Emerging needs in the Scholarly Publishing Space


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Emerging needs in the Scholarly Publishing Space

  1. 1. EMERGING NEEDS IN THE INFORMATION SPACE The changing landscape of researcher needs and some ways to respond Phill jones, PhD Head of Publisher Outreach p.jones@digital-science.com Twitter: phillbjones
  2. 2. A Dizzying Array of Technologies Data Sets Platform enhancement Methods and Techniques References and citations Collaborations Networking Maximizing impact Professional development Repeatability Alternative Impact Research Management
  3. 3. How Things Used To Be ‘I remember when all of this was… shelves’ The Publisher’s Old Job • Author creates content • Quality control and value added • Journals sold to Libraries • Reader reads and cites (hopefully)
  4. 4. The Publisher’s New Job The publisher’s new job is to support researchers at every stage of the research cycle -Annette Thomas, CEO Macmillan Which new ideas are good? 1. Does it build engagement with researchers? 2. Does it leverage that engagement?
  5. 5. Opportunities in Open Science A body of work begins with an idea and ends when the impact of that idea has been maximized. Institutional/funding needs Research management software, reporting Personal Impact Altmetrics, Author profiles Documentation of findings Publications, Open data Doing the Research Digital Notebooks, Lab Management Software Getting an Idea Reference Managers, Social Reading ‘Under the Radar’ Examples F1000 Social Reading eCat, Projects, LabGuru, Omero Notebooks and data Figshare, Portico Data Sets Bitesize Bio, Kudos Personal Impact Symplectic Research Management
  6. 6. AlzForum - A model for a society-based community portal? AlzForum has 10,000 members! Focused on one disease only • Professional editors • Subject Specific • Social reading, post publication peer-review • Protocol exchange
  7. 7. FigShare: Visualizing and Publishing Data • Allows authors to disseminate a wide range of research outputs • Cross-referenced to the related article to drive traffic • Provides sophisticated visualization tools • Supports all research output formats (microscopy, engineering, etc) • Makes it possible to publish supporting data without infrastructure upgrades
  8. 8. Overlapping Needs = Connected Products Discovery andAccess Office of Research Management LibraryResearcher Repository ‘Under the Radar’ Examples Digital Science Connections between research management software, Symplectic and other portfolio products and institutional repositories Zotero Reference manager with in- built search and Discovery PubGet Link-resolver API Institutions are looking for ways to connect the various stakeholders in coordinated ways Companies are looking for ways to provide those services
  9. 9. Serving all Stakeholders: Altmetric • The Altmetric explorer allows Publishers, Libraries and Researches to compare the impact of their articles • Customized to the needs of each stakeholder • API available
  10. 10. The Disintermediation of Libraries (and Publishers)  Library budgets as a proportion of total university spending It is falling! This is causing gaps in access that particularly affect smaller publishers 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% 1995 2000 2005 2010 Percentageincrease over1995value The number of ILL requests  from ARLs over recent years It is also falling! Researchers are responding to access gaps by looking outside of the library
  11. 11. Patron Driven Acquisition • PDA is emerging as a way for publishers to supply content to libraries on a per- article basis • Allows smaller publishers to compete more effectively • Creates demand driven evidence of need Get It Now! Articles on Demand
  12. 12. What Do Publishers Need To Do? 1. Look for opportunities to engage with users and satisfy needs beyond traditional publishing models 1. Select opportunities based on these questions: a. Does it help you to engage? b. Does it leverage that engagement? 2. Remember, you don’t have to do it all yourself p.jones@digital-science.com Twitter: phillbjones Phill jones, PhD Head of Publisher Outreach These Slides: http://www.slideshare.net/phillbjones/emerging-needs-in-the-scholarly-publishing-space