SSTRM - - Geoff Nimmo  Rationale and Governance
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SSTRM - - Geoff Nimmo Rationale and Governance



geoff intro comments at visioning june 2009

geoff intro comments at visioning june 2009



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  • Thanks, Mike. What I would like to do it to give a quick explanation of technology roadmapping, describe our experiences at Industry Canada with Technology Roadmaps, provide an introduction to the Soldier Systems Technology Roadmap, and the governance structure, particularly the Steering Committee and the Technical Sub-Committees.
  • Industry Canada is involved with Technology Roadmaps on a sectoral or sub-sectoral basis. The theory behind technology roadmapping is to determine where you are at the moment; then what the market demands will be in 5-10 years. The gap between where you are now and where you need to be to meet future market demands is what a Technology Roadmap is all about. The Roadmaps are developed through a series of face to face workshops- the first is a visioning exercises; then products or services; then technologies; then knitting them together.
  • Top pick a few examples to highlight: The Aerospace Collaborative R&D Office at the National Research Council was established to facilitate the implementation of the Aerospace Roadmap by the Aerospace Industries Association. An Electronic Commerce/Electronic Data Interchange (EC/EDI) project was begun in the Aerospace manufacturing sector. The Aerospace Environmental TRM was one of the successful candidates for the first Business Led Networks of Centres of Excellence 4 year, $11million for technology development; the Lean Logistics TRM identified skills as a key issue, and a Sector Council was established by HRSDC to determine future skills requirement; and the Marine and Ocean Technologies TRM (DM Committee)
  • Executive Steering Committee (ESC) 10 industry and 10 government, 2 support and 1 facilitator co-chairs from industry and government to provide direction and general guidance for the development of the TRM forum for exchange of views Industry positions on the ESC filled by industry co-chairs of the Technical Sub-Committees
  • Definition phase (2008-2009) Governance Collaboration tool development Development phase (2009-2010) Workshops Validating the vision Finding/validating gaps and niches Establishing the links between technology and capability needs/timings Recommendations for future R&D projects addressing gaps/needs Implementation phase (2010-2018) Annual Soldier Systems Workshop Continued dialogue with Collaboration tools Sponsored/Unsolicited focused R&D projects Revision of roadmap plan to adapt to change of vision or external drivers as needed

SSTRM - - Geoff Nimmo  Rationale and Governance SSTRM - - Geoff Nimmo Rationale and Governance Presentation Transcript

