ROSNF Rocket January 2013 final


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The January 2013 issue of the Rotarians On Social Networks Fellowship Newsletter- The ROSNF Rocket

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ROSNF Rocket January 2013 final

  1. 1. Volume 1, Issue 2 Rotarians on Social Netw orks Fellowship January 2013 The ROSNF RocketINSIDE THIS ISSUE: Rotary and Social Media – Engage Now!Rotary & Social Media 1 The Rotarians on SocialMessage from our Chair 2 Networks Fellowship’s mission is to promoteROSNF Survey 2 Rotary fellowship, service and public relationsRotary in Western AustraliaFacebook Seminar 3 utilizing all the tools available on socialROSNF Resources for You 3 networks.SNetiquette – What is it? 3 Social networking isInside a Successful Rotary invaluable for buildingFacebook Ad Campaign 4 and reinforcing RotaryROSNF Committees and You 4 friendships, with the ability to share snapshotsCall for Innovators 5 of your personal life in a non-intrusive way that enable you to find more for current events for website that brings just in common with other many. Rotary has a very about every aspect of Rotarians, Rotaractors, robust Twitter presence Rotary to members new Interactors and Rotary that includes a very and old. Rotary also has alumni. It also provides a active Rotaract an extensive presence on free, easy and effective community. Rotary also other social media such way to share your Rotary has a great presence in a as YouTube, Vimeo, story with the wider number of different flickr, Instagram, as well world. forums on LinkedIn. as great image resource site for those of us pulling 2012 has been a year of Rotary International has together our own content. awakening for Rotary in also launched a different Social Media. revamped Member Come join us in Social Rotary’s official Facebook Access Portal and has Media! Rotarians are page has over 200,000 added a lot of current very active in all of these likes and is a vital source content on its Rotary,org forums - see you there! ROSNF Member Survey –Please Participate By Kero O’Shea | Link could be improved in The survey is short – five terms of communication multiple choice questions Rotarians on Social relative to the 10 Million and an opportunity for Networks Fellowship is Charity Miles Giveaway, you to offer your carrying out a survey on so that we’re better thoughts – so it will only the 2012 10 Million prepared to help mobilize take a moment. Charity Miles Giveaway. the Rotary vote in the event of future We want to find out what opportunities. s/R8CFF95 worked and where things Thanks!
  2. 2. Page 2 ROSNF Rocket – Januar y 2013Greetings from the ChairGreetings Rosnarians!The holidays are now over for most of us but please allow me to belatedly wish all of you Happy New Year. I sincerelyhope that 2013 will be a great year for all of us.As we now drift past the middle of this Rotary year I am happy to report that ROSNF has more than 1550 members fromover 100 countries. We are growing fast and becoming a large and diverse Fellowship. If we are not already, we willlikely soon become the largest RI Fellowship in the world. With this size comes responsibility. We would very much liketo be a useful and enjoyable Fellowship for all of you and we are always thinking of ways in which we can engage ourmembers and increase participation. This is a long term goal for our Fellowship and if you have any ideas or suggestionsplease let me/us know.Your board of directors has been very busy and I would like to thank them for the high level of participation andenthusiasm. One of the first things we did this Rotary year was to create some guidelines for using social networks andsocial media, and we decided to call them “SNetiquette Guidelines”. (Social Networking Etiquette Guidelines) It appearsthat we are pioneers in producing these guidelines. Please see Page 3 of this newsletter for more details and feel free toborrow our guidelines for your social networking needs. We only ask that you provide a small credit to and hopefully alink to ROSNF. Special thanks go to Simone Collins for producing the initial draft that was tweaked by the full board.Next on the agenda was to produce our first official pins for the Fellowship and we had rather lengthy discussions ondesigns, costs and production. We wanted to have the pins ready for sale this year and we also wanted to have themavailable for the Lisbon Convention. Special thanks go to Rich Lalley for helping as liaison to the production company.The pins will cost $5 USD with an additional charge for shipping and packaging. Very special thanks go to PDG Guz Gohfor providing free pins to all Charter Members! We should have the pins available for order soon.We have spent quite a bit of time on revisions and reorganization. We wrote some new Moderating Procedures and alsorevised our Posting Guidelines. We had some long discussions about our previously dysfunctional committees anddecided to move the committees to Facebook Groups, and we made some changes to the committee chairs andmembers. Eventually I asked Kero