Nicomatic Membrane Switch
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Nicomatic Membrane Switch

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Nicomatic Products for Membrane Switches

Nicomatic Products for Membrane Switches

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  • Notes: What we see here are the products especially designed for membrane switch manufacturers. NICOMATIC does his best to understand your problematics and find the right solution. So, what we would like to show you are some of the most significant advantages and your gains given a market problematic.
  • Notes: Most membrane switch keys are built with tactile feedback. Tactile feedback is the “snap” you feel when pushing a button. It lets the user know that they have actuated the key. Metal domes provide electrical & mechanical contact with tactile feel to the circuit. Still today, most of the time metal domes are acquired in bulk & delivered in plastic bags, and so once in your assembly process you may face a few problems. The technology of the SWITCH’AIR notch, which allows domes to be placed in tubes, creates a cushion of air between the domes so that they no longer stick together. Domes sticking is something that happens often in plastic bags (thin , tiny parts) where they are mixed together. Questions: - how do I place? / how do I manipulate? / How do I get the best productivity? NICOMATIC obtains a long lasting & quality product.
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  • 1. Fabricant et designer de solutions d’interconnexion innovantes Membrane switches components specialist Innovation High quality International Engineering Reactivity Manufacturer Manufacturer and designer of interconnect solutions
  • 2. NICOMATIC Memberships
    • SGIA
    • ESMA
    • FT
    Specialty Graphic Imaging Association European Screenprinting & Membrane Switch Association German Membrane Switch Association (Fachgemeinschaft Tastaturen)
  • 3. Who is NICOMATIC ? VIDEO Inventor, designer & manufacturer of interconnect & switching solutions Experience over 30 years / Private own French SME Innovation pole & Engineering 18 million € / 170 employees (31/12/2008) 80% of turnover is exported, sales in +40 countries 15% of turnover invested in R&D & new production equipment Subsidiaries in USA, Brazil & China ISO 9001:2000 certificate Europe Americas Asia Turnover split per region Sales partners in 20 countries 50% of turnover in Europe!
  • 4. Membrane switch product line 500 MSM customers in the world ! 4 product lines dedicated to MSM 1st supplier of metal domes, flex solutions & LEDs to the membrane switch industry Americas Asia Europe Row CRIMPFLEX ™ JUMPERS Jumpers: Pitch 2.54 / 1.27 Wide range: contacts, housings, crimp presses Crimping service, PCB mating headers and connectors SWITCH ’ AIR ™ Metal Domes 4-legged dome ( High Force ) Better homogeneity domes (+/-15g) Dome array Tube & Reel Specific requests New concepts: P-Switch,SMT dome Client split per region FFC CARD CABLES FFC Card Cable: 0.5 / 0.8 / 1 / 1.25 / 1.27 / 2.54 New options: shielded cable, crimped on 1 side, exposed on the other … ADHESIVE SPACERS Single sided spacer Double sided spacer Acrylic or silicone Release Liner ULTRATHIN ™ LEDs 1206 Package 3.2 x 1.6 x 0.5 (single color) 3.2 x 2.5 x0.5 (bi-color) New! New! New!
  • 5. SWITCH ’AIR™ Metal domes Features More than 200 standard profiles 4-legged 6 / 8.4 / 10 (NEW!) / 12.2mm Activation force from 100g to 420g Material: stainless steel Plating: nickel plated or gold plated Temp.: -40°C to +105°C Main advantages Excellent Tactile effect :> 50% high rated click ratio Stable & homogeneous force (Reduced tolerance: +/-15g) Performance & reliability: Life expectancy 5 M Lower contact resistance during life time (no scratch) Customization All industry packagings - in bulk - in tube - in tape & reel - on custom made arrays SOLUTION: The Switch ’ Air ™ notch creates a cushion of air between the domes so that they no longer stick together Easy placement No double dome Higher productivity rate No scratch on PCB PROBLEMATIC: Need for a quality reliable contact, a precise and quick placement. New!
