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Phil keevill i pad cv 2013

  1. 1. Art director at J Walter Thompson. All above the line media and B2B for Guinness, theRAF, the Guardian, Remy Martin and Kelloggs, (launching Crunchy Nut Cornflakes).Direct mail for Guinness which won best in show BDMA Gold Award.BMP Young Clark Craig: BT, Volvo, Friends Provident. DMA Art direction Gold for Volvo.First creative team hired by Craik Jones. Creative director, worked on Land Rover, BT,Cable and Wireless, Orange, First Direct, Bells Whisky and Parcelforce.2003 launched start up agency: won Nectar, Kew Gardens, Alpha Telecom and F&C.2006 creative director at Kitcatt Nohr, working with Paul Kitcatt on Waitrose, JohnLewis, Lexus, Toyota, Age UK and WWF.Won over 30 major direct marketing and advertising awards, including DMA, Clio,John Caples, Echo, Engage Awards, British Television Advertising Awards.Given talks at or been involved with: D&AD; DMA; IDM; IPA; Bucks Chilterns College.Ran the charity Call 2 Action for young DM art directors and writers. Judged DMA,D&AD, Caples, Campaign Big, Campaign Photo and Wildlife Photographer of the Year.
  2. 2. Lexus
  3. 3. GS450h Direct mailHybrid engines are born out of incredible technology. Which tends to be incrediblycomplicated.Lexus puts a lot of effort into making all this kit vanish. Behind the hand-varnishedtimber dash. Under the soft leather seats. And the biggest breakthrough is a powerfulelectric motor you can’t even hear.We were tempted to explain this engineering ingenuity. But then we dug deeper intothe brand.This communication was mailed to director-level business people at their place ofwork. In it we compared the power of this engine with the silent partner in business:you might not hear much about them, but you’d move a lot slower without them.This analogy let us tell stories that interested our audience: the secret of America’sfirst female president to illustrate power, and the financial genius behind Chanel tohighlight style and luxury.And these stories certainly shifted metal.
  4. 4. Results105cars sold(Target = 18)Mean CPS of just £275(half the targeted CPS)
  5. 5. Other work for Lexus
  6. 6. Lexus CT200h pre-launch DM
  7. 7. Direct mail and press insert
  8. 8. Results3,746 responsesCost per response £94
  9. 9. Direct press insert and email
  10. 10. Results32.4% click through rateCost per response £91.61
  11. 11. Toyota
  12. 12. GT86 prelaunch emailsToyota’s image had suffered for the last few years by not having a decent sportscar intheir range, since the demise of the MR2.That would all change with the launch of the eagerly anticipated GT86. The press hadreceived it enthusiastically, and all the talk was of a real enthusiast’s car with superbhandling, a low centre of gravity, and a very minimum of electronic trickery to get inthe way of the real driving experience.As details started to emerge, together with carefully leaked official photos online, ourjob was to whip this enthusiasm into an unprecedented frenzy.And generate applications for test drives and orders, trickling information,specifications and prices an email at a time.It worked: the entire first batch sold out before they had even hit the showrooms.
  13. 13. Toyota IQ(Speculative proposal)
  14. 14. Toyota IQMost volume car manufactures have a small car in their range most suitable for urbandriving. To give the IQ extra personality and stand out, we gave it some attitude.It didn’t just like the city, it hated the suburbs. Too boring.There was no client brief, but we presented the work to show that the agency wascapable of producing more than just routine emails promoting special offers.
  15. 15. Experience on other automotive brands:Mini, Land Rover, Volvo, Rover, MG, Kawasaki
  16. 16. WWF
  17. 17. If people don’t believe a donation can make a difference, they’re unlikely to dig deep.Environmental campaigns often dramatise the end-is-nigh facts. The apocalypticstatistics. But these can leave people feeling powerless, depressing response ratherthan driving it.Our emotionally engaging campaign put animals like polar bears and tigers at the heartof the solution. We told beautiful, poignant stories. And made adopting one feel like asimple way to make a real difference. Important climate change messages, softened byan endearing plush toy.We didn’t magnify the problem. We productised it.It made giving £3 a month feel worthwhile. And it worked.