O’Shea to head an ad hoc committee to finish the job of reinvigorating ourcommittees and I would like to thank him for his great work. Our committees are now functioning! :-)We also started working on an interesting new direction for ROSNF. We decided to create ROSNF Facebook Groups forlanguages other than English. Our plans were to start with a French Facebook Group and a Spanish Facebook Group,and later on add more languages. I would like to thank Joan MacFarlane for her help with translating some of our webpages. Thanks also to our Treasurer Mel Powell for opting to head up this initiative. We hope to have some of thesegroups up this term. If you are bi-lingual and would like to help, please do get in touch.Recently we held our annual ROSNF Election and I am pleased to inform you that our next ROSNF Chair will be KeroO’Shea. I can assure you that ROSNF will be in very good hands! Kero has been one of our most active and mosteffective members of the board. Please check further in this Newsletter for more information on Kero. My thanks again toElection chair Mel Powell for leading this effort. It is not an easy job.After some discussions the ROSNF board has decided that we will produce quarterly newsletters to be mailed out to allmembers. I would like to thank board member Greg Garofolo for accepting the job as editor of the “ROSNF Rocket” andfor putting this edition together.Last but not least I need to mention the great efforts of Charter Chair Simone Collins, and Immediate Past Chair DonHiggins. A lot of the heavy lifting has been done by them. It was not many years ago when the three of us were havinginitial discussions about this proposed new Fellowship on Social Networking and we almost decided to call it SNRF! OrFOSNR? :-) You can figure those out I think. But at the last minute we decided on ROSNF. And here we are!Best wishes,Philip Merritt - ROSNF Chair 2012-2013
  3. 3. ROSNF Rocket – January 2013 Page 3 Rotary in Western Australia Facebook Seminars By Kero O’Shea | Link tools that allow members to and other courses effectively build and conducted by Kero and 400 Rotarian and manage Facebook pages. Simone provided Rotaractor delegates Facebook training to more attended groundbreaking The initial seminar had than 400 attendees and seminars on Facebook in more than 150 Rotarians underpinned the February and March 2012. and Rotaractors from with development of a The Rotary in WA representatives from nearly significant network of Facebook Seminar ‐ 12 Designed by ROSNF all metropolitan clubs and Facebook pages in February 2012 Board Members Simone several country attendees Western Australia. District Carot Collins and Kero and its success led to a 9465 alone has nearly 50 second course being held pages with a combined O’Shea, the two seminars in the southwest of WA in page following of more covered common than 6000. March. concerns around privacy and security as well as the Together these programs ROSNF Resources Ready for You explore. toolsets to help you measure your social Please visit us at media impact. (and through this link) to see the We have also added collection of resources presentations that ROSNF available to you. members have made on Social Media and Rotary There are educational over the past few years primers on the different that you can view and social media platforms for Our team of volunteers reuse in your clubs and Social media novice or the novice as well as districts. and Rotary Social Media specifics on which media experienced veteran, pioneers has been busy to use for different Take a look and contribute ROSNF has the pulling together a variety messages and where to to our vibrant and growing resources for you to of resources for you to go to find statistics and knowledge base! better your Rotary on Social Networks and the forums within which to collaborate SNetiquette – What is it? with others around the world. The rapid growth and applying the Four Way guidelines and best ease of use of social Test and seeing social practices around media sites and media as just one part of participating in Social technologies makes them your club or district’s wider Media forums and attractive and effective communication and public features. channels of relations strategies. communication. However, there can be a host of Please click this link to go unintended implications if to our SNetiquette pages they are used without and learn more about our
