Wearable technology


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The rise of wearables for consumers is going to be one of the key growth areas in mobile technology in 2014.
The presentation projects to define the wearable devices and the trend of the wearable tech that the market expect to be designed.

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  • 1762 John Harrison invented the pocket watch
    1907 Cartier by Alberto Santos Dumount
  • the electrical activity in your muscles to wirelessly control your computer, phone, and other favorite digital technologies.
  • Weniger, aber breiter (Less but broader)
    Wearable hardware should strive to reduce its footprint while the wearable software platforms continue to broaden and expand. This maximizes wearable technology’s impact and utility across an expansive universe of applications.

    Starts from the human, not the machine
    Wearable technology design should start from a human problem, and then evaluate several viable technology solutions. It should not start from a particular technology solution looking for places to impose its presence.
  • Wearable technology

    1. 1. Wearable tech Wearable device were shipped in 2011 14mln 171mln By 2016, this is forecast to grow to between 39mio to 171mio. 35.1% Of the wearable technology In the health care and medical sector in 2012 61% Of all devices in the wearable market are f itness or activity trackers. 69% Of adult track a health indicator For themselves or others
    2. 2. Wearable tech
    3. 3. Evolution wearable tech 1 2 0 0 1600S 1 7 6 2 1 9 0 7 1 9 7 72 009 2 010 a nd b eyond 1 9 9 4
    4. 4. Google Glasses USD 1,500 Nike Fuelband USD 149 FITBIT BAND USD 99.95 LG BLUETOOTH HEADSET USD 80.00 JAWBONE UP USD 129.99 Samsung Galaxy Gear USD 349.49 Whistle USD 99.95 Device to track dog’s activity Belt clips to Track motion Bracelet to Track motion Linked to the internet through a wearable display Wireless headset to connect to the phone Bracelet to track motion and activity A watch that connect with Smart phone 전부다 해도 USD 3000 도 안되요~
    5. 5. motion control and gesture control armband bracelet + 25 Motion detection enables wireless control + ARM processor embedded, Li-ion batt. + Bluetooth + OS Compatible: Window, Android, iOS + MSRP : USD 149
    6. 6. Nano Technology Cutting edge material Micro Flexible Circuit
    7. 7. MAKE IT BEAUTIFUL it becomes a part of our identity and a mode of self- expression misfit shine, wireless activity tracker MAKE IT peripheral the body becomes the interaction platform: the mouse and the screen. MAKE IT meaningful Not only data-readable… you need to know what to do with it.
    8. 8. Weniger, aber breiter (Less but broader) - reduce its size while the S/W platforms continue to expand. To Start from the human, not the machine - should design to viable technology solutions.
    9. 9. More immediate - accessibility and activated by Voice command and haptic Broad & Easy Connectivity - better engaged with you environment in different application So far, less versatile - not as versatile as smartphones and tablet in some areas Not as widely accepted - wearable tech is not widely understood or accepted by the masses until it becomes more widespread