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Unit 2: Booklet (First Draft)
Unit 2: Booklet (First Draft)
Unit 2: Booklet (First Draft)
Unit 2: Booklet (First Draft)
Unit 2: Booklet (First Draft)
Unit 2: Booklet (First Draft)
Unit 2: Booklet (First Draft)
Unit 2: Booklet (First Draft)
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Unit 2: Booklet (First Draft)


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  • 2. I have decided to create a music video as my final project. For this music video I have chosen the song ‘Bow Down’ by Beyoncé Knowles as this song intrigues me, due to the fact that it’s so different to her other songs as the lyrics are aggressive and fairly vulgar. The song has caused controversy in the media because of this, which has pushed Beyoncé to not make a music video for it. All the media attention this song has raised make me interested to make a music video to match its attention seeking and explicit manner in an interesting way. Nevertheless main reason I have chosen to make a music video for this song is that, there is no music video for the song. My vision is to create a music video that follows the trail of successful Beyoncé music videos, like crazy in love, single ladies, run the world girls, especially single ladies as itspawned a dance craze and inspired thousands of imitations all over the world and was parodied by other stars such as Joe Jonas, Justin Timberlake and was featured in hit TV show glee, when it was still a hit of course, these are all legendary music videos that have and will continue to challenge and inspire the industry and the world of dance, everything that Beyoncé touches or puts her name on seems to turn to gold, which Is why creating a music video to a Beyoncé song, cause whether it will create buzz, it will draw interest you want prove that Beyoncé music videos are memorable and epic, After receiving the feedback from my survey I observed that a lot of people liked the idea of my music video, and would actually tune in to watch it, this makes the idea successful as all the people I surveyed are into the genre of my music video idea. A lot of people thought my music video would appeal to my target audience of 15-26 year old individuals, but it wasn’t appropriate for them as the content within it is vulgar, explicit and badly influential to the younger individuals within my target audience, which tells me that I would have to illuminate the discourteous and sexually explicit elements and themes, this would also help me gain a larger target audience in the process as I could gain a larger audience (younger people would be able to watch it and older individuals would not be put off by it), on-the- other-hand I must be careful how much of
  • 3. USP (WHAT WILL MAKE THIS A SUCCESS Recipe for Success • Controversy = Buzz • Fan Loyalty (original Beyoncé Fans) • Anticipation • Unique twist and direction of the video
  • 4. BUDGET
  • 5. TARGET AUDIENCE My Target Audience Would Consist of Teenagers and young adults aged 15-24 As this age range is known to have the most interest in new/commercial and chart music and music videos Due to the fact that the song and artist is Beyoncé (a worldwide female role model, who makes music to empower and inspire females), the intended gender of my target audience was mainly female, After research the backlash this song received from Beyoncé’s typical female audience, the controversy has managed to draw in both genders.
  • 6. Resources Here is a list of resources I would need and their uses: Film equipment set, including- Professional camera, lighting, speakers, dolly tracks, microphones, Costume for artist and actors- Snapbacks, royal queen dresses and gowns, crowns, jewellery Props- Peddle bikes, car, smoke grenades, old style cigars and lighters, stuffed puppy and gold lead Location- Live vision studios based in London Editing suit
  • 7. Personal Requirement Because the shooting timescale of this video will only be one day there is no need for booking extended accommodation for crew or actors, and because the location is near where the actors live, there is no need to get them any accommodation or travel.
  • 8. Cast and Crew