers Fork of KHTML started by Apple, now with contributors all over the place. Shared base, with ports being built from the same tree, with different build systems. 2 core bricks: WebCore and JavascriptCore No stable API, no API documentation Each port provides its own API
  • 3. What is WebKitGTK+? a WebKit port providing a GTK+ friendly API A regular GtkWidget which you can add to your GtkScrolledWindow. Rendering backend built with Cairo. Resource loading backend built with libsoup. Pango for fonts Keyring for auth storage GStreamer for audio/video
  • 4. Multimedia in WebKit 3 layers from top to bottom: DOM: HTMLMediaElement graphics: cross-platform MediaPlayer bridge platform-specific MediaPlayerPrivate backend In the GTK+ port: video painting on a Cairo surface, buffers retrieved from a custom video sink.
  • 5. Until September 2009 (past :)) 36% Skipped media tests, out of 97 (flaky or missing features). Not really useful without controls UI. Demo from the past
  • 6. Since September 2009 (present!) Only 23% Skipped media tests (out of 108)! Simple controls UI (initial patch by Zan Dobersek) Trick modes (reverse playback, ffwd playback) QuickTime ref movies: redirections Better integration with PulseAudio data: uris support (upstreamed to gst-plugins- bad) on-disk buffering (review in progress) WebKit src element (patch by Sebastian Dröge) Demo
  • 7. Youtube and HTML5 video
  • 8. Oh, and Vimeo too!
  • 9. Work in progress (future!) More media tests fixing Fullscreen video display Enhanced controls (Web)MediaPlayer (can be used for things like codecs installer) Closed captions
  • 10. Contact #webkit and #webkit-gtk on webkit-gtk and webkit-dev mailing lists at
  • 11. Questions?