Digital Asset Management in Pharma


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Digital Asset Management in Pharma

  1. 1. Isaiah Campbell
  2. 2. Landscape Changes DDMAC OPDPKey landscape questions• What’s your approval process? Can you report against it, or take action?• Who handles your marketing submissions today?• More than just a name change?• More compliance enforcement budget $ means more teeth?• New hurdles for prescription and direct to consumer products?• New rules for social media and internet?• What does this mean for new product, indications or our legacy?
  3. 3. Current Landscape IntelligenceMore enforcement and compliance info requests Do you have the process, workflows, and dataDAM a key part of your brand integrity strategy You’re probably doing this today with other tools such as ZincPosition yourself to be successful Know what you’ll need to scale across current / future or acquired brands
  4. 4. Maturity – Detail View Short Term • Centralized area with all graphics, video and other media. • Enable Search, Taxonomy, and Keywords. Asset Management • Cost savings by sharing assets among brands and agencies. • Extended data attributes support better management of assets with insight into (Brand Management, Agencies) expiration, royalties and license terms. • External collaboration between parties. Intermediate • Standard workflow process for design, submission and approval of Marketing Marketing Material Materials which contain a medical claim or other regulated messages. Review & Approval Workflow • Each brand has its own workspace (SharePoint site collections) • Material can be PDF, Video, Graphic, etc. (Brand Management, Agencies, • Work items for agencies are initiated in SharePoint or via InfoPath. Agencies work with brand to submit material for review/approval by participant who Medical Information) verifies medical claims. Long Term • Separate SharePoint Web Application > partitioned from rest of farm. • Approved materials moved via custom workflow action with select group of meta data, Compliance Archive versions. • Searchable database of all approved marketing materials by product, graphics, etc. (Legal, Regulatory) • Can be configured to assemble and push supporting materials to other systems including FDA. • Discoverable archive preserved for legal and regulatory purposes.
  5. 5. Maturity Model – Simple View Asset Management Review and Approval Compliance Datamart• Centralized assets (graphics, video, etc) • Workflow for design, approval and • Approved materials tracker• Search, Taxonomy and Metadata internal approval of medical claims • Search and reports on datamart• Asset re-use and asset intelligence • Brand workspaces (optional) • Push to 3rd parties (IE Zinc MAPS)• External collaboration • Agency collaboration throughout • Discoverable and traceable lifecycle of work items
  6. 6. What makes you success Tracking of approved messages Cradle to grave Central repository for assets Used by agencies in the production of marketing materials Reduced spend on media licensing and royalties sharing already owned assets across agencies/brands Build framework to extend the value of assets management system for upstream and downstream business value including compliance
  7. 7. Where to start with ?  Digital Asset management “quick hits”  Single area to manage assets with brand management and agencies realizes immediate productivity gains.  Assets shared among brands and agencies maximize marketing spend for asset licensing and approval.  Taxonomy, keywords all support powerful Search capabilities.  Extended attributes support both reporting on license terms and potential to automate asset retirement using workflow.
  8. 8. Why align with a larger strategy?  Intermediate and long term value  Standard process for working with agencies to produce and approve marketing material and digital assets.  Collaborate in the same platform (browser, SharePoint)  Continue to capture data about the lifecycle of assets by including in which material they are used.  Build a compliance engine for submission of data to FDA; archive these submissions electronically for lower cost electronic discovery production.
  9. 9. SharePoint and Digital Asset Management  Life sciences has widely adopted SharePoint  SharePoint widely used in pharma (you own licenses today).  Rapid application development on platform lowers complexity.  Use search for ease of access, finding the right assets.  Extended asset attribute data is natively supported and aides development of lifecycle management tools and workflow.  Secure external access to collaborate with agencies is supported.  Can be a validated solution.  Ease of access using web browser, Microsoft Office and Adobe.  Integration other platforms & systems (Zinc)