  18. 18. DRTV, Online film, email, direct mail
  19. 19. National press, inserts
  20. 20. Optimised adoption page
  21. 21. Direct mail
  22. 22. Results248£14.78DRTV delivered cost per donor ofOnline film alone deliveredadoptions56,000 animals were adoptedwithin two years of launch, generating£2.58m first-year income(beating the target of £80)DM response ratesof up to 12%Stephen Fry tweetedabout online film to his1m+ followersDM pack featured on social mediacelebrity Charlie Skies’YouTube channelwhich hit an audience of 40,000
  23. 23. AgeUK
  24. 24. Launch communicationsWhen Age Concern and Help the Aged merged, we didn’t just need to launch the newcharity – we needed to relaunch age itself.These days, it seems as if to be young is everything. Youth is celebrated, desiredand praised. Age, though, is a problem. Something to be feared. Or even treated.Anti-ageing cream flies off the shelves, as if age were a sickness.Yet more and more of us are officially old. You can call that a problem – a burden onsociety. Or you can call it an opportunity. You can see older people as a cost, or aresource. You can regard decrepitude as inevitable, or you can do something about it.When tasked with relaunching a charity for this audience, we relaunched the audienceitself. In fact, we celebrated it.
  25. 25. Age UK launch
  26. 26. Results76,000calls to Age UK in the first seven weeks30% risein web traffic“I have rarely felt such pride and emotionalong with everyone else in the room, whenthe enormity of what had been achievedin such a short space of time became so veryclear. Perhaps even more importantlyeverybody realised as one, the vast potentialof the new organisation.”“There wasn’t a dry eye in the roomfollowing the video and ads and everyoneimmediately put on their badges and grabbeda mug.”“I never believed we could come so far insuch a short space of time and with ‘theleaders’ debate’ ending on one of our coreissues it was a perfect couple of days. Thesheer expertise of you and your team just hasto be acknowledged in every respect: policy,influence, brand partnership and theastonishing marketing effort whilst at thesame time maintaining financial stability,a truly awesome performance.”Age UK Board of Trustees
  27. 27. Macmillan cancersupport
  28. 28. DRTVThe client had just given the go ahead on a brand film through VCCP, and wanted aDRTV spot to capitalize on the increased awareness they expected. The brief was putout to competitive pitch, which included specialist DRTV charity agencies.We won.The script relies on emotion to engage people and demonstrates the vital roleMacmillan nurses play.
  29. 29. QuickTime™ and adecompressorare needed to see this picture.
  30. 30. MORE TH>N
  31. 31. MORE TH>N. FEEL THE LOVE.MORE TH>N love their customers. So much so that they are completely changing theway they do business, putting their customers at the very centre of their thinking.Soon there will be a wide range of financial rewards and useful services introduced fortheir customers’ benefit.One day they aim to have concerts, firework displays, statues, plaques, medals, flypasts and streets named in a customer’s honour – all done for real and all to highlightthe appreciation MORE TH>N feels towards their customers.But they started by making cups of tea for their customers in St Albans. They held astreet party with a marching band, balloons and tickertape and filmed it for a TVcommercial.And we continued the celebratory feel through DM and digital, while further rewardingcustomers by offering them discounts of up to 20% for taking out additional policies.This was the first time More Th>n had produced a fully integrated campaign across allchannels.
  32. 32. Age UK launch
  33. 33. Age UK launch
  34. 34. Age UK launch
  35. 35. MORE TH>N(Speculative proposal)
  36. 36. Doing what we can to make our customers’ lives easier inevitably leads tohappier people who are more inclined to renew their insurance with MORETH>N.This suite of apps looks at six areas of insurance that MORE TH>N offer andgets to the heart of their different customers’ needs.It also offers an opportunity to cross-sell.Whenever a customer opens the suite of apps on their phone, they’reimmediately presented with MORE TH>N’s range of cover. Yet if, forexample, they have home insurance but not car insurance with MORE TH>N,they can access the car app, but can’t use it until they switch.
  37. 37. When a customer clicks on‘Home’ and signs in with theirhome insurance policy number,they have access to theContents Valuer app. This appis designed to help customersmake sure they always havethe right amount of cover – andmake claims less stressful andfaster.
  38. 38. With Contents Valuer,customers go throughtheir home, room by room,photographing anduploading the value of theirbelongings.And, as they make newpurchases, they canphotograph them and thereceipts, storing it all with MORETH>N.
  39. 39. • Car Insurance – step-by-step instructions to help customersafter an accident, for example, prompts to take witnesses’ names andaddresses, statements (on video), add photos, takea movie of the scene.• Pet Insurance – upload and store your pet’s details, veterinaryappointments, emergency numbers, dietary requirements and links tohealth guides.• Landlord Insurance – inventories, tenant details, expenses,income, gas inspection due dates, details of tradesmen and links to helpyou find local rated tradesmen.• Life Insurance – a life insurance calculator to make sure you have theright amount of cover to protect your family after your death, medicaldetails, doctors’, dentists, partner’s details and next of kin.• Travel Insurance – live flight information guide, emergencycontacts from abroad, links to online travel guides, foreign office and visadetails, health advice, currency, details of your inoculations.
