Seven Ways To Make Money On Facebook


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While Facebook has recently surpassed 300-million members, marketers are just starting to embrace the social network as a place to do business. From the authors of Facebook Marketing for Dummies comes another practical eBook with helpful tips and recommendations on how to market your business on Facebook.

For savvy Facebook marketers, there are tremendous untapped opportunities to making money. From Marketplace sales to application entrepreneurs to direct marketers, Facebook is opening up entirely new business channels for customer interaction. If you're in the know about Facebook, check out these money-making ways and chart your course to Facebook riches.

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Seven Ways To Make Money On Facebook

  1. September 22, 2009 Seven Ways to Make Money on Facebook! by Richard Krueger and Paul Dunay (The Team that Brought You Facebook Marketing for Dummies)
  2. Facebook Marketing Tips from the Trenches! With a captive audience that is two-and-a-half times larger than that of the Super Bowl, Facebook marketers are rewriting the rules of customer engagement. This presentation focuses on the potential revenue streams available to Facebook marketers. My name is Richard Krueger and I have just finished co-authoring a book titled Facebook Marketing for Dummies (Wiley) with my associate Paul Dunay, due out in Oct. Getting a close up perspective on Facebook has taught us many things. Most of all, it’s showed us the many sales opportunities available within the Facebook Community. And, I’m not talking about phishing scams, or pyramid marketing schemes. Facebook makes unprecedented reach and powerful communications tools available to anyone. If you have a business to market, a product to sell or a personality/celebrity to pitch, Facebook is where you need to be! So, what are you waiting for? Richard Krueger
  3. <ul><li>Facebook’s Marketplace is a great place to do business. Here, you’ll find all kinds of products for sale. From books to baby gear to home furnishings and more, it is a virtual garage sale. If you’ve grown tired of selling via eBay or Craig’s List, check out Facebook Marketplace and make a sale today. </li></ul>#1 Sell Products Via Facebook’s Marketplace
  4. <ul><li>All you need is an idea and the drive to be a Facebook entrepreneur. Companies have been created overnight with a Facebook application. Even if you’re not an expert in .PHP or Java, there are plenty of able-bodied programmers available for hire. And, you just might have a huge hit. Did you know that YouTube started as an application on MySpace? </li></ul>#2 Develop a Hit Application
  5. <ul><li>Facebook’s self-serve ad system offers extremely targeted advertising on both a CPC and CPM basis. Given Facebook’s tremendous audience reach and virtually unlimited ad inventory, smart media buyers are purchasing ads on Facebook and selling the targeted traffic via ad networks. Could Ad Arbitrage be the next big thing in an increasingly digital media world? </li></ul>#3 Become an Ad Arbitrager
  6. <ul><li>Facebook allows you to create a forum from which to be heard. Not unlike the town square with its soapbox speakers of yesteryear, Facebook is today’s digital town square equivalent. Anyone can have their own soapbox. Why not get paid for your expertise? A Facebook Page allows you to market yourself to your Fans, those interested in what you have to bring to the table. Start the next generation of newsletter, offer how-to videos, or a subscription-based txt message service. Who knows, you could be the next Perez Hilton or Martha Stewart. Isn’t it time you got your piece of the Facebook pie! </li></ul>#4 Become a Celebrity
  7. <ul><li>Facebook provides marketers with a giant focus group waiting to be tapped. If you have traditional market research skills, it doesn’t take a genius to see the potential when highly-targeted audiences can be easily accessed and incentivized. Survey reports can be completed in half the time and at a fraction of the cost than was previously possible. If you’re a market researcher and you’re finger isn’t on the pulse of social media, you need to re-examine your business strategy and retool for the future of consumer opinion mining. </li></ul>#5 Get Paid for Market Research
  8. <ul><li>Facebook is an awesome place to throw a party. Complements your real world party, Facebook provides everything you need to find and invite your guests, provide continuous updates, create photo albums following the event, and create a forum for party guests to continue the discussion where they left off. Party planners better have Facebook promotions in their plans. Actually, since they’re still pretty much in the dark, why not be a Facebook event planner and bring on the party revolution. </li></ul>#6 Become a Facebook Party Planner
  9. <ul><li>This brave new world of social networking is completely beyond the grasp of many marketers today. If you’re really in the know about Facebook, offer your services to advertising and public relations agencies, as well as big and small businesses alike. Put your knowledge to work. Why not become a Facebook advertising specialist – just as Google transformed search advertising, Facebook will have a profound affect on social media advertising in the future. Help companies with their Facebook strategy. BTW, how many Fans can you attract? </li></ul>#7 Position Yourself as a Facebook Marketing Expert
  10. <ul><li>Facebook offers marketers unprescented reach into a captivated audience. When you put a broad demographic base and an advertising system that allows you to target down to the micro-level, you have a game changing medium. And that’s what the Facebook Platform represents. </li></ul><ul><li>Smart marketers are beginning to tap into Facebook as a means to drive sales leads, establish relationships with new and old customers/business partners, and build credibility among their respective customer segment. It’s time to take your first step into Facebook marketing because 300 million members can’t be wrong! </li></ul>Conclusion
  11. How to contact us? Paul Dunay Global MD of Services & Social Marketing Avaya [email_address] @ pauldunay Facebook Marketing for Dummies (Wiley) Available at Amazon: Rich Krueger CEO AboutFaceDigital [email_address] @ rkeuger
  12. <ul><li>This has been another AboutFaceDigital eBook production. If you enjoyed this presentation, check out other eBooks in our Facebook Marketing series: </li></ul><ul><li>Five Facebook Strategies for Your Business </li></ul><ul><li>Seven Ways Facebook Will Change Your Life </li></ul><ul><li>Five Ways Facebook Can Get You Fired </li></ul>