Google Is Watching You: Building Your Reputation on Google


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Discussed are the ingredients for cultivating your online reputation, understanding basics of Google, how social media influences your online presence and which tools and strategies to employ when establishing and maintaining your place on the web.

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  • The Media (Marketing) model of the 20th Century was based on unilateral Mass Communication - interaction between organization and consumer was expensive. The Media model for the 21st Century is inverting the old one. The X-axis represents Interaction, while the Y-axis represents bandwidth (or cost to produce). The LUQ (top left quadrant) includes Movies, TV, Books, etc: very expensive to produce with very little interactivity. The LLQ includes Art, Postal Mail, etc: very cheap to produce but again not very interactive. The RUQ includes person-to-person instruction, etc: expensive to produce but highly interactive. Finally, RLQ includes SMS, email and – most extremely – Twitter: practically free and incredibly interactive. We have shifted from LUQ to RLQ – this shift is producing a cultural shock, perhaps as resonate as the Industrial Revolution.
  • The Web is no longer a static and impersonal Web. It is increasingly dynamic and social, opening up new opportunities for communication, collaboration and knowledge-sharing. Yesterday’s Web was about one-way facing pages that took weeks to appear in search engines. Today’s Web is about instant, social and real-time exchanges.
  • Twitter may be an easy and inexpensive connector. The Real-time Web is definitely evolving. Nevertheless, organizations that wish to maximize their value to their stakeholders need to invest and cultivate a portfolio of online assets. Twitter is like a stream; but blogs are like a base camp. Don’t confuse tactics with strategies.
  • Google Is Watching You: Building Your Reputation on Google

    1. Google Is Watching You Building Your Google Reputation Building Your Google Reputation Phil Baumann, RN Phil Baumann, RN CEO, CareVocate LLC CEO, CareVocate LLC @PhilBaumann @PhilBaumann
    2. Google Yourself
    3. Your Reputation Is Your Story What’s Your Plot? Are You a Hero?
    4. What’s Your Message? (Hint: It’s Not Your Product) Is It Hopeful and Meaningful? Organizational Body Language
    5. We’re All Media Companies Now
    6. Interactivity Bandwidth Image source: Seth Godin
    7. So What? 8
    8. You Are the Medium 9
    9. You Are the Message 10
    10. Being Versus Presence
    11. Websites Versus Websites
    12. Attention Obesity Will I Notice You? Will I Ignore You? Best Case: OMG! I Love You! Worst Case: OMG! I Hate You!
    13. Courage Comcast Zappos Mayo Clinic ?? McDonald’s J&J Unawareness Awareness Newspapers Most Big Pharma Many Hospitals Fear
    14. PageRank (A No-Brainer) PR(A) = (1-d) + d (PR(T1)/C(T1) + ... + PR(Tn)/C(Tn))
    15. Google Juice
    16. CredibilityRank Prominence X Interpretation = Credibility Impact
    17. Social Capital Algorithm
    18. Permission – Who Asked YOU?
    19. Evolution of the Real-time Web
    20. RSS Brings the Web to You
    21. Google Reader
    22. Really Simple Social Syndication
    23. Design
    24. A Website Isn’t A Goal
    25. The Pushbutton Web Pushbutton Sharing
    26. Distributed Messaging Real-time feeds pulled from Twitter to RSS to FriendFeed to Blog
    27. Blogging Platforms
    28. 33
    29. Power Your Blogging 34
    30. Strategy Or Tragedy?
    31. Confusion Paralysis Psychosis Isolation
    32. Strategy: 80% Tactics: 20% • Basecamp • Streams • Outposts • Metrics Distribute conversational resources.
    33. ROI ROI ROI
    34. You’re Streaming Live WHOGSOG Once You Hit Send It Never Comes to an End.
    35. Make Lists & Focus Do Don’t • Establish a Basecamp • Ignore the Web • Re-consider Blogging • Make Fear a Strategy • House Outposts • Get Lost in Metrics • Dip Into Streams • Be Lazy • Stay Up-to-Date • Mock What You Don’t Know • Cultivate Creativity • Unilaterally Broadcast • Be Remarkable • Take It So Seriously
    36. The Secret Formula
    37. About Phil Baumann Phil Baumann is CEO of CareVocate LLC, helping clients out with their online presence. Although he is a registered nurse with a background in critical care and drug safety, he actually started his career in enterprise accounting and treasury operations and has been interested in computer technology for over thirty years. He therefore brings a unique and valuable perspective to online collaboration technologies and communities. He blogs at @PhilBaumann 484-362-0451
    38. Disclaimers • Statements expressed are solely those of Phil Baumann on behalf of CareVocate LLC. • Products referenced herein are not sponsored nor endorsed with guarantees nor otherwise warranted. • Participants are encouraged to establish, practice and enforce safe, secure and responsible online policies and procedures.
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