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WW 1st commercial service with Yahoo! Korea since 2004 with global patents

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Click to Call Patent Business Solution

  1. 1. Strategic Investor Relations
  2. 2. Quick Profile CEO / Founder Philhwan Yun Major Careers SK Telecom, Microsoft, Yahoo! Korea Established 2004 Investor Samsung Venture Investment Corporation Major Business Next Gen Search & Marketing Solution Provisioning Ad-funded Business Enabler1
  3. 3. Our Position‘Born’ Next Gen Marketing Solution InnovatorPTE has been established in 2004 with the 1st ‘Click to Call(C2C)’ solution, adopted by Yahoo!,eBay Korea and Naver, and the patent is now registered in KR/US/EU/JP/AU (CN/CA left). Local Commerce Mobile IPTV Portal / Telco PTE C2C > CPX Ad Server PTE Sales & OperationOn-going Integration with various mediaBeyond C2C, PTE made an all-in-one ‘CPX(CPM/CPC/CPA)’ engine and implemented onCommerce, Mobile and IPTV.What is ‘PortalTone’?It is a parody of dial-tone which means a low, steady tone in a telephone receiver indicating that a number may be dialed from portal.2
  4. 4. PTE C2C on Naver mapsWhen you type in ‘Starbucks’, you get a list of the locations and the phone numbers. If you hitthe call button and enter your number, then our C2C system connects the merchant and you.(Naver has seen 150K traffic/mth within 6mths since last Nov. and it’s growing ever)ReferencesYahoo! Korea (2004~2006), eBay Korea (2007~2008), Naver (2009~)3
  5. 5. PTE C2C on Mobile (Listing)It works same even on legacy mobile phones as well as iPhones and smartphones. You don’tneed to enter your number.ReferencesSK Telecom (2008 for internal test)4
  6. 6. PTE C2C IPTV implementationWhen you press a button during watching TV (and enter your phone number), our C2Csystem connects the merchant and you. Connecting consumer and merchant w/ C2C Just press a buttonReferencesMicrosoft Korea (2009 integrated w/ their IPTV platform, MediaRoom)5
  7. 7. How PTE C2C worksPhone to Phone connection Step 1 Online user click on the ‘free(call) C2C button’ and enter their phone 1 number 2 Step 2 PTE C2C server calls the Click to Call merchant(ARS guide is provided) CTI Server and puts him on hold 4 Merchant Step 3 C2C server calls the online user and connects with the merchant who was 4 3 already on hold MM Push Voice While call is occurring between Step 4 online user and merchant, C2C server detects merchant’s DTMF and provides real-time information to the user (killer option) All the statistics are provided to 5 Step 5 merchant Online Users6
  8. 8. PTE C2C Killer Apps1ClickC2C® and 1ClickPUSH® Pop-up window made of layer comes up, whenever consumer move over or click the ad with mouse, only if short PTE C2C scripts are inserted onto portal, interactive TV, and mobile devices. Consumers simply enter his phone number (Auto retry and reservation support) PTE C2C system supports connection between merchant and consumer as well as authentication and account check … and settle fees real-time (billing) Dynamic multimedia presentation (push) over the conversation will maximize conversion rate. 57
  9. 9. PTE C2C SystemSystem Flows 1 Local 2 End-User C2C System Admin Server 3 Local PSTN Advertiser WEB 3 Front Call & VOIP Global VOIP Gateway Local Server Server PSTN Global Advertiser Billing Global Server IP Local PSTN 1 DB Server Global End-User8
  10. 10. Intellectual Property RightsCN and CA are left. EU Ref.07406EP/BR/MD (Granted on ‘10.10.25) US 7,724,882 (‘10.5.25) JP 4395138 (‘09.10.23) AU 2006214877 (‘09.9.17) KR 0500707 (‘05.7.1) 9
  11. 11. Thank you Philhwan Yun CEO/Founder PortalTone, Inc. Y!/MSN IM: philhwan +82-10-3488-3779