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Civic Commons OKCon 2011 talk
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Civic Commons OKCon 2011 talk


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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Sharing technology for the public goodPhilip Ashlock | | OKCon July 2011
  • 2. We help build platforms & communities to facilitatecollaborative software development & technologyreuse in the civic sector.
  • 3. Who?Team BoardCivic Commons Code for America • Andrew Hoppin, former CIO, New York State Senate • Andrew Rasiej, Founder and CEO, Personal Democracy Forum • Beth Noveck, former US Deputy CTO; Professor, NYU Law School • Brian Behlendorf, Director, CollabNet and CTO, World Economic Forum • Bryan Sivak, Chief Innovation Officer, State of Maryland • Carolyn Lawson, Director, eServices for the State of California • Chris Holmes, Founder and President, OpenGeo • Chris Vein, Deputy US CTO for Government Innovation; former CIO, City of San Francisco • • Text Clay Johnson, Founder and CEO, Big Window Labs David Eaves, Adjunct Professor, Centre for Digital Media • Deborah Bryant, Public Sector Communities Manager, Oregon State University Open Source Lab • Dustin Haisler, former CIO, City of Manor • Gunnar Hellekson, Co-Chair, Open Source for America and CTO, Red Hat US Public Sector • Jascha Franklin-Hodge, CTO and founding partner, Blue State Digital • Jennifer Pahlka, Founder and Executive Director, Code for America • Peter Corbett, CEO, iStrategyLabs • Ross Mayfield, VP, SlideShare; Chairman and Co-founder, Socialtext • Stacy Donohue, Government Transparency Investments Director, Omidyar Network • Tim O’Reilly, Founder and CEO, O’Reilly Media • Tom Steinberg, Founder and CEO, MySociety • Vint Cerf, VP and Chief Internet Evangelist, Google
  • 4. www.OpenPlans.orgOpenPlans supports a more informed, participatory, and livable society byengaging communities through journalism and open source software.
  • 5. Find opportunities for collaboration,match needs and toolsResearch & communicate best practicesBuild the legal and policy frameworkto institutionalize collaborationApply the extra effort to spark &sustain collaboration
  • 6. Needs Tools SupportTowards an open marketplace
  • 7. Catalog. Full catalog coming in the fall
  • 8. Research & Best Practices
  • 9. Support CitiesOrganizations Technologies Information Resources Communities & Ecosystems
  • 10. Support CitiesOrganizations Technologies Information Resources Sustainable!
  • 11. Precedents
  • 12. ?
  • 13. Open311A standard for real-world collaborative issue-tracking.
  • 14. 911 for Emergency Action311 for Emergent Action
  • 15. Reinventing the WheelDoes every city need itsown app?Boston NYC Portland Pittsburgh
  • 16. API Distributed innovationAPI API
  • 17. A standard for collaborative geospatial issue-tracking.
  • 18. Vancouver Seattle Edmonton Portland Toronto BostonSan Francisco Chicago Philadelphia New York City Baltimore Washington D.C. Miami
  • 19. Open311 Open
  • 20. San Franciscos Enterprise Addressing System (EAS)
  • 21. IT Dashboard
  • 22. Federal Register / Neighborhood Register
  • 23. Weave
  • 24. San Ramon “Save a Life” app
  • 25. The Civic Network?
  • 26. Have a Project to Open? Mailing List Involved Wiki Twitter & @civcoms
  • 27. CivicCommons.orgPhilip Ashlock