Learn different golf swing


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How to improve your golf shots

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Learn different golf swing

  1. 1. ==== ====How to improve your golf shotshttp://www.websreviews.com/uncovers/thegolfnut==== ====Though it sometimes seems that there are dozens of different golf shots that a golfer must learn tobe a "good golfer" (e.g., consistently shoot in the 70s or 80s), there really are only a critical fewgolf shots that matter outside of the putting game. If golfers can master these critical shots whichcan be applied and adapted for just about any golf situation, then they will certainly see a drop intheir scores and more consistency in their game. Below is a listing and description of each ofthese shots and how they are applied around the golf course.1. Straight Golf Shots: As the name implies, a straight shot starts straight and holds the line towardthe target. It is used when the target is straight in front of you and shaping the golf shot right or leftis unnecessary. A straight golf shot is achieved when all the golf fundamentals are executed andsynchronized effectively including setup position, grip, swing path and weight transfer.2.Draw Golf Shots: A draw shot is used to curve a shot right to left around an obstacle to thetarget. The basic fundamentals of straight shots are followed, except alignment is right of thetarget and the grip is rotated in a "stronger" position to encourage right to left ball flight.3. Fade Golf Shots: A fade golf shot is used to curve a shot left to right around an obstacle to thetarget. Similar to a draw, the basic fundamentals of straight shots are followed, except alignment isleft of the target and the grip is rotated in a "weaker" position to encourage left to right ball flight.4. Fairway Bunker Golf Shots: A fairway bunker shot is hit from fairway bunkers adjacent to thefairway. A good fairway bunker shot can position you well for your next shot and help save yourscore. On these shots, it is important to position the body so that ball lies in the middle of yourstance and stand "taller" throughout the shot to strike the ball cleanly.5. Greenside Bunker Golf Shots: A greenside bunker golf shot is hit from bunker adjacent or veryclose to the putting surface. Since loft, rather than distance, is more important on these shots, it isimportant to position the ball forward in the stance while weight is distributed (and kept) favoringthe left side throughout the golf shot.6.Pitch Golf Shots: Pitch golf shot spends more time in the air than on ground and are typicallyused when 60 yards or more from the putting green. The setup and weight distribution used forpitch shots are different than for straight, draw and fade golf shots and a lofted club such as asand wedge or lob wedge is used.7.Chip Golf Shots: Chip golf shots are typically used when the golf ball is 3 to 6 feet off the greenand putting the ball is not a good option. Chip shots are miniature versions of the full swing wherejust enough power is applied to land the ball quickly on the surface and roll toward the cup.
  2. 2. Of course, there are several other types of shots, but most are just variations of the ones above. Ifgolfers can focus on mastering these shots, then their games are sure to quickly improve.Choose perfect golf training aids to lower your golf score. Golf tips and golf fixes available in GolfGenies golf pocket guide.Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Nicolus_Cage==== ====How to improve your golf shotshttp://www.websreviews.com/uncovers/thegolfnut==== ====