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Presentation to ProSiebenSat.1 on the blurring lines of content generation and consumption. Focusing on how to levera

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  • CoCollage is bridging the gap between the online and offline world\n
  • The problem:\nCurrent Social Networks separate people instead of bringing them together, putting people on different platforms.\nEveryone is looking at their own phone instead of the shared space.\nPeople are trying to connect but instead are isolated, being social in the most UNSOCIAL way.\n
  • The Solution\n- We move your online social presence into the real world\n- We are a platform for social engagement, letting people connect across networks and into the real world.\n
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  • - We have gone after different venues and events to test traction\n- Iterated intensely focusing on making the product more engaging and sellable\n- Currently driving our solutions to fit our found distribution channels (blah about them)\n- Moving to a highly scalable total package via those channels\n
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  • CoCollage can be customized and focused around event sponsors and event organizers to make it their own and to give proper representation of brands.\n
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  • CoCollage is not ‘Yet Another Social Network’ (YASN) but a solution for people to share what they what with where they are directly. We also sit on some social networks and auto pull content, but only do that were users have clearly shown they are ‘ok’ with this.\n
  • CoCollage is a simple way for people to connect and share in public gathering places and events. We see a lot of opportunity to have a sizable impact on these three main areas but our initial focus is on finding distribution partners and SaaS clients in Digital Signage in order to drive revenue early to fund other efforts.\n
  • We have the team to execute our vision. \nWith the addition of Jon we round out or technical and social expertise with his marketing and sales background. \nWe are also engaging with industry experts to build our advisory board.\n
  • CoCollage is a platform that connects people to a display and a network of other people. With this we are building ground breaking new user experiences. With a bunch of people connecting together via tiny computers (smart phones) that have touch screens, accelerometers and cameras the things you can build on top of this are astounding.\n- Obvious apps: Trivia and contests between venues.\n- Long term: 3rd party developers can write applications on our platform\n
  • CoCollage is bridging the gap between the online and offline world.\n
  • ProSiebenSat.1 presentation + CoCollage slides

    1. 1. YouTube Tic Tac Girls• 2nd Most Popular Search Engine by Volume• 102 Billion video’s were viewed on mobile world wide in 2011
    2. 2. Video is Growing & Mobile
    3. 3. GoPro• Commodity Hardware separated itself vis Video Sharing• Video’s viewed 165 Million times• Sold 800,000 Cameras in 2011• A ‘Bare Score’ (Brand Audience Engagement) of 5%. Which isstaggering when compared to Lady Gaga at 0.9% or Fox News at1.9%
    4. 4. Cheezburger Network• Tops 100 Million monthly views in March 2010• Over 50 websites in network• All started with Ben Huh sharing a cat photo via email and saw aneed for a way to share these funny ‘memes’ without clogging upemail inboxes
    5. 5. FoodSpotting• Just share photos of food...• Passed 1,000,000 users within 18 months of being created withlittle promotion.
    6. 6. Twitter• $11,000 to buy up the wall space leading into meeting area• Got people stuck in one place to participate• Spread across the US and the globe via extremely motivated users
    7. 7. Three Steps 1) Find or create a way for users to share their interests• (Old Version) People already shootvideo’s, submit Video’s to TV stations•People are already taking photos oftheir food, give them a way to share
    8. 8. Three Steps 2) Visualize that information in a way that is visually stimulating, content appropriate and efficient.•Twitter relinquished this task early on•Users Created great visualizations•They stepped back in with their own apps / visualizations togreat success•CheezBurger is always working to make the interface easier touse and visualize user content
    9. 9. Three Steps 3) Filter and Moderate users and content very carefully without slowing them down.• Don’t fight to filter• Don’t move the conversation to a secure channel• Others have the same issues• Follow the flow and end up with a great relationship• Now you have a dialogue where you can solve their problemfor others to see“We were listening, we care, we fixedthe issue and here is how. You let usknow if we can help you in any waypossible, here are here for you!”
    10. 10. Current Problem• Social networks separate people• Everyone is looking at their phone• Being very social in a very unsocial way
    11. 11. The solution•Digital bulletin board•Live posting•Images, messaging and more
    12. 12. TractionSigned first Distribution and Revenue deal withDigital Signage organization.DropZone is contracted to distribute CoCollage in28 major markets across US and Canada.
    13. 13. Venue / Distribution Example venues in NW include Belltown Pub, The Social and Blitz Bar•Doubled distribution between July 1st - September 1st•Currently distributed in 7 major markets•21 New Markets coming online by December 1st•On pace to increase distribution an additional 50% by October 1st
    14. 14. Go to market Digital Signage Distributors and Partners •Transforms current digital signs to be Socially EngagingSigned •Builds user data for targeted advertising on the user’s mobile deviceEngagedTargeting
    15. 15. Events - Nicky Digital - Nicky Digital - Nicky Digital - Nicky Digital - Nicky DigitalNickyDigital Phillipi
    16. 16. Events - Nicky Digital - Nicky Digital - Nicky Digital - Nicky Digital See photos from tonight at - Nicky Digital NickyDigital.comNickyDigital Phillipi
    17. 17. CustomizationCoCollage can create an app, available inthe iPhone app store, that would offer allthe functionality offered by CoCollage butwould be branded and could be used atfuture events. NickyDigital
    18. 18. Social LayerCoCollage is the Social layer, making digital signage sociallyengaging and making the ads they run hyper targeted andactionable from a mobile phone.
    19. 19. Market opportunities$13 Billion 2010 US OOH Advertisement Market$7 Billion 2010 US DOOH Advertisement Market Digital Signage 2,000,000+ US Digital SignsGrowing to 7,000,000 US Digital Signs by 2017 Indoor Concerts, Billboards / Conferences, Advertising Conventions
    20. 20. Tyler Jon Phillipi Trohimovich CEO VP Sales Management, Business Sales and Marketing Development and Marketing Background. 10+ Years Background. Managed Digital Leading Marketing and SalesDisplays and Social Networking at Microsoft and T-Mobile technologies at a rapidly growing startup Jeff Daniel Caley McDonald COO CTO Product Management, TestingWeb Development and System and QA background. ManagerArchitecture background. Lead for Automated Testing group Developer for Washington with Boeing’s ENOVIA Student Achievement Council Bryan Andy Bakotich Caley Software EngineerInfrastructure Administrator Software Development, UI Infrastructure, and Mobile background.LINUX & Open Source background. Software Lead at Data I/ODeveloper for Washington Student Achievement Council
    21. 21. Big Picture Drive Revenue By•Increasing network size•Increasing partner advertising revenue•Delivering new features like video ads and games