The TLRM System

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  • 1. Defining the Tenant and Landlord Relationship Value
  • 2. Introducing The Advanced Property Management Solution Tenant Landlord Relationship Management System No One Can Manage Your Property Like You Can!!
  • 3. Advanced Property Management Solution’s Core Values Quality - We strive to deliver excellence, and look to continually improve while always being open to change. Member Focus - Our success is a direct result of our member’s success and delivering a management solution that exceeds expectations and meets the member’s needs will help our members be successful. Innovation - Continuous improvement is built into every part of our business, and as technology changes and grows, so will we. Integrity - Is a key component in any relationship whether it is our members and their tenants, or APMS and our members. We all must be guided by what is ethical. Commitment - Our total focus is improving the tenant landlord experience by the use of our service oriented architecture.
  • 4. What is the Tenant Landlord Relationship Management System? The TLRM system is a process as well as a tool. 1. The purpose of the TLRM process is to understand your tenants and respond quickly and at times instantly to the tenant’s shifting desires. 2. TLRM technology allows a landlord to collect and manage substantial amounts of tenant and property data, then carry out strategies that will allow them to be successful.
  • 5. APMS has created a new web based tool known as the Tenant Landlord Relationship Management (TLRM) System that utilizes Rich Internet Application Technology The APMS TLRM Dashboard • View your prospective tenants • View your active tenants • View your properties • Track your accounts payable • Track late rent • Track open work orders • Stay up to date on expiring leases
  • 6. Add New Tenants Click the “Tenant” Fill in all of the basic function on the Toolbar information for your to add a new tenant tenant
  • 7. From the “Tenant” function on the Toolbar you can select “Edit Tenant” to view and edit all of your tenant’s detailed information • Maintain and edit your tenant’s personal information • Track your tenant’s vehicles • House the tenant’s previous address information • Track their former and current employer information • Track the names of other occupants • House and track reoccurring charges and rent payments • The TLRM system also allows you to load pictures of your tenants
  • 8. Add Your Properties Click the “Property” Fill in all of the basic function on the Toolbar to information for your add a new property property
  • 9. From the “Property” function on the Toolbar you can select “Edit Property” to view and edit all of your properties’ detailed information • Maintain and edit your property’s information • Track the property’s current mortgage information • Track your appliances • Keep a list of the property’s features • Track the insurance information • Track open and closed work orders • Track all expenses associated with each property • The TLRM system also allows you to load pictures of your properties
  • 10. Generate Late Rent Notices in one step. Email, mail, or print the notices quickly and easily Receive alerts automatically Generates a pre-populated of past due rents PDF document Mail, email or print late notices
  • 11. Easily track prospective tenants from first contact to lease signing. Process prospects easily Track prospect’s application, and efficiently from the credit and reference checks Tenant Pod and generate the lease
  • 12. Easily generate a lease Fill in all of the tenant’s Generate a pre-populated, lease information PDF lease to print and sign
  • 13. Manage your contractors and vendors • Maintain a list of your contractors and vendors • Select and save your contractors by category • Track their license number and hourly rate
  • 14. The TLRM System vs. The Competition Features and Tenant Landlord Relationship Rent Right Quicken Rental Property Manager Benefits Management System Interactive Dashboard  A complete Web based tool  Rich Internet Application Vs.  Standard Web Platform Late rent notice alerts and auto-generation w/mailing  Complete fully-integrated accounting    One step rent verification   Discounted tenant screenings  Free access to an online national contractors network  One click lease generation  Document upload capability to access from anywhere  One step sales flyer generation and mailing 
  • 15. THE BOTTOM LINE • Tenant Landlord Relationship Management (TLRM) can work as a differentiating real estate investment strategy. • TLRM delivers a return on investment. • TLRM produces solid short term results and excels in providing full long term strategic benefits. • TLRM success starts with putting the tenant/landlord needs first.
  • 16. SUMMARY The Advanced Property Management Solution’s Tenant Landlord Relationship Management System is defining the tenant and landlord relationship value because…
  • 17. Tenant Landlord Relationship Management System NO ONE CAN MANAGE YOUR PROPERTY LIKE YOU CAN!!!