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Presentation Internet Marketing Overview
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Presentation Internet Marketing Overview


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Online Marketing & More• Ways to make money from the internet• Where to register and host• Content Management Systems (CMS)• Blogging Will Get You More Traffic• Niche Markets• Leverage Technology and Time• Marketing Funnels• Marketing Avenues• Keyword Volume• Landing Pages• Conversions• Synopsis• Q and A
  • 2. IntroductionPhelan Riessen - Digithrive• Previous business - Planet Apparel for 17 years• Greek Fonts & Drop Shipping sites, Startups• On the web since ’97, Prodigy ’91, BB’s before• Email:• Twitter: @imagium
  • 3. Whos selling what?• Who already has a business?• Who has a website for it?• Are you getting the results you want?
  • 4. Ways to Make Money Online• MLMs • Digital downloads• Drop ship • Membership sites• Products and services • E-commerce• Affiliate marketing• Start Ups
  • 5. Places to Register and Host• Good Practices – Email VS Gmail/Yahoo/AOL etc. – Register one place – Host another
  • 6. Content Management SystemsMake use of technology and automation• WordPress• Drupal• Joomla – One Click Install – Utilizes a framework – Low cost, open source – Plugins, Extensions – Customizable – Minimal use of HTML code – Plenty of developers
  • 7. Fresh Content Gets Higher TrafficOptimize Your Automation with WordPress- Fresh Content- Blog often
  • 8. Find a Niche Market• What do you like? What are you an expert at?• Find a pain in the market and fix it• Become the Authority – Customers come to you – Opportunities for articles – inbound links – Able to attack and resolve their pains• How to implement: – Multiple websites – Landing pages – Check it over with your existing clients – Test – Utilize both Online and Offline advertising• Strategies – Speaking their language – Benefits over features – SEO opportunities
  • 9. Finding Keywords•
  • 10. Leverage YourselfE-lance, The 4-Hour Workweek and other ways to leverage time• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• Affordable••
  • 11. Marketing Avenues• Social media and networks - Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn, Twitter, Stumble Upon• PPC - sponsored ads• Building traffic - SEO, link building
  • 12. Marketing FunnelX Visitors = X interests = X requests = X conversions
  • 13. Website Conversions• Pay Per Click Sponsored Ads• Lead Captures or Give-a-Way• ConversionsDo’s & Don’ts• Do Capture Info• Do have a clear Call to action• Don’t send PPC to your home page
  • 14. Landing Pages• Create specific pages for your product• Track your metrics – Use Google analytics• Return on Investment – ROI – What’s a client worth to you?
  • 15. Leverage Social Networks• Fish where the fish are feeding• Be the authority
  • 16. Start to Finish Synopsis• Find a Niche• Build a Website• Create a Campaign• Conversion• Test and Refine• Rinse and Repeat
  • 17. Questions and Answers www.Digithrive.comEmail: phelan@digithrive.comTwitter: @imagium
  • 18. Integrated Web Services •Web Design •User Experience •Web Marketing •Ecommerce •Web Development •Content Management Systems •Social Media •Search Engine Optimization •Web Strategies •Search Engine Marketing •Website Maintenance •Hosting