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Photoshop skills Photoshop skills Presentation Transcript

  • Rebecca Phillips
  •  Toadd a new document on Photoshop, you must go to File, then New. You then select International Paper and A4.
  •  To add an image on your document, select File and then Place. Select your image from the file and press ok. View slide
  • Marquee tool – used to select different shapes and  Move Tool – click on the tool and then then areas. layer you wish to move to reposition a layer. Quick Selection tool - Selects areas so you can Lasso Tool – Used to select areas freehand add colour quickly. or using the magnetic tool that selects Magic Wand Tool – selects all of the same colour in around a colour, making the lines neater. the surrounding area. Crop Tool – used to remove unwantedEye dropper tool – takes samples of colours items on the layer Healing tools – remove blemishes and redBrush/pencil tool – adds colour or shading to an image eye Clone Stamp Tool – duplicates an section of theHistory Brush Tool – replicates old tools used. image to cover up or hide. Eraser tool – removes mistakes caused by thePaint bucket/gradient tool – fills in large selected brush/text/fill tool.spaces with colour/ creates a gradients. Blur/Sharpen/Smudge tool – softens hard lines/ Dodge/Burn/Smudge tool – removes clears lines up colour/darkens colour/fades colour Pen tools – adds lines or free, fine lines Type tools- adds a text layer. Selection tool – used to select other icons Shape tools – creates different sized shape to add to layers Hand tool – used to move around the image Zoom tool – zooms in and out on the image. quickly View slide
  • Here I have a placed my image of a woman.I want to remove her earrings. I clicked onClone Stamp Tool, pressed Alt to select thepart I would like to copy and coloured overthe earrings.
  • You can see a line where Ihave used the Clone Stamptool so I will use theSmudge Tool to blend theskin tones and shading.
  • I want to change the background of myimage but first I need to select around thewoman to put her in the foreground. So Iselect the Magnet Lasso Tool traced allaround the woman.
  • Now I have selected all of my background, Ican now use the Fill Tool and ColourSelector to pick the colour blue and fill thebackground.
  • I can see a faint line aroundthe woman so I have usedthe Blur Tool to make theline not so harsh.
  • I have nowaltered thecontrastandbrightnessof the imageto make themodel fitbetter tothebackgroundand to makeher standout.