  40. 40. Southern Railways(In production)
  41. 41. Summer promotionSouthern Railways wanted to promote their new DaySave ticket: travel anywhere ontheir network for a flat rate fee of £14, all day long. From Southampton to StreathamCommon, Ashford International to Milton Keynes.A poster campaign using illustration to evoke the golden age of travel is in production,but we were really excited when the brief was extended to radio.When Sir John Betjeman was poet laureate, he was well known for his love of traintravel, and many of his poems reflected this.Imagine the following read by someone like Michael Gambon...
  42. 42. Fight the proposedEnglish Baccalaureate(Speculative proposal)
  43. 43. Fight the proposed English BaccalaureateGCSEs in England were to be replaced with the new English Baccalaureate consistingof a core set of subjects – English, maths, science, languages and humanities. Meaningthat art, design, dance, drama and music will be pushed to the margins of schooltimetables.For many children, school is the only place where they can explore their creativity.Not only will they miss the opportunity to discover and nurture natural talents, but theeconomy will suffer too. The creative industries are one of the fastest-growing sectorsin the UK. The Treasury has predicted that about 50% of new jobs will be coming fromthe creative sector by 2017.There are two strands to the proposed campaign:• make the general public aware of the future ramifications of the government’sproposals and act• get schools and children involved to create a powerful emotional campaign aimedat No.10.Happily, the government saw sense and have withdrawn their plans. I’d like to think itwas because they somehow got wind of our campaign...
  44. 44. People saying nice things about me
  45. 45. "In my career I have been incredibly fortunate to work with manyexceptionally talented people. Steve Harrison, Tim Mellors, Dave Trott,Mick Devito...The list goes on and I Include Phil Keevill on that list.Phil Keevill learnt his craft in the days when the Art Director did the work,not the an apple mac and hours spent watching YouTube. He is a talentedvisual thinker, brimming with ideas that can turn an okay product intoa memorable brand.He is also an inspirational colleague with a wealth of experience that canteach us all a thing or two. Needless to say, he has been an absolute assetin my creative department and I hope we will have the opportunity to worktogether many more times in the future.”Jamie Bell, Creative Partner, VCCP me
  46. 46. "As many of you already know, the irrepressible Phil Keevill will be leavingus at the end of the week. During his long stint here at VCCPme he hasproduced some great work on More Than, Southern, C4 and Macmillan.He has shown the whole creative department how it should be done andI will miss him for both his professionalism and his sense of humour.So I hope you will all join me in wishing Phil all the best as he moves on tohis next freelance adventure. Please buy him a drink or two to say thankyou for all the hard work. Hopefully, hell be back before you know it.All the best Phil. Youre a legend.Jamie”All staff email from Jamie Bell, Creative Partner, VCCP meJamie Bell, Creative Partner, VCCP meJamie Bell, Creative Partner, VCCP meJamie Bell, Creative Partner, VCCP meJamie Bell, Creative Partner, VCCP meJamie Bell, Creative Partner, VCCP meJamie Bell, Creative Partner, VCCP meJamie Bell, Creative Partner, VCCP meJamie Bell, Creative Partner, VCCP me
  47. 47. "Phil is an amazing talent to have in the department. He is an amazingcraftsman. He doesnt stop until whatever he does is as good as it can be. Hebrings with him experience but also a real sense of excitement on whateverbrief he works on. But its his conceptual work that makes Phil stand out.On Morethan, his thinking has been outstanding. His ideas are huge and havedepth and breadth that stretches from TV, to radio, to online to DM. Hethinks big and is able to answer any brief thrown at him.But what’s more, hes a great guy to have around. Always a gent, alwaysupbeat, and always has a smile on his face whatever time at night, no matterhow many briefs he juggles.”Mark Orbine, Group creative director VCCP
  48. 48. "Weve been very lucky to have Phil in the agency since last summer asmaternity cover. His experience and expertise are legendary but add to thatthe fact that his real passion for great work and helping produce it isundiminished and you have a very powerful combination. We have allbenefitted greatly from having him around and I can think of no agency inLondon that wouldnt be made better by a ‘bit of Phil’.”Chris Whitson, Planning Partner VCCP me
  49. 49. "Phil is a class act. We all know that. The industry knows that.But whats more important is that he is a joy to work with. Nuff said.”Ben Stephens, Managing Partner VCCP me
  50. 50. “Thank you.”Phil Keevill