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More Company Profile

  2. 2. THE COMPANY more® was established in Milan in 2004 by Roberto Franco, an Art Director with 25 years of experience in International Fashion Industry. More® is a company intended first as a creative source with a staff of highly skilled Fashion Designers run by a Studio Manager, with Senior Merchandiser Patrizia Leo, and top collaborating creative or technical partners. Philippe Legrand, company’s COO, former Senior Marketing Executive in fashion and luxury Groups, and a Strategy and Marketing Consultant, helps Roberto Franco to organize and develop the business. more® Fashion Designers are not only creative and covering together all aspects of fashion disciplines, but each of them has also a strong experience in product technical development and control of coherence between early designs and final production. more® works currently for a selection of clients located in Italy, France, UK, or Korea, making an average yearly turnover of 800,000 €. 1
  3. 3. ROBERTO FRANCO He is known for creating and developing successful Fashion Accessories collections, with extensive responsibilities on product and range developments for such fashion institutions and brands as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Moschino, Paul Smith and many others. He is also a specialist of material development with collaborations with Vulcaflex for automotive interior (for Jaguar XT, Mini or Mercedes), with Alcantara (Toray Group) for finishes and textures, or with Rati and Mantero the famous Italian silk fabric producers, for printed and jacquard designs. For the European leader the Group Zucchi Bassetti, Roberto Franco worked on household linen collections, developing every season collections of prints and ranges of colours. Roberto maintains close contacts with European Institute of Design in Milan, the famous IED, where he promotes fashion accessories design towards students. 2
  4. 4. THE CREATIVE TEAM Vito Regano, Fashion Designer and Studio Manager, experienced in design and development of garments and fashion accessories. Alfonso Casuccio, Fashion Designer, experienced in design and development of garments and fashion accessories, skilled in pattern construction and sartorial techniques, and a fashion illustrator. Martina Grasselli, Fashion Designer, a specialist of fashion accessories and jewellery. Alice Ziccheddu, Fashion and Textile Designer, a specialist of fashion trends and a technical illustrator. Maria Angiletta, Assistant Fashion and Textile Designer, and a fashion illustrator. 3
  5. 5. THE MISSION Direct creative services. Product design and development services in all fields of fashion, from fashion accessories to garment, household linen and textile collections. Other creative or marketing services. Advice to clients in many creative or marketing fields such as international fashion trends, merchandising trends, distribution or communication input, branding strategy, seasonal collection plan structure, licensing development. Catalist of creative talents. Among the best available Italian and French fashion designers have collaborated with more® to enhance quality of company’s answer to certain client’s needs. Catalist of technical and productive talents. Technical development partners working with more® are among the best specialists in Italy –rich in leather goods and garment development workshops, and in material and components suppliers. 4
  6. 6. THE STRATEGY Brand insight To work for a restricted number of clients and establish with each of them long term relationships, on the basis of :Market understanding   deep understanding of client’s needs and brand identity, Boosted creativity   customized and dedicated services, Methodic approach   personal assistance. Deep dedication Roberto Franco and Philippe Legrand analyse Client’s needs and brief, build proposal, method and team –possibly including outside sourced Proven efficiency specialists- and manage projects to ensure success. 5
  7. 7. DIRECT CREATIVE SERVICES THE FULL METHOD (customized according to client’s needs) 1. Brief by the Client The Client will :   Present to more® image and target market for the brand,   Describe brand’s competitive environment,   Explain specific objectives of the project,   Introduce Brand’s project team –people in charge of creation, marketing, sales, production. 2. Brand identity and trends. more® will define fashion context for design studies :   Brand’s elements of identity, based on brand’s documents and samples,   Coherent consumption and fashion trends of the moment. Expression with mood boards, graphic documents and colour charts. 6
  8. 8. 3. Concepts.For each collection, more® will :  Search and select materials (leathers, canvasses, linings), metallic components and other components,  Select and purchase vintage items and competitors’ items,  Design brand logo expressions,  Design prints for canvas and lining,  Design each planed product.Expression with material, component or product samples, sketchesand descriptive drawings, colour samples and :  Produce samples of selected materials and components with specific treatments, print or embossing,  Produce specific parts of products for assessment. 7