  • 6. Metal domes in tubes: a real advantage ! PROBLEMATIC: Need for a precise and quick placement. SOLUTION: Thanks to SWITCH ’ AIR ™ , domes can be placed by automatic Pick & Place systems, semi-automatic devices or manual methods with efficiency. Through better productivity, save time and money!
    • Main advantages:
    • - No double domes
    • - Better productivity, manual or automatic
    • (Gain on productivity: tested up to x 3)
    • Safe & Easy storage and traceability
    • Better usage flexibility / other packagings
    • - Simple and accurate placement
    • - Dust proof
    • - No finger contacts
  • 7. SWITCH’AIR ® 4-L 10mm metal domes
    • P R O D U C T S P E C I F I C A T I O N S
      • Part numbering 4 types & 16 references
    N10-4L-(D)-xxx-yy activation force: 220-280-340-400g -21: nickel plated (standard) -31: selective gold plated (contact side) New!
  • 8. SWITCH’AIR ® 4-L High force metal domes
    • P R O D U C T S P E C I F I C A T I O N S
      • Part numbering
      • 5 types & 16 references
    High force domes New!
  • 9. New product concept 2009
    • SMT metal dome
  • 10.
    • P-SWITCH® for Smart Cards & switch applications
    New product concept 2009 New!
    • Main advantages:
    • - Overall size 3.2 x 1.6 x 0.5mm (single color)
    • - Reduce spacer thickness and/or eliminate
    • embossing : membrane construction cost up to -15%
    • - Easy to place size compared to other packages
    • Standard tape & reel
    • Tested according ASTM F1995-00(2005)
    • - Can be run at lower current levels
    • - Colors:
    Recommended spacer: - 1st side adhesive: 75 µ (all NICOMATIC LEDs) - carrier: 250 µ - 2nd side adhesive: 75 µ SOLUTION: NICOMATIC LEDs are the only LED in the 1206 package at 0.5mm height. Cost savings to the total membrane switch = elimination of embossing and/or use less spacer material ! MEMBRANE CONSTRUCTION PROBLEMATIC : standard dot dispensing adhesive by glue drop + LED on top. Length & width are essential matters & the smallest and most practicle package is the 1206 (usual LED height is 1.1mm or 0.7mm as superthin)
    • Assembly example:
    • Center drop of acrylic adhesive
    • 2 drops of conductive adhesive
  • 12. Adhesive spacers & release liners SOLUTION: Nicomatic has enlarged its product portfolio with industrial adhesives. Designed for use in the construction of membrane switches, the spacer materials are available in a wide range of thicknesses (30 µ m-400 µ m) to satisfy all possible requirements. PROBLEMATIC: Get the right product, with a good quality & specification (adhesive properties).
    • Main advantages:
    • Wide selection of single & double sided spacers as an alternative
    • Acrylic or silicone with good benchmark results (peeling, temp. range)
    • - Tested according ASTM D-1000 & UL969
    • - Standard sheet size: 970 x 610 mm
    • - Packaging in reel possible
    • - Proved solution on the market place: 40 year experience
    • manufacturer AVATACK (Exclusive distribution USA & Europe)
    • - Competitive solution
  • 13. Jumper & FFC Card Cables
    • Main advantages:
    • - Thin, light, resistant & flex solution
    • - FFC cable high production capacity all made in-house
    • - Large range, standard and customized
    • - Jumpers in standard pitch 2.54mm & 1.27mm (NEW!)
    • - FFC Card Cables in 0.5 / 0.8 (NEW!) / 1 / 1.25 / 1.27 / 2.54mm pitch
    • - FFC Cable available in reel (300 or 600m)
    • New options: Shielded (eg. touch screen),
    • crimped on one side, exposed on the other...
    New! SOLUTION : Flat cables used for NICOMATIC jumpers are equipped with CRIMPFLEX ™ connectors, and made of flat copper conductors laminated between 2 layers of polyester / adhesive insulation. PROBLEMATIC: Need for secure, weight & space saving flex solution.