  4. 4. Page 4 RONF Rocket – Januar y 2013Inside a Successful Rotary Facebook Ad CampaignBy Rich Lalley | Link living in District 6440, just people contacted the north of Chicago. The ads District and wereContinuing a successful targeted adults 30+ with connected with clubs incampaign begun in an interest in their communities.January 2012, Rotary charities/causes,District 6440 delivers Throughout 2012, Rotary teaching/education, themillions of ads to ads were seen 48 million environment, politics orFacebook users living in times and the District small businesses, ornortheast Illinois. The Facebook Page grew from about 30% of the adultcampaign is funded with a 170 to 1,127 fans! These population living in theRotary International PR fans are exposed to an district. (The YouthGrant and contributions ongoing stream of Rotary Exchange RYLA and GSEfrom District 6440 news through the posts on ads targeted youngerRotarians through their the Rotary6440 page adults and teens too).annual dues. which are featured in their Many of the ads feature newsfeed. A completeThe campaign features Rotary videos produced report on the July –more than two dozen by RI, and many link to December campaign,different ad executions in special Facebook pages including performance forfive themes: “Reasons to about “What is Rotary?” all ads, can be found onJoin Rotary”, “What’s and the “Why join a the Rotary District 6440Rotary?”, and ads Rotary Club?” These website.promoting GSE, Rotary pages provide viewers anYouth Exchange and inquiry form to requestRYLA. more information aboutFrom July to December Rotary in Northeastern2012, these ads were Illinois, and our Districtseen more than 13.6 membership committeemillion times by over follows up on all inquiries.200,000 Facebook users In 2012, more than 135ROSNF Committees Need YouSeveral committees have with ROSNF, including our Then please join thebeen recently (re- newsletter. We have just ROSNF Convention)activated, and others will commenced work on a Committeebe coming back online communications strategy on Facebook orshortly. for ROSNF. on Come join our ROSNFIf you would like to have See the Communications Committees – engagegreater input into the Committee Training Committeeworkings of ROSNF, join group or Facebook group. Do you provide social and collaborate withone or more of our media training in your some amazing Rotarianscommittees, here on Convention Committee district? Would you like to and or on Facebook: Are you planning on going be involved with social to the Lisbon Convention? media training? Join theCommunication Would you like to help ROSNF TrainingCommittee plan ROSNF’s presence Committee, now operatingThis committee will be and activities at the next via a Facebookmanaging the various Convention, whether you group and group.communications channels are able to attend or not?
  5. 5. RONF Rocket – January 2013 Page 5 The Rotarians On Social Networks Fellowship promotes fellowship and service Rotarians On Social through: Networks Fellowship  providing training on how to use social networks safely and effectively for maximum benefit for all areas of Rotary fellowship and service (and personal enjoyment), without compromising privacy or being seen to “spam” about Rotary. This includes alerting members about Facebook scams and viruses, and assisting Rotarians to tap into the social networks alumni build up themselves.  developing and supporting open source applications (including Facebook apps) to further enhance the ability of Rotarians and Rotaractors to find fellow partners-in-service and conduct projects.  promoting the existing Rotary-related applications, especially the official pages and causes of Rotary International. If you are a Rotarian, Rotaractor, or Rotarian spouse and you share our love of social networking, or would like assistance in getting to grips with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, blogging, and other social networks and Web 2.0 sites, please join us! Calling All Innovators! Do you have ideas on and ROSNF social media story that another club is how to improve your club communities. looking to model from. or districts public image Have you or your club We are looking to foster in your communities, but undertaken a new effort increased participation in are unsure how to in social media to our forums on different leverage social media to address challenges in social media platforms to do so? membership recruitment capture these best Is your club struggling to and engagement, alumni practices and find new collaboration involvement, service experiences and share methodologies or toolsets project planning and them within the Rotary in planning service promotion, and./or public world.Thank you to ROSNF Rocket projects or developing the image? If so, please We also welcome your next generation of reach out to us so that weContributors: leaders? can highlight your efforts contribution to our communities as we come and share them with ourPhilip Merritt Are you looking for new together in fellowship to 1500+ members. ideas on how to engage celebrate our successesKero O’Shea your New Generation or Our greatest learning tool in our communitiesRich Lalley Foundation Alumni in is our experience gained around the world.Simon Carot-Collins Rotary? through trying new things Your voice, your ideas,Greg Garofolo These questions and and in running successful and your experience are established programs. more are among those a critical part of our& ROSNF members that have What may be normal that are actively being Fellowship’s success. business for you and yourcontributed to our body of discussed on different club in social media may You can make aknowledge referenced within the forums within the Rotary just be the solution and difference.Rocket