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Information on making a personal resume website. See tips and steps for making it.

Information on making a personal resume website. See tips and steps for making it.

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  • 1. Resume Website• Need For personal Resume Website• Tips for Resume Website• Steps for Your Personal Resume Website
  • 2. Need For personal Resume Website Latest and Fastest way to advertise yourself Recent survey overwhelming that recruiters are going with profiles which have their resume hosted at personal resume website It is easiest and convenient way to post our resume.
  • 3. Tips for Resume Website• Give your resume a meaningful purpose – Give details for what an employer is looking for.• Length: Don’t exceed its length more than two pages.• Information: Give all relevant information, while avoid information about caste, religion, political inclinations etc.• Only show your positive points• Order- One of the most important factor, arrange all sections in proper hierarchy.• Titles: Make your title catchy so it can grab the attention of recruiter.
  • 4. • Check For errors: Any mistake and your image is gone.• Update it: Ensure updating your resume in frequent manner.
  • 5. Steps for your personal resume website• Categorize your Content – Make outline for your all sections of resume• Create a good template for your website, I suggest for clean.• Ensure your sections can be edited for further changes• Give good naming to your pages.
  • 6. • Ordering of your pages play important role, select proper hierarchy for your experience, education etc.• Add contents to your resume website, Double check grammar and spelling mistakes.• Publish your website with help of FTP.
  • 7. Searching For Sample Resumes?• Many website offer free sample resumes internet is our best friend.• See a video of resume from here