SEO without Keywords - The future is now


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Google has declared war on organic keywords. They want you to stop obsessing about them and concentrate on building a great site for your users.

This is my July 2013 Search Exchange conference presentation that was mainly meant as a warning to the attendees of the bleak future that lays ahead.

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  • I'm not sure I would say Google provides everything that matters, in fact, I think Google provides us nothing. We provide Google with everything they need.

    As a site owner your job is to work withing the existing system to maximize traffic, Google is the 800 pound gorilla, so we figure out how to play with them.
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  • That's why I have written that Google is killing SEO that invoked ire from the SEO industrial complex. Why such noises around 'Not Provided'? As long as we create something valuable for users, Google provides everything that matters to us from a business perspective.
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  • Plato (and Aristotle)
  • The prisoners are seeing only shadows and have no idea what the real item is. They talk about items as if they were real, but they are only seeing it’s shadow.
  • October 18th, 2011 Google starts to withhold keyword data from people signed in to Google properties.
  • Analytics Landing Pages
  • Webmaster tools
  • Map not provided data to landing pages in your analytics
  • Annie Cushing reminds me to make sure your clients/boss know what’s happening
  • Thank you!
  • SEO without Keywords - The future is now

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    19. 19. We are like people looking for something they have in their hands all the time; we're looking in all directions except at the thing we want, which is probably why we haven't found it. - Plato, 380BC This is a tweetable moment #deepthoughts
    20. 20. Phil Buckley @1918 Phil Buckley Virante Search Marketing @1918