  • Soldier Systems TRM Rationale and Governance By Geoff Nimmo, Manager TRM Secretariat Industry Canada 21-23 September, 2009 Vancouver, B.C. Soldier Systems Technology Roadmap Power/Energy/Sustainability Workshop
  • What is Technology Roadmapping?
    • Collaborative, industry-led strategic planning process for developing innovative products and processes to meet future market demands
    • Features face-to-face workshops
    • Key issue- what technologies can create the needed products and services to meet identified future market demands
    How do we get there? Where do we want to go? Where are we now ?
  • Canadian Roadmapping Experiences
    • Initiated in 1995
    • 33 completed to date
    • 4 currently under development
    • Based on a network of partnerships
      • Over 1000 industrial partners (e.g. Ballard Power Systems; Dupont Canada; Wal-Mart; Hydro-Québec; IBM, and many SMEs)
      • Over 150 non-industry partners (Universities, Research Institutes, Associations)
      • Portfolio partners – NRC, NSERC, CSA, BDC
      • Federal partners – NRCan, HRSDC, CMHC, EC, HC, DFAIT, and DND
      • Provincial partners – Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta, New Brunswick
  • Status of TRMs
    • Textiles
    • Hydrogen Fuel Cells
    • Printing
    • Aerospace Environmental
    • Digital Media
    • Advanced Wood Manufacturing
    • Aircraft Cabin Management Systems
    • Integration
    • Low Cost Aerospace Composites
    • Manufacturing, Processing and
    • Repair
    • Electrical Mobility
    • Sustainable Housing
    • Wind TRM
    • Soldier of the Future (SS TRM)
    • Wireless
    • Plastics
    • Contact Centers
    • Canadian Aluminum Transformation
    • Language Industries
    • Welding and Joining in Canada
    • Biopharmaceutical Industry
    • CO 2 Capture and Geological Storage
    • Clean Coal
    • Future Fuels for the APEC Region
    • Oil Sands
    • Bio-Based Feedstocks, Fuel, and
    • Industrial Products
    • Canadian Fuel Cell
    • Lean Logistics
    • Marine and Ocean Industry
    • Intelligent Buildings
    • Medical Imaging
    • Aluminum
    • Canadian Electrical Power
    • Canadian Metal Casting
    • Lumber and Value-Added Wood
    • Products
    • Geomatics
    • Wood-Based Panel Products
    • Canadian Aircraft Design
    • Manufacturing & Repair and
    • Overhaul
    • Forest Operations
    2009 2007 2006 Currently in development Implementation Phase 2005 2003 2002 2001 2000 1998 1996 2004
  • Soldier Systems TRM Project
    • Partnership of federal departments (IC, DND and DRDC), industry and academia working to develop a Roadmap with the objectives of:
      • Supporting the Soldier Modernization Effort
      • Providing DND insights into obtainable technologies/maturity levels
      • Proving industry with opportunity to understand DND needs/demonstrate abilities
    • Exciting as a first step in a significantly different way of working with industry
  • DND/Army (client) Full-scale Soldier Systems TRM effort needed to support CF EMP & get industry engagement Other Departments (NRC, DFAIT, PWGSC) Specific interests & capabilities DRDC Subject matter experts Technology watch Focused R&D Technology transition Industry Technologies, Products and Services for domestic requirements & global market access Industry Canada Roadmapping expertise Industrial base reinforcement through innovation Industry interface Trusted partner Academia Emerging technologies research International Partners Soldier Systems TRM Key Stakeholders Facilitator supporting workshops reports
  • Soldier Systems TRM PMO Org Chart ISSP DLR5, TRM Project Sponsor LCol M. Bodner PMO TRM PSSB Mr. B. Hewett, DG ADM / IC Mr. R. Parker SRC DSSPM, ISSP Project Manager LCol. J.L. Levesque ADMB Mr. C. Farina, DG DSSPM Lcol M. Prudhomme ADMB DG Mr. C. Farina DSTL-2 TBD ADMB Director Mr. G. McGee DLR Executive Sponsor Col. J-M Lanthier DLR5-x ISSP Project director Maj B. Turmel DLR 4, ISSP DPD Co-ord Mr. D. Palmer Engineering consultant Mr. V. Ricard Project officer Mrs. M. Huard DSSPM 10, Scientific advisor Mr. G. Pageau -LCol M.A. Bodner Co-chair DND -Dr. J. Mlynarek Pres. CTT Group -Mr. D. Duguay ADMB-IC -Mr. G. McGee ADMB-IC -Mr. G. Pageau Project Manager DND -Mr. P. Carr Facilitator -Mr. G. Nimmo Project manager IC -Mr. A. Fecteau Technopole Def. Security -Mr. T. Page Co-chair Industry CADSI -LCol. M. Prudhomme Acting DSSPM DND -Mr. C. Carrier Chief scientist DRDC -Mr. P. Labbé DRDC -Mr. K. Hayes NRC Business Dev. Officer -Mr. G. Simpson PWGSC -Mr. B. Préfontaine DFAIT -TBD (6 x ) Tech. sub-committee -LCol M.A. Bodner Project director DND Co-chair -Mr. G. Nimmo IC TRM secretariat -Mr. G. Pageau Scientific advisor DND -Mr. S. Charlebois Finance officer DND -Maj B. Turmel DND -LCol. M. Prudhomme Project leader DND -Mr. C. Farina Project sponsor IC Co-chair -Mr. B. Hewett Project leader IC -TBD Scientific advisor DRDC -Mrs. S. Verdon Finance officer IC -TBD Land prog. Liaison DRDC -TBD DRDC coord ADM S&T DRDC CEO Mr. R. Walker (ICee tool) ESC DGSTO Mr. R. Williams A/DGSTO Col R. Gunn Chief of Land Staff Lcol A. Leslie DGLEPM Col. T. Temple ADM-MAT Mr. D. Ross CPM Facilitator Mr. P. Carr -Commerce Officer Mr. M. Gray -Finance Officer Mrs. S. Verdon Contractor Comm. Mrs. H. Gorham Mr. A. Rondeau Consultant A/S Director Mr. K. Georgaras IC TRM Secretariat Mr. G. Nimmo Project Manager Mr. A. Daoud Chief Scientist Dr. P. Lavoie Mr. P. Labbé SA Land/DG DRDC-Val Mr. G. Vézina DSTL TBD Economist Mr. S. Tzeferakos Senior Officer Mr. C Srour DLP-8, PFM Mr. E. Rassi CIO Mr. P. Lapointe, DG Chief engineer Mr. P. Comtois Sys Co-ord Eng Mr. C. Lemelin COS S/T Mr. R. Larose External Affairs Mr. E. Fresque
  • Governance Framework Soldier Systems TRM Senior Review Committee Charter DLR/DSSPM/DRDC/IC Executive Steering Committee (Gov.-Industry) Web Collaboration Tool Workshops TRM Capstone Report Technical Sub-Committees Implementation Plan & Phase Facilitator Gov . Academia Industry Community of Interest
  • Executive Steering Committee
  • Soldier Systems TRM Phases FY 07/08 08/09 09/10 10/11 11/12 12/13 13/14 14/15 15/16 16/17 17/18 18/19 Sept 09 Web Collaboration Tool (ICee): Tech & Cap database Development Vision Workshops Gaps Report Implementation Annual Workshop R&D Projects Tech Watch Roadmapping software Definition Governance Collaboration tool Ever greening Workshop ISSP Cycle 3 SARP Cycle 3 Soldier 2020 Future Procurements Workshop
  • TRM Development Phase Process Cap Stone Document Action Plan Implementation Phase Collaboration web tool Know Why: Capabilities Know What: Products Know How: Technologies Technology Area Workshops: survivability, lethality, mobility, sensors… Visioning Workshop: Army of Tomorrow, Future Army, Future Security Environment Soldier Modernisation Effort Integration Workshop
  • Committees & Workshops Flow Executive Steering Committee Workshop Visioning & Capabilities TRM Report Implementation Plan T1: Technical Sub-Committee Power/Energy/Sustainability T2: Technical Sub-Committee Weapons – Lethal, non-lethal T5: Technical Sub-Committee Survivability/Personal Protective Equipment T3: Technical Sub-Committee C4I T4: Technical Sub-Committee Sensors T6: Technical Sub-Committee System/Human Integration Workshop Sys/hum Integration Workshop Power/ Energy/ Sustainability Workshop Weapons Lethal and Non-Lethal Workshop Survivability/Personal Protective Equipment/ Footwear/Clothing Load carriage Workshop C4I Web Collaboration Tool – working groups: Tech & Cap database Industry Members Co-chairs: T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 T6 Final Integration Workshop Workshop Sensors Nov. 2010 Sept 2009 Mar. 2010 Nov. 2009 May. 2010
  • Soldier Systems TRM Project Enablers
    • Visioning and technical workshops
      • Face to face meetings with industry/academia/government researchers
    • Collaboration Tool
      • Novel software developed by CIO to list DND needs and collate industry expertise
      • WIKI used for discussion and collaboration amongst industry
    • Roadmapping Software
      • Visual depiction of Roadmap development
      • Captures synergies between technologies and capabilities
  • Present situation
    • Visioning exercise completed and Technical Workshops beginning
    • Legal status of all parts of the project confirmed
    • Communication strategy and products in place
    • Collaboration Tool operational on October 1 st !
    • Roadmapping Software being acquired
  • Upcoming Workshops
    • Guided by Technical Sub-Committees and DND technology needs, the workshops are:
      • Power/Energy, Vancouver, September 22/23, 2009
      • Lethal/Non-Lethal/Weapons, Toronto, November 24/26, 2009
      • C4I/Sensors, Montreal, March, 2010
      • Survivability/Clothing/Footwear, Ottawa, May/June 2010
      • Human and System Integration, Kingston, September 2010
      • Roadmap Strategic Plan, Ottawa, November 2010