  9. 9. 4. Search and recommendation for manufacturer.more® will :  Search for materials and components suppliers in line with brand’s quality/price balance standards,  Search for manufacturers in line with brand’s quality/price balance standards,  Present suitable suppliers and manufacturer to the Client, rationalizing the choice,  Assist Client to select the best manufacturing partner,  Assist Client to organize framework with manufacturing partner.5. Early development.more® will monitor production of early prototypes :  Produce with Client’ suppliers first prototypes of materials and components and with Client’s manufacturer prototypes of finished products,  Revue prototypes in detail and make detailed list of amendments before implementation.  Participate to all discussions with suppliers to ease development process. 8
  10. 10. 6. Development finalization.more® will monitor “masterization” of new products, and assist forindustrialization :  Produce final version of finished products prototypes including all amendments, and realized with final version of materials and and components.  Revue prototypes in detail and if necessary make detailed list of amendments to be implemented.  If necessary participate to discussions with Brand’s suppliers to ease industrialization process.7. Editing collection.more® will :  Participate to meeting organized to set up final selection of products to define the range (SKUs) to be launched on the market.  Participate to meeting organized prior to launching the new range, to define merchandising, promotion and communication principles, to help Client to go successfully to the market. 9
  12. 12. CASE STUDIES
  13. 13. CASE STUDY MAURO GRIFONI Global project including leather goods and shoes collections for women end men, as a new development for the Italian brand Mauro Grifoni. Activities : define brand identity in the field of fashion accessories, seasonal moods and concepts, search for materials and hardware, product design and development,management of prototypes making, editing of collections with commercial staff of the company, identify appropriate manufacturers in Italy, management of industrialization.
  14. 14. CASE STUDY LG FASHION / HAZZYS Art Direction of leather goods collections for Hazzys, a brand owned by the leading Korean fashion group LG Fashion, in the context of the launch and development of a new profit centre. Activities : define brand identity in the field ofleather goods, seasonal moods and concepts, search for materials and hardware, product design and development, management of the brand creative and development team in Seoul, management of prototypes making in Italy and Korea, editing of collections with merchandising staff of the company.
  15. 15. CASE STUDY MANTERO SETA A new B2B business for groupMantero Seta, an Italian specialist for upmarket silk weaving and printing : let them propose to luxury brands finished productsmade of fabric at entry price level. Activities :propose the new business concept to Mantero Management, assist Mantero organizing a specific division to handle the business, Mantero IC and dealing with industrial partners for production and logistics assist Mantero to approach first possible clients, design and development of specific products for possible clients, assist Mantero selling the project to brandsmanagement of prototypes making, management of industrialization.
  16. 16. CASE STUDY HOLLIDAY & BROWN Established in London in 1926, the brand made a reputation offering luxury ties based on exclusiveprints with subtle British style, and through partnerships with Prada.Looking for new developments the brand owner Mantero Seta Group hired More to design and develop for the brand sportswear and accessories Activities : Define brand identity in the field of garments and fashion accessories, propose product typology , seasonal moods and concepts, search for materials and components, product design and development, management of samples and prototypes making, editing of collections with commercial staff of the company.
  17. 17. CASE STUDY SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS One shot project for Samsung Electronics : design anddevelopment of a specific case for the launch of a new version of Galaxy multimedia phone. Activities : from trends given by fashion designer Calla, design and development of a very functional product, up to prototype Selection of a manufacturer and management of production of a limited edition of 100 pieces for VIPs, quality control.
  18. 18. CASE STUDY BASSETTI Redevelopment of Bassetti’s upmarket best selling collection ”Grandfoular”, launched in the 70’s, to regain market shares lost by ageing designs, Development of Bassetti Sport targeting a younger customer. Activities :Working on the basis of Grandfoular typical themes, « cachemire », « indien » and “affresco”, proposal of 15 different patterns in a first phase, then development and finalization of 3 themes, Working on sport colour codes to develop 2 themes.
  19. 19. CASE STUDY BORBONESE Management, coordination and control of a license given to theKorean fashion group In The F by the Italian brand Borbonese. Activities : establish management rules and negotiate them with licensee on behalf of Borbonese Management control in Korea of all licensee’s activities, product concepts and development, store concept and development, marketing and communication concept and strategy working sessions with licensee’screative studio in Seoul, store visits in all Korea coordination of actions between licensee and licensor.