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France presentation eleanor

  1. 1. France Tour“TRY not to be dumb” st nd May 21 to June 2
  2. 2. Airports• Watch where you’re walking• Stay with the group/a group• Make sure you’re always near your luggage• Try not to stare at people• Make sure you have your passport!
  3. 3. Airport Customs• Customs people have no sense of humour• Don’t make jokes about bombs/terrorists• Don’t bring a bomb, or a terrorist• Have your passport and boarding pass ready• Don’t act like a crazy college student• Don’t make jokes about foreigners• Don’t start any fights• Make sure you’re in the right place
  4. 4. Airport SecurityDon’t pack the following in your CARRY-ON • Knives • Peanut butter/any pastes • Liquids not in a Ziploc • Razors • Cosmetics not in a Ziploc • Snow globes • Scissors • Bombs • Guns • Terrorists
  5. 5. Liquids For your carry-on, pack ALLnecessary cosmetics (mascara, eyeliner, hand sanitizer, contact solution, lotions, all that jazz) in ONE quart size Ziploc bag. They’ll throw them out if you don’t. Trust me.
  6. 6. All liquids, even in the Ziploc, must be 3 fl. oz. or underStores like Wal-Mart sell travel-sized liquids. Be not afraid.
  7. 7. Carry-On LuggageFlying out of ATL, you are allowed1 Carry-On and 1 accessory• Carry-On is identified as: 21.6” (l) x 13.7” (w) x 9.8” (h)• Accessory is identified as: computer bag, satchel, back pack, purse, camera bag
  8. 8. Checked Luggage• Don’t put your passport in your checked luggage.• Your bag has to weigh less than 50 lbs.• If you bring 2 bags, there is a fee for the second bag.
  9. 9. In Paris STICK TOGETHER.Don’t make French/European jokes.See how guys wear capris. It’s cool. Don’t stare at people.. “To be early is to be on time”Keep in contact with group leaders
  10. 10. Safety• Don’t flash your money around. People will steal it.• Hold onto your luggage/know where it is at all times• Keep purses/pockets ZIPPED UP• Keep track of your passport/money
  11. 11. SafetyGIRLS: Stay with a guy.(Preferably in the choir)GUYS: Protect the ladies Don’t lead your group into sketchy alley ways. Please.
  12. 12. Weather• Temperatures around 57o F• Bring lots of layers; wear cotton• Open and closed toed shoes• Good walking shoes• Dresses, raincoats, umbrellas, jackets, jeans, shorts, skirts, sandals. Just bring your wardrobe
  13. 13. OutletsRule 1: Don’t blow anything up.Voltage: Most American stuff is 110-120 volts Most French stuff is 220-240 volts Meaning that your appliances will fry DO NOT FEAR.
  14. 14. Outlets
  15. 15. • Buy a U.S to French (or European) converter • Buy an international adaptor
  16. 16. Money 1 EUR = 1.3094 USD 5 USD = 3.82 EUR 10 USD = 7.64 EUR300 USD = 229. 08 EUR
  17. 17. Bus Rides • Don’t forget to sleep • CHOIR BONDING. YES.• Be aware of fellow choir members
  18. 18. Paris at NightPLEASE… don’t go out with a group of girlsat night by yourselves. It’s dumb.Unless your dad is Liam Neeson, no one iscoming to save you. Except maybe Jesus.It’s DANGEROUS. Europeans are way morestreet savvy than you think you are. Sorry..
  19. 19. Food Try cool, new stuff! • Bakeries • Frogs legsEat lots. You’ll walk it all off Drink lots (of water)Buy water bottles and fill up • They’ll rip you off
  20. 20. The French They think Americans are dumb. They’re aware of their surroundings.There are lots of smokers, and a lot of dirt If they’re rude, don’t be rude back
  21. 21. CompetitionSamford:• Christian school• Some of the only Christians they’ll encounterCompetition:• Act like Christ• Sing like we mean it!
  22. 22. Foreign ThingsGuys, don’t flirt with foreignwomen. You won’t speak thesame language.Girls: Some French men arecute, but they’re mostly creepy..
  23. 23. France Take the bus! Walk! Enjoy Paris! Eat at hole-in-the-wall restaurantsGo to bakeries, experience the culture Pray for opportunities to witness Explain why we sing; it’s for the Lord!Don’t be opposed to doing tourist things ……. We are tourists. Use a map!
  24. 24. SpainAgain, BE CAREFUL Practice speaking Spanish! It’ll be fun
  25. 25. Finally Take LOTS of picturesWork hard the next few weeks Be wise with your money Be street-savvy Equip yourself spiritually
  26. 26. Serve Look for ways to SERVE other choir members. Trips aren’t fun when everyone has their own agenda. Compromise iswonderful. Encourage each other throughout the trip!