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TakeON! Business Matters

  1. 1. TakeON!® YOUR BUSINESS MATTERS How can we How do we work more prepare teams for effectively across major business the business? changes? How do I get my people focused on our strategic goals?For more info on TakeON! visit www.takeon.biz © ON-Brand Partners 2012
  2. 2. TakeON!® WHAT REALLY MATTERS TO YOUR BUSINESS BUILDING A GENUINE CONNECTION BETWEEN YOUR PEOPLE “ he brilliance of this approach is that T AND THEIR CORE BUSINESS PRIORITIES IS THE KEY TO UNLOCKING it provides the executive team with SUSTAINABLE PERFORMANCE. the vehicle to constantly implement our strategy through our people. Never was this more important than during the Imagine everyone in your organisation coming THEMES TO COVER recession. Our TakeON! approach allowed us to together regularly, to talk about improving COMMON CHALLENGES quickly shift the focus of the organisation around business outcomes and how they can contribute. things that really mattered – talking to customers Business Matters offers a diverse range of themes, each in tough times, ensuring we were safe and secure, Hundreds of ideas are generated, and immediate covering a key business concept, which can be mixed and driving new efficiencies, and repositioning our actions are taken. The power comes not from one matched to support your specific goals. Some examples brand. The process is part of our DNA and pivotal to include: single ‘silver bullet’ idea – but in creating a culture how we operate.” where incremental improvement is constantly • nderstanding Our Business (building staff awareness U —Managing Director, leading NZ bank of organisation goals and their role in achieving them) occurring. • aking Personal Responsibility (getting your people T to take responsibility and be accountable for what HOW TAKEON! BUSINESS they do) MATTERS WORKS • aking It Easy (understanding what it takes to M make it easy for customers to do business with you) TakeON! Business Matters is a flexible system of focused discussions, tools and practices, designed to connect your high-level strategy with day-to-day operations. TakeON! Business Matters works on the proven Teams discuss key business themes in a structured, yet premise that ‘to create is to own’ – that if flexible series of Teamtalk™ sessions. These are designed to your people generate their own solutions achieve collaboration, and ongoing sustainable enhancement to business issues, they are more likely to in attitude, processes and behaviour. own and implement them.For more info on TakeON! visit www.takeon.biz © ON-Brand Partners 2012 2
  3. 3. TakeON!® A UNIQUE AND FLEXIBLE PROCESS “ he biggest impact T TakeON! has had in our team and the business is to get people to think… YOUR TakeON! BUSINESS PARTNER WORKS CLOSELY WITH YOU …thinking about process TO IDENTIFY YOUR DISTINCT BUSINESS PRIORITIES, AND THE improvements and behaviour TakeON! TOOLS AND RESOURCES THAT BEST ADDRESS THESE. improvements, and more importantly, get people excited about coming to work.” At the heart of TakeON! is the powerful TeamTalk™ process that drives focused conversations, —Major NZ finance company idea generation and action around specific business issues. TakeON!’s unique approach is reflected in the key principles of Continuous Improvement, Constructive Dialogue and Collaboration. CONTINUOUS USING DIALOGUE TakeON! IMPROVEMENT TO CREATE A COMMUNITY SOLUTION FOCUSED, Many change initiatives fail because they run out ACTION-BIASED To ensure you have ongoing support, TakeON! of steam. Our focus on building internal capability coupled with the ongoing TeamTalk ™ framework, ORGANISATION comes with access to our online resource centre and community – the ON2net. Here you can: ensures momentum is sustained. By involving the entire organisation in constructive • download additional resources dialogue around business priorities, more ideas are • receive ongoing coaching from the TakeON! Continuous Improvement generated and greater ‘buy-in’ and momentum is team T E A M TA LK achieved. To create is to own. • connect with other TakeON! organisations PERFORMANCE INITIAL ENG AGEMEN T to ask questions and share experiences Me to You Typically in an Download – generates and insights. organisation this compliance © ON-Brand Partners™ proportion is in Me vs. You Debate – generates conflict reverse. What does TIME your organisation Us, together – generating look like? Dialogue constructive collaboration www.on2net.bizFor more info on TakeON! visit www.takeon.biz © ON-Brand Partners 2012 3