  • 14. CRIMPFLEX™ Flex solution - pitch 2.54mm or 1.27mm New! crimping in 6 points 2 for mechanical retention 4 for electrical contact Patent
    • Main advantages:
    • - In-house manufacturing
    • - Low contact resistance
    • - High mechanical strength
    • Mating with standard headers & sockets
    • or NICOMATIC 1Y-10 / 1L-10 products
    Secure Low profile Packaged in reel by 35.000 NEW! 1.27mm Latched male Double row Polarized PROBLEMATIC: Need for reliable interconnect system in any use condition. SOLUTION : wide technical choice for all possible applications
  • 15. CRIMPFLEX ® 2.54mm latched connector development
    • CRIMPFLEX® 2.54mm “OJ” & “OJH” housings
    • Scope
    • extension of the CRIMPFLEX® 2.54mm housing range / technical evolution of the current “OL” + “OM” types.
    • Problem solving
    • mechanical protection to prevent the latch breaking or tearing
    • 4 chamfers for a better insertion guiding
    • material: thermoplastic with fiberglass classified UL94 V0 black
    • number of ways: 02 to 25
  • 16. 1,27mm pitch CRIMPFLEX ® new range
    • CRIMPFLEX™ 1,27mm
      • Product range
      • 5 types of housings: single row (04 to 50 ways) + double row (08 to 100 ways)
      • 2 types of contacts: female + male solder tab
      • tooling : manual press 1.27mm pitch
  • 17. 1,27mm pitch CRIMPFLEX ® new range
    • P R O D U C T S P E C I F I C A T I O N
      • Part-numbering 5 types & 39 references for housings
    WHAT IS YOUR NEED TO FIX OUR PRIORITIES? New! s i n g l e r o w d o u b l e r o w M0F04 M0J08 M0JR08 M4F08 M4J16 M0F05 M0J10 M0JR16 M4F12 M4J20 M0F06 M0J12 M0JR20 M4F16 M4J40 M0F08 M0J15 M0JR50 M4F26 M4J60 M0F10 M0J17 M4F30 M4J100 M0F12 M0J20 M4F40 M0F20 M0J22 M4F50 M0F50 M0J25 M4F72 M0J26 M4F100 M0J30 M0J36 M0J40 M0J50
  • 18. 1,27mm pitch CRIMPFLEX ® new range
    • P R O D U C T S P E C I F I C A T I O N
      • Part-numbering
    • female contacts :
      • 16068-12 tin
      • 16068-32 selective gold
      • 33 000
    • male solder tabs :
      • 16069-12 tin
      • 16069-32 selective gold
      • 33 000
    Jumper cable 127PWxxD … conductor size (tinned) 0,076mm x 0,66mm packaged in reel 1.27mm pitch jumpers
      • 2 types of contacts
  • 19. CRIMPFLEX™ Crimping service SOLUTION : NICOMATIC crimps your flexible circuits, flat cables, touch screens, FPC and switches in 48H. Adapted for small, medium and large series. PROBLEMATIC: Need for quick customer service. Your shipment to us 1. Our shipment in 48H 4. Main advantages: - Strong reactivity (components in stock) - Fast assembly equipment - Numerous flex-tail termination options - Long experience on the manual & pneumatic press - For thicknesses from 50 to 500 µ m on different substrates (Flex pcb, fpc, textile, FR4 … ) Crimp control 3. We crimp 2.
  • 20. Summary: Nicomatic membrane switch specialist CRIMPFLEX ™ connectors Spacer Adhesives Release Liners SWITCH ’ AIR ™ 4-legged metal domes ULTRATHIN ™ LEDs NICOMATIC AS ONE STOP SHOP PCB connectors
  • 21. Summary: Nicomatic membrane switch specialist Present and future challenges: - Automatisation process and precision - Tactile response upon customer need (custom dome) - Long lasting high force domes - Reduced trip force tolerance - Multi-dome applications with various tactile feels on the same keyboard
  • 22. NICOMATIC GROUP 173, rue des Fougères ZI Les Bracots - F-74890 Bons-en-Chablais Tel. + 33 4 50 36 13 85 Fax: +33 4 50 36 11 33