FOJS Educational Assistance Program


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Educational Assistance Program, supporting two rural schools in Jamaica. Organized and managed by Friends of Jamaica Seattle

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FOJS Educational Assistance Program

  1. 1.  Who is Friends of Jamaica Seattle (FOJS)?A non-profit, non-political organization formed forthe purpose of promoting understanding andappreciation of Jamaican culture and heritage, forthe advancement of education in Jamaica, and forprovision of emergency and compassionateassistance to Jamaicans and persons of Jamaicanheritage in the Pacific Northwest.
  2. 2. Through your generosity FOJS provideassistance to students in two rural schools inJamaica. Mile Gully High School in Manchester Tacius Golding High School in St. Catherine
  3. 3.  Located in the Parish of Manchester In a rural community with a rich culture and lots of promise FOJS provides school supplies , scientific calculators and other resource materials
  4. 4.  2008- this school was chosen as a center of Excellence 2009 CXC Pass -98%
  5. 5. GRADUATION DAY June 30, 2010- 108 students Several phenomenal success stories 108 students with high hopes and aspirations to participate in building the future of Jamaica and the world.
  6. 6.  Tacius Golding High serves several rural communities in rural St. Catherine The students and teachers are active in national scholastic and sports competitions have done well
  7. 7. However, many of thestudents come to schoolhungryChronic hunger can bemistaken for learningdisabilities andbehavioral disorders
  8. 8.  The government school feeding program provides free lunches for many students There is not enough funds to feed all the students who need these lunches Friends of Jamaica Seattle is committed to feeding 20 needy students for the 2011-2012 We need your help in this undertaking
  9. 9.  $22 dollars/month per child Less than $1 each day, less than the cost of a cup of Starbucks coffee to feed these 20 students for the year. This program is critical because these lunches can make all the difference in the life of a young person. We invite you to pledge your support for this feeding program by making a donation to the Friends of Jamaica School Feeding Program.
  10. 10. OVER 13 YEARS Assisting K – 12 Institutions in eastern and central Jamaica Shipping books and other school supplies to these institutions Providing Funding for School Lunches at Tacius Golding High Providing assistance to the Street Kids Association, & Children First Giving Aid to Maxfield Park Children’s home
  11. 11.  Provided financial aid to Haiti after the recent earthquake Sent aid to school in Grenada after hurricane destroyed the structure in 2005. Provide deserving Jamaican students with scholarships to attend high school Continue to provide compassionate assistance for Jamaicans and persons of Jamaican heritage in the Pacific Northwest.
  12. 12.  Your gifts and  Support our annual donations will help us fundraising events in May and October to impact the lives of school children across the island of Jamaica Donate through your employee giving program, and
  13. 13.  South Florida Caribbean News Jamaica Gleaner Jamaica Gleaner http://www.jamaica- Contact Friends of Jamaica Seattle 15704 NE 1st Street Bellevue, WA 98008 (425) 641-1438