Scream 1996 Trailer - Detailed Description


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Scream 1996 Trailer - Detailed Description

  1. 1. Scream 1996 – Trailer Camera Work: In the trailer for Scream there are various shots, which help to build up the suspense and narrative. As the trailer begins there is a establishing shot of the house which the girl in the house is in which looks like a typical suburban American house, you can still hear the conversation that the girl is having on the phone so this shot helps the viewer to set the scene. When the girl in the trailer realizes that she is being watched by whoever is on the phone to her the camera slowly zooms from a wide shot into a close up. In order to show her emotion as she has now taken the phone call seriously and believes that she is in danger. Throughout the trailer there are various other close ups of other characters in the film, also to show there emotions. As events would be happening that would be shocking to the viewer and therefore need a believable reaction. What can be identified as the ‘killer’ or antagonist in the trailer is never fully shown as to leave suspense and leave the viewer wanting to go and see the full film. It is in some shots but in the background of the shot to show that it is always ‘lurking’ and it is also not in the shots for very long but long enough to show the viewer that there is something there. A tracking shot is used from behind to show the girl walking throughout her house. It slowly zooms and gets closer which gives the impression that there is someone behind her and makes the whole scene creepier as she would not know that there would be something behind her. Establishing Shot in the trailer. Close up on girls face to show her fear. Other close ups within the trailer. A long shot is used here to show the killer behind one of the characters. Tracking shot from behind.
  2. 2. Editing: Editing is used within the trailer for Scream in order to make the best parts of the film and to make the story line make sense to the viewer. In the trailer there are various shot reverse shots when the characters are discussing how to survive a scary movie. As one of the characters explains certain things not to do the shot then cuts to another character in this film doing these certain things. The opening of the trailer begins slowly as a girl is in her home on the phone to a mystery caller. After the realization that she is being watched the whole speed of the trailer becomes faster paced. Cutting is used to make the action look livelier and get the viewers attention. There is also text on screen to help the understanding of the viewer and to build up the tension of the trailer and add suspense to the viewing. The words, which appear, on screen are also being said in the background as they are on the screen in a mysterious voiceover. When the words disappear they are edited into a red colour which looks as though it is dripping as to give the impression that if you do any of the things stated such as ‘do not answer the door’ then you will die/something bad will happen to you. The title sequence in the trailer is also in a red font which connotes blood and danger and therefore gives off the impression to the viewer that this is what the film is going to be about. The faded affect when the text fades out also gives the viewer the idea of sinister things as it then fades into black. The scene cuts from the scene above to the scene below.
  3. 3. Sound: In the trailer there are various non-diegetic and diegetic sounds used in order to make the trailer more effective. For example, over the trailer there is a sinister voice over which is used in order to build up the suspense as well as explaining the story line over the top of the clips of the film. It gives extra information to the viewer that they would not know without it being there. Throughout the trailer there are also various girly screams from characters which lets the viewer know that there is something scary happening even if they may not know what they are actually screaming at. As the film is called scream this helps to emphasize that the film is a horror and relates to the title. There are various diegetic sounds in the trailer such as phones ringing and doors knocking and slamming which the characters within the scene can hear and react to usually by screaming or being frightened as it turns out this is how the killer tries to contact them from the information given in the trailer. These are also used to give a realistic setting within the trailer, as these noises are ones, which could be heard, in everyday life. In the background of the trailer there is a soundtrack playing of scary sounding music, whichamplifies during certain parts of the trailer to give more emphasis that it is scary. This also reiterates to the viewer that it is a horror movie as this kind of music is being played. Mis-En-scene: In the trailer for Scream mis en scene is used to make it look realistic and exciting looking by using lighting, setting, costume and props. The film is set in a typical suburban American neighborhood in the 1990s. The clothing and hairstyles represent this and they have made it a very ordinary place as to make it look realistic and so that the viewer can relate to it. The ‘killer’ in the trailer who is seen very rarely and never for very long is dressed in a black cloak and a white mask with a scary face on. As you never fully see the killer it makes it scarier as you know less about it and are unable to become familiar with its look. Which is slightly disturbing but then comical so therefore fits into the comedy/horror genre. The mask is a conventional way to hide the identity of the killer. The lighting Typical realistic setting. The killer
  4. 4. around the killer is also low to give a more sinister feel to the character and mist surrounds him giving him an eerie feel. As well as being set in an American neighborhood there are also scenes of characters running through a forest and empty roads that are places where bad things tend to happen in horror movies. It gives the viewer a sense of worry and tension that something bad may happen before the character themselves realizes. A lot of the scenes in the trailer are brightly lit in people’s houses which gives an illusion to the viewer that nothing bad will happen because it is in bright lighting. However, it is the opposite as they actually get chased in these situations. Conventions of form: - The sounds used in the trailer such as screaming, and fast paced horror music, and a spooky voice over all add to making the trailer a more surround experience. - Text on screen was used within the trailer to give the viewer more of an insight to what will be happening in the film. This writing starts in a bold white font but then dissolves into a dripping red as if it were blood. - The killer in the trailer is dressed in a scary mask and dark cloak which is used to surprise and shock the viewer as they do not see it in full, therefore adding more tension. Conventions of genre: - The non-diegetic and diegetic sound of screaming, a fast paced horror soundtrack in the background and a spooky voice over are conventional of a horror genre. The setting of a typical American neighborhood is also conventional to the genre as horror films tend to have either a very outlandish and remote setting or a place which the viewer can relate to such as a normal home as to make it seem more realistic. The characters in the trailer seem to be teenagers/young 20s which is conventional to the genre as the target audience can relate to them easily. There seems to be a conventional story line of a killer on the loose but the plot also seems to be poking fun at other horror films therefore making it fit into the comedy/horror genre. Character running through forest