  4. 4. TakeON!® FOCUS AREAS TakeON! RESOLVES GOALS COMMON PERFORMANCE ISSUES IN FOUR KEY TakeON! FOCUS AREAS: BRAND YOUR BUSINESS Connecting your people to your PURPOSE business goals, brand, purpose and CHALLENGE PRODUCTIVITY CHANGE market knowledge so everyone knows what they are aiming for. KNOWLEDGE TakeON! TakeON! YOUR PEOPLE YOUR PERFORMANCE Growing your people through Stretching your people to deliver working together better, developing better performance through new challenges, greater productivity ©ON-Brand Partners 2009 their potential, better communication, building your employer brand and focus and change readiness. improving wellbeing. EXPERIENCE TakeON! WORKING COMMUNICATION POTENTIAL TOGETHER RECOVERY YOUR SERVICE Guiding your people with QUALITY WELLBEING BRAND your desired service experience, service quality, service basics, PROCESS service process and service recovery. BASICSFor more info on TakeON! visit www.takeon.biz © ON-Brand Partners 2012 4
  5. 5. TakeON!® – DESIGNED TO MAKE A REAL BOTTOM-LINE DIFFERENCE WHAT MAKES BUSINESS MATTERS TakeON! has been successfully SO EFFECTIVE? employed to address a range of challenges: • t tackles the practical ‘burning issues’ I • t tackles challenges in manageable bite- I • uilding increased sales B for your business, with a focus on action and sized pieces to achieve real resolution before performance increasing both productivity and momentum moving on to the next issue • verall culture change O • uided development is blended with on-the- G • enior management set the context, and can S • eveloping the business plan D job application – Lominger research tells us that maintain transparency over how issues are being • mproving cross-functional I 70% of what we learn happens ‘on the job’ rather addressed collaboration than in a classroom or from others • t builds internal capability, preparing your I • riving organisational efficiency D • t involves everyone across the business at all I people to accept and support change and meet • implifying customer processes S levels, making business concepts directly relevant future challenges more effectively and procedures to their roles • reparing teams for major P • ou build on your current strengths, and what Y • mployees feel they have a voice and a direct E is working now business changes opportunity to influence the future • mproving staff focus on I • upport from your TakeON! Partner, S including online virtual coaching, enables effective customers implementation, sustainable change and ultimate • mproving staff engagement I self-sufficiency • mproving staff retention I • trengthening the employer brand S • uilding stronger customer B “ he behaviours of my team members have changed. I have had to manage T relationships a negative team, who were reluctant to accept the changes in quality and adherence and what was expected of them. Now I have noticed small changes in behaviours such as putting forward ideas on how to improve how we perform. Now there is a lot more focus on what we ‘can’ do! —Large Australian superannuation administration companyFor more info on TakeON! visit www.takeon.biz © ON-Brand Partners 2012 5
  6. 6. TakeON!® – WHAT DIFFERENCE WILL THIS MAKE? TYPICAL AREAS OF IMPROVEMENT “ hat mattered to us was W Tangible Key focus: Quality improving sales performance in our contact centre. After improvements Error rate down by 93% achieved • taff engagement S three months… not only have • ales/market share growth S results improved quickly but • Customer focus we have been able to reuse Key focus: Sales Key focus: Employment brand the resources time and time 90% • ustomer engagement C Sales conversion again – it’s now a core part rate improved • Customer loyalty of how we on-board every Staff attrition 8% 400% Internal business down from 15% to • taff working together/collaboration S new employee and get them referrals up 25% Employee • reater/faster/more successful G up to speed.” engagement up innovation — ontact Centre Manager, C Key focus: Innovation • Process improvement leading NZ energy company New ideas Key focus: • Cost reduction Collaboration 7000 implemented • Better complaint management in one year Working together ‘better’ • ndividual performance/contribution I rating up from 39% to “ his is an innovative and T • Internal communication exciting business initiative 95% in 4 months that ensures the business maintains control and drives the change while being supported, challenged and guided throughout.” —CEO, major NZ finance companyFor more info on TakeON! visit www.takeon.biz © ON-Brand Partners 2012 6
