Documentary feedback


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Documentary feedback

  1. 1. Documentary Feedback
  2. 2. How I Used Pre-production Materials.In the process of making our documentary, all our pre-production materials worked as a guideline or instructionguide. Such materials as the documentaryoutline, storyboard and script enabled our group to knowexactly what we need to film and how to film it, othermaterials like materials list, crew list and budget sheetenabled us to know what we need and in how much of it weneed.
  3. 3. Was it helpful to you? How?The pre-production material was veryhelpful because it worked as aguideline, without it our group wouldbe doing everything as we goalong, which would have cause issuesand inconveniences that would havemade everything a lot more difficult.For example if we were filming a scenethat need six people and we didn’tprepare ahead of time for that, it wouldbe harder to find six people andpossibly impossible to findparticipants, but with a storyboard andoutline we would know and have moretime to find six participants, and if wecan’t find participants, we would haveenough time to figure out a backupplan.
  4. 4. Discuss how you used your storyboardsWe used our storyboards to knowthe camera techniques and scale ofproduction that we need to film forthe documentary(for example, ifwe needed to film a scene were weneeded a crowd, and film them atan over-the-head shot, we wouldknow to gather a group and standon a platform high enough) it wasalso useful when we were editingso we know what order everythingneeds to go.
  5. 5. Were your contact sheets useful?The contact sheet was not useful because I either alreadyhad contact with a group member or didn’t need to contactthem. There were cases were I we couldn’t get hold of somegroup members, but it wasn’t because we didn’t have theircontact details, we just could get hold of them.
  6. 6. Did you look back over your material list in order to know what was required?We did look back at the materials list, especially when it came todoing the re-enactments,for example. We put on our materials listthat we would need two mobile phone for a scene. Without lookingat the materials list our group would have only provided one mobilephone.
  7. 7. How did all your research help your final product?The research was very helpful to our final product becauseit gave us more knowledge on our documentary topic, weknew more facts and opinions on the subject, whichallowed us to construct clever questions, outline the mostimportant information on our documentary and construct aclever script for the voice over of the documentary.
  8. 8. How did you use your production schedule?We didn’t use our production schedule as much as weproperly should have, incidents like group member absentsand video camera errors put a strain on our schedule andwe ended up not using it at all. I believe that maybe if ourgroup had recreated another updated version of theproduction schedule our filming and editing process wouldhave gone smoother.
  9. 9. Did the scripts help during your final production?The scripts helped a lotduring the production ofour documentary. Withour scripts we were ableto ask good questionsfor our interviews and adecent voice over(narration) segment forsome parts of thedocumentary.
  10. 10. ‘Who’s Really Behind The Screen Documentary Link