China july 2013  Fudan University
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China july 2013 Fudan University



Presentation given by Dr. Michael Erickson at Fudan University.

Presentation given by Dr. Michael Erickson at Fudan University.



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China july 2013  Fudan University China july 2013 Fudan University Presentation Transcript

  • Michael Eriksen, ScD Dean, School of Public Health Georgia State University July 2013
  • The Tobacco Atlas
  • Globally, 6 million preventable deaths annually from tobacco… • Tobacco accounts for more than 16% of male and 7% of female deaths globally • 80% of deaths occur in LMIC • 100 million deaths in 20th century and one billion deaths in 21st century
  • Smoking harms the entire body…
  • Cancer from smoking causes more deaths than all other cancers combined…
  • “Forced smoking” kills people… • 600,000 deaths annually from secondhand smoke exposure (mostly women and children) • Over 50% of the people in the Western Pacific region are exposed to secondhand smoke (highest rate in the world)
  • Say “NO” to forced smoking Bill Gates and Baidu CEO Robin Li wear shirts reading “Say no to forced smoking” 47% of youth ages 13-15 years were exposed to secondhand smoke in the home (Shanghai in 2005)
  • If you are concerned about NCDs, tobacco must be a priority…
  • Cigarette smoking is a 20th century phenomenon…
  • Cigarette consumption varies greatly by region… • Consumption shifting from West to East (1990-2009) • Western Europe dropped 26% • Middle East and Africa increased 57%
  • Five countries smoke more than half of the world’s cigarettes…
  • There are over one billion adult smokers in the world… • 1 billion adult smokers worldwide (80% are men) – nearly 20% of all adults • 80% of male and 50% of female smokers are in low- and middle-income countries • Men’s smoking rates are ten times as high as women’s in 49 countries • But there is major progress in many countries
  • 800 million men smoke worldwide… 50.4% of male adults in China smoke cigarettes
  • 200 million women smoke worldwide now, but what about the future? 2.1% of female adults in China smoke cigarettes
  • Tobacco prevalence and cessation in China mirrors the U.S. in 1965… References: CDC 2012, Personal Communication, China GATS 2010
  • Chinese cigarette increase 40 years after US increase US adults, 1910-1950 China (men),1950- 1990 Year Cigarettes per day Year Cigarettes per day 1910 1 1952 1 1930 4 1972 4 1950 10 1992 10 Delayed hazard: proportion of all deaths at ages 35-69 due to tobacco US: All adults China: Men only 1950 12% 1990 12% 1990 33% 2030 ~33%
  • Is youth smoking the next epidemic? • Boys’ and girls’ smoking rates differ by less than 5 percentage points in almost half of the world’s countries • Girls smoke more than boys in at least 25 countries • 2.7% of boys and 0.8% of girls ages 13-15 in Shanghai smoke cigarettes (2005)
  • Tobacco company advertising can be deceiving… Shanghai Tobacco Company’s “I Love China” brand circumvents advertising bans
  • China leads the world in growing tobacco… • In 2011, China grew tobacco on more than 1.4 million hectares of land • In 2011, more than 3.1 million tonnes of tobacco were grown in China • In 2011, China grew 41.7% of the world’s tobacco
  • The Western Pacific Region leads the world in cigarette manufacturing… In 2010, 41% of the world’s cigarettes were produced in China.
  • Tobacco is very big business and CNTC leads in profits and revenue… • Global cigarette market valued at almost half a trillion dollars (taxes excluded) • Comparable to GDP of Poland and Sweden • CNTC manufactured 2.1 trillion of the world’s 5.9 trillion cigarettes (2008)
  • Does corporate social responsibility and philanthropy negate global harm? In 2010, PMI donated only $25 million from their $7.5 billion profits to charitable causes (less than 1% of net profits)
  • Tobacco-related costs in China are growing… 2000 $7.2 billion 2008 $28.9 billion Between 2000 and 2008, total costs attributable to tobacco use in China more than quadrupled Direct costs of smoking (size of figures proportional to total in USD)
  • Tobacco companies profit on each tobacco-related death… • $35 billion in annual profits • 6 million deaths each year • Nearly $6,000 in profit for every death caused by tobacco
  • Evidence-based solutions are a must… Outlined in WHO FCTC, MPOWER and U.S. Surgeon General’s Reports • Tax increases • Clean indoor air laws • Advertising bans • Graphic warning labels
  • Michael Eriksen, ScD Dean, School of Public Health Georgia State University Additional information available at: