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Abhaas e-akheera
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Abhaas e-akheera


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  • 1. (‫اﺑﺣﺎث اﺧﯾﺮه )۸۲۳۱ھ‬ ǖ Ǘ  ͚ ጸ‫ٳ‬ƿ᨞ ،ᙺ‫ٱ‬Ĵǎ ưœ ŒŪ ĵ᥏ Ɠ  ƻ‫ٵ‬Ƭǎ ƸŐƌƲ ‫ٳ‬ƿƫ‫ٱ‬ij ƭ‫ٳ‬ƿ ʮ ŕ↵༘ ʮ  ƻᨩԺᨩ‫ٶ‬œ ، ƻޯᓦ‫ٵ‬ƫ ᓥ ሱ – ᙺ ŕ‫ٵ‬ƫ ঔ‫ٱ‬Ĵƙ‫ٳ‬ƿ ĵ‫ٳ‬ƿઊ ᨪ) ‫ٶ‬ ‫ٵ‬ ǔ ǖ ǔ ŽŧǎƷŐƈ ǖ ǖ ǔ  ƭ‫ٳ‬ǂ ‫ٱ‬ij ،‫ ۾‬ƽ‫ٶ‬œ ŕ↵༘ ƭ⊾‫ٶ‬œ ༳ ╡‫ٱ‬ij‫ٵ‬ƫĴ‫ ٱ‬ư ẵ  ƻᨩ‫ٳ‬ƿ։ᒎ ʮ ⍰‫ٱ‬ij↎ ভ‫ٱ‬ij ƽ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫، ܐ‬༠ űœ ŕ↵༘ ƭ⊾‫ٶ‬œ ᓥ  ƻᨩԺᨩ‫ٶ‬œ ‫ٶ‬ ǔ ǔ Ǖ ǖ ǔ ǔ  ͚ Ɨij‫'' ᙺ،  ٱ‬ŕᠼ‫ٱ‬ij ƭ̡‫ٱ‬ij'' Ũ‫ٱ‬Ĵư ᢷƿ‫ٱ‬Ĵư ◵ ሱ ‫ٱ‬Ĵǎ ư‫ٶ‬œઈ‫ٳ‬ǁƒ ʼn‫ٱ‬Ĵƙ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٱ‬ij űሺ‫ٳ‬ƿ ₽‫ٵ‬ƫ ƻഛ ឧᣇ ƻඋ ᨪ ᓥ ŖƶƊ ৘೶ ࢫ‫ٱ‬ij Ž‫ٳ‬ƿ ⓤ ‫ٳ‬ ǔ ǖ nj ǔ ǔ ǔ ǖ  ŕᠼ  ᎇ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ʮ ŖƶƊŒŪ ŖƶnjƱĴ‫ ٱ‬ǎ ư‫ٶ‬œ ẵ ƻΣ‫ٱ‬Ĵư ʮ Ɨ ‫ٱ‬ij Ķư ş‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫij‫    ٱ‬Ꮘᶰ ƯƱ‫ٱ‬Ĵƙ Ɠ ŕ⍱‫ٵ‬ƫ űƿষ {ᒎ ‫ٵ‬ƫ ῝‫ٱ‬Ĵnjư ᝉ‫ٶ‬œጶ‫ٱ‬ij‫ٵ‬ƫ űᑊຮ ᘳ ৖ ‫ٳ‬ Ǎ ǖ ǖ ǔ ( ƒ ༈ ẵ ƻ‫ٱ‬ij ƭ‫ٱ‬ijጶ ◵ Ɨ‫ٱ‬ij Ķư ƮŬ○ ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫij‫   ٱ‬ᙴ nj ‫ﻧﺣﻣده وﻧﺻﻠﯽ ﻋﻠﯽ رﺳول اﻟﮐﺮﯾم‬ ౹౸౷౶﷽ !