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ROYL addressed the lack of advanced care planning. How to incentivize patients and providers to do the right thing remains a challenge, one that ROYL is solving.

ROYL addressed the lack of advanced care planning. How to incentivize patients and providers to do the right thing remains a challenge, one that ROYL is solving.



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Ollie presentation v1.2 Ollie presentation v1.2 Presentation Transcript

  • Life Planning #1/ Put YourHouse In Order Philip Lisagor, MD, FACS www.TheROYL.com
  • Where Are We? 10,000 Americans turn 65 every day and this will continue until 2031 This encompasses 78 million Americans born between 1946 and 1964/ aka Baby Boomers Baby Boomers are currently taking care of their parents and often of their children in today’s economy One in 5 Americans have advanced directives, and 1 in 5 of them have it available for 1/25
  • Where Did We Come From? Egyptians, at least the wealthy, planned for their deaths in advance
  • Ancient Hebrew PatriarchsSo did the Hebrew Patriarchs: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
  • Greek Thoughts Greeks had Hades, abode of the dead Charon, ferryman, for the River Styx Coin placed in mouth of the dead to pay Charon
  • How Did We Get to Today? Dissolution of extended family Belief in science and medicine Evolving complexities of everything!
  • How Did I Get Involved? MD 72, University of Chicago Career in surgery/ general, thoracic, cardiac including thoracic oncology That means lung cancer! Long trip to actually talking with patients, their families and loved ones
  • Why Don’t Doctors Talk toPatients? Not trained  Had seminar with Elizabeth Kubler-Ross in Medical School, “Of Death and Dying” 5 steps of Grief Uncomfortable  Dealing with failure  Dealing with their own mortality  Feeling they have nothing to offer Takes time and isn’t included in government or insurance billing codes
  • Ostrich Effect
  • Development of ROYL Rest of Your Life planning Toolkit for Doctors Aimed an End of Life Planning Expansion to Stakeholders Expansion to Rest of Your Life planning
  • Benefits of ROYL Improved quality Improved patient/family/loved ones satisfaction Reduced cost of health care  US #1 in cost  US #7 in benefits  Growth not sustainable (16% GDP currently)
  • Risks of Failure to do ROYL Decreased quality Decreased satisfaction Increased costs-50 billion/year Someone will do planning for you, loss of patient autonomy Death panels argument  Why?  Who?
  • ROYL Legal documents Personalized information sheets Personalized process action check listCultural Change-possible with current economic imperative of the graying of the boomers!
  • WWW.TheROYL.com