  7. 7. TANGIBLE IMPROVEMENTS ACHIEVED ANY BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT INITIATIVE IS ONLY AS GOOD AS THE TANGIBLE RESULTS IT DELIVERS. TakeON! IS PROVEN TO DELIVER STRONG RESULTS IN A RANGE OF KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS. These two success stories highlight what TakeON! can achieve. IMPROVING CONTACT FINANCE COMPANY CENTRE SALES PERFORMANCE TURNAROUND Despite being in a highly competitive This company needed help to achieve their strategic industry, in this organisation there was objective to become ‘a very different finance real resistance by Contact Centre staff company’. This involved developing a stronger (200 FTE) to cross-sell other services relationship-based sales/service model, leveraging to existing customers. Staff instead the distribution capability within the business and focused solely on managing customer lifting the engagement of staff and customers. queries. And all this against a backdrop of declining asset growth, The organisation also lacked a clearly defined declining profitability in the ‘core business’ and decreasing branded service proposition, making it difficult for Contact staff engagement! Centre staff to understand who they were working for, and what their role was when dealing with customers. In terms of The Pay-off: Within 14 months our client had achieved strong results. implementation challenges, as with any Contact Centre, time Business measures: off the phone had to be kept to an absolute minimum, and call • +12% income on previous year quality measures had to be maintained throughout. • Profit (before provisions) up 17% The Pay-off: Within four months our client had achieved strong results including: • 13% loan book growth (after 3 years of decline) + • 0% improvement in sales conversion rates 9 • Employee engagement up 11% • % improvement in overall call quality 6 After reviewing the initiative, staff identified the following as the top three improvements achieved: • ontact Centre staff engagement increased by 14 points, C higher than the average across the organisation • Greater customer focus • Working better together • Stronger culture and engagementFor more info on TakeON! visit www.takeon.biz © ON-Brand Partners 2012 7
  8. 8. GETTING READY TO TakeON!® “ LS have been an outstanding T thought partner for our firm and through their innovative If tackling the core ABOUT THE LEADERSHIP SPHERE – and thoughtful delivery have helped fundamentally shift challenges that are YOUR TakeON! BUSINESS PARTNER how we manage, lead and impacting your business engage with each other.” performance is a top We are in the of development activities. Our role — irector, People and Development, D business of then becomes one of trusted partner priority, we’d welcome tier-1 professional services firm helping clients where we guide and support those the opportunity to build strong, responsible for the programme. come and discuss sustainable Everyone at TLS understands and organisations. what TakeON! can do cares about business results. Our We do that focus is achieving breakthrough for your organisation. in two ways: performance with, and through people. firstly, through the development We get a lot of satisfaction from the TakeON! – POWERED BY of high performing people, teams relationships we have with our clients ON-BRAND PARTNERS and cultures. Secondly, we help and the trust and confidence we enjoy to build healthy and adaptable TakeON! has been developed CONTACT THE in our ability to deliver results. by ON-Brand Partners, a organisations to sustain LEADERSHIP SPHERE: performance over the long-term. New Zealand-based international ‘business partner’ focused on Call: 1300 100 857 One of the principles we cherish is design, innovation and execution in Organisational Effectiveness. Email: Phillip Ralph – Managing Director building capability and capacity in Share our proven success in phillipr@theleadershipsphere.com.au client organisations to avoid unhealthy transforming a diverse range of co-dependent relationships. The organisations. www.theleadershipsphere.com.au leader-led TakeON! series allows the BUSINESS For more visit us at For more info on TakeON! business – and the people who run PARTNER www.onbrandpartners.com visit www.takeon.biz the business – to be at the centreFor more info on TakeON! visit www.takeon.biz © ON-Brand Partners 2012 8