űᑊຮ Ʈţ’ ⊇ ƏỼ‫ٱ‬ij űও࿬ ƭዩ nj nj ǔ ǖ  ‫ٳ‬ƿ◵ᮃ ƽႍ க ،ƮŬᦩ űᓟ‫ٶ‬œ ᑋ ߘఞ ༶‫ٱ‬ijœ ᑋ ẵ ౟ ⛨ — ʼn‫ٶ‬œ ͚ ،ঔŒnjš ∈ »┌ Ưō⋡ ŕ͛‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٱ‬Ĵnjư ␠ Ɨ‫ٱ‬ij !ࢫ‫ٱ‬ij ۡ‫ٱ‬ij ‫ٶ‬ nj ǖ ǔ ǔ  ƻ೛ শ‫ٱ‬ij – ᙺ‫ٱ‬Ĵǎ ưઈ‫ٳ‬ǁƒ ƿ࿬ઈ š ƮŬ‫ٶ‬Ŕš Ɨ‫ٱ‬ij ẵ Ũ⚮ শ‫ٱ‬ij ௶ ᓥ ᲏‫ٵ‬ƫ ⊑ ৘೶ ࢫij‫ٳ ₆  ٱ‬ƿ‫ٱ‬ijǀnjƱő‫ٱ‬ij ḍ ‫ٳ‬ƿᑊš ‫ٳ‬ƿᢱ ƿ‫ٱ‬ijǁƦ |‫ٱ‬ij ‫ٳ‬ ‫ٳ‬ ‫ٳ ٳ‬ ǔ ǔ ǔ  ࢫ‫ٱ‬ij ₆ ‫ٳ‬ƿడ ƻ‫ٵ‬ƫœઈ ࢫ‫ٱ‬ij ʼnᶰ‫ٳ‬ƿ ఌ ‫ٳ‬ƿƫ‫ٱ‬ij ঔŒnjš ኇ ‫ٳ‬ƿ◂ ᡳ‫ٱ‬ijƫ ࢫij‫⚮  ٱ‬Œśĸ ƻ೛ ጶ  ƻɺ‫ٳ‬ƿ ‫ٳ‬ƿij‫ٶ ٱ‬œᥑ ẵ ʼnᠷ ͚  ƻᣐ‫ٱ‬ijƓ  ƻᠸֶ ‫ٶ‬ ‫ٵ‬ ‫ٵ‬ ǔ ǔ ǖ ǔ Ǖ  fi ƭ‫ٱ‬Ĵǎ ưœ'' ƻ‫ٱ‬ij  ᨨ‫ ځŸ ֶŸ ڙ‬ʮ ᲏‫ٵ‬ƫ ⊑ ࢫ‫ٱ‬ij ₆ ൟ ៮ֶ Ũ‫ٱ‬ij⊾ ƽႍ –‫ٱ‬Ĵư  ᨨ⚮ ᤍ š Ɨ┌‫ٱ‬ij ƻ‫ٱ‬Ĵƙ ʮ ᲏‫ٵ‬ƫ ⊑ ৘೶ nj ‫ٶ‬ Ǖ ǖ ǔ ŧǎƷơŬ ǖ ǎ Ʊ ǔ  — ͚ᝅ‫ٶ‬œ ẵ  ƻ࿬Œķ ⍝‫ٵ‬ƫ‫ٳ‬ƿ ͚ ʼnᶰ‫ٱ܍‬ij ʼnⓔ‫ٵ‬ƫ  ࢫij‫  ٱ‬ʼnⓔ  ƻ࿬‫ٱ‬Ĵư Ɨ฽ ͚ Ʈǎ Ƹ  ، Ư ও࿬ ، ƻ࿬⊙ ،  ƻᇊ ͚''ƭᆯ nj ǔ ǔŌ ǖ Ʀ ‫ٶ‬   ƻ‫ٵ‬ƫ⎵‫ٵ‬ƫ ˜ ƭ᨞ ጹ‫ٳ‬ƿ| ẵ Ư ‫ٱ‬Ĵƀ ʮ ¤⇘ Ɨ‫ٱ‬ij Ũ‫ٱ‬ĴƌƸŰ ‫ٱ‬ij̳ Ũ◵ ĵ‫ٳ‬ƿઊ ᨪ ، ᨨˆ ᑋ  — ᯣ ࢫij‫ ٱ‬œථ ⚮¸ ‫ٳ‬ƿij‫ ٱ‬ሰ᨞  ƻ͛ˆ ‫ٳ‬ƿὉ ⚮‫ٓ ٱ‬ij nj ǖ ǖ ‫ᙺ ͛ ¸͛۔ذﻟک ﻣن ﻓﺿل اﷲ ﻋﻠﯾﻧﺎ وﻋﻠﯽ اﻟﻧﺎس ، واﻟﺣﻣدﷲ رب‬ᒎ ŕƫ Ķư Ʈnjţ‫ٳ‬ƿƫ‫ٱ‬ij ، ᙺ‫ٱ‬Ĵư¸ ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫij‫ٱ،  ٱ‬ij¸˜ ‫ٵ‬ nj ‫ٵ‬ ǔ ǖ  ᑋ ŕ‫ٶ‬œ‫ٱ‬Ĵǎ ưƿ ẵ Ɨ‫ٱ‬ij (ƭ ‫ ۔‬ᙴ ৗ ͚ ा‫ٱޑ‬ij ƭ‫ٳ‬ƿ ࢫij‫᤟   ٱ‬೿ Ʈƛ ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫij‫ ◵ ⏙ ᙺ  ٱ‬৘೶ ࢫij‫  ٱ‬ᨪ š  ƻҍও ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫij‫ š  ٱ‬ᗏ)‫اﻟﻌﺎﻟﻣﯾن‬ ‫ٳ‬ nj nj ǖ Ǖ ǔ ‫ٵ‬ ‫ٵ‬ ‫ ٵ‬nj ‫:وﻟﺘﺳﻣﻌن ﻣن اﻟذﯾن‬ຮ ‫ٱ‬Ĵǎ ư‫ٶ‬œᴨ ᘳ ᫿ க ᓥ ‫ٳ‬ƿ◵ᮃ ƽႍ ،‫ٱ‬ijƫš ʮ ‫ٱء‬ij⎈‫ٱ‬ijƫ ƻզ‫ٵ‬ƫ ũƷƛƫ Ʈƛ ʮ ⛨ ᑋ ‫ٶ‬œใ ⚙ ‫اوﺗوا اﻟﮐﺘب ﻣن ﻗﺑﻠﮐم وﻣن اﻟذﯾن اﺷﺮﮐوا اذًی ﮐﺜﯾﺮا وان ﺗﺻﺑﺮوا وﺗﺘﻘوا ﻓﺎن ذﻟک ﻣن‬ Ǘ  ᛹ ű‫ٳ‬ǀnjƱ ŕ‫ٵ‬ƫ຋ ƫ⚮ űٰൻƫ ‟ ˆ‫ٱ‬ij ‫ٳ‬ƿƫ‫ٱ‬ij ֆ ᶞ‫ٱ‬ijǀnjƱ ⚙ ե ẵ Əⅆ ʮ  ƻ߻ఞ ฐ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫ⃛ Ὀ ޵‫ﻋﺰم اﻻﻣور ۱؎۔‬ ‫ٵ‬ ‫ٵ‬ ‫ٵ‬ ‫ٳ‬ ‫ ᙺ۔‬Ũ◵◵ ǔ (۱۸۶ /۳      ᦲ࠸‫ٱ‬ij ƻ‫ٓ ٱ‬ijࠉ‫ٱ‬ij ؎۱)
  • 2. ǔ Ǖ  ͚ ᧖‫ٶ‬œ ౎‫ٱ‬ij – ᙴ ᙺ‫ٳ‬ƿ ᥙ‫ٶ‬œ Ʈƛ ߖఞ ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫij‫ٱ␔  ٱ‬ij࿬ ، ᙴ ʼn∄ ᕄ‫ٱ‬Ĵƙ š Ɨ‫ٱ‬ij  ƻ៯‫ٱ‬ij‫ٵ‬ƫƿ◵ Ũฑ űႍ ‫ٶ⇘ ƒ ۔‬œij‫  ٱ‬ᑴ‫ٱ‬Ĵnjư‫ٳ‬ƿ ᨪ !ࢫ‫ٱ‬ij ۡ‫ٱ‬ij ‫ٳ‬ nj ǔ  ƭ‫ٱ‬ijጶő ͚ ‫ٳ‬ƿỜ‫ٱ‬ij ƭ‫ٱ‬ijጶ Ŋnj ưⓔ ǂŗ ẵ Əⅆ ʮ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ᓥ ␠ ƭ‰‫ٱ‬ij ،ʮ ᑋij‫ٵ ٱ‬ƫš Œً Ŷ‫ٱ‬ij ʮ ⛨ ᠻ¸ š ஒ ᤎ ༶‫ٱ‬ijœ ᇴ ŕ‫ٵ‬ƫŒƈ ‫ٳ‬Ǐ ‫ٶ‬ Ǎ nj nj nj  ű‫ٳ‬ƿষ {ᒎ űԺᨩ‫ٶ‬œ Ʈţ’ ᡺ ೬౎ űও࿬ ଀ Ɨ฽ ࢳ⇘ ƭဧ ͚ ƭዩ ດ ᙺ‫ٳ‬ƿ ƭ‫ٱ‬ijጶő ৘೶ ŕ̳ጶ ᠻœ ƭ‫ٱ‬ijጶ ‫ ٶ‬nj nj nj nj nj ǖ ǔ ǖ nj Ǖ Ǖ ǔ Ǎ  ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٱ‬ĴťƷƓ ij‫ ٱ‬Ɠ  ƻও‫ٱ‬ij‫ٵ‬ƫ ᚡ‫ٶ‬œ‫ٱ‬ij Ķư ş‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ◵ ሱ ،űœ⚮ ዝ‫ٱ‬ĴŮū ╊ ሶ ʮ (‫ٳ‬ƿ⍾ˆ ŕ‫ٱ‬Ĵƙ ƮǍţ ᦤǀnjƱ) ჹĴ‫ ٱ‬ư Ũᾲ‫ٶ‬œ ឍ‫ٱ‬Ĵƙ‫ٵ‬ƫ ἁ ʼn¼ ͚ ‫ٶ‬ ‫ٳ‬ ǖ ǔ ǔ ǔ  Ɠ ৉‫ٱ‬ij ƭ‫ٱ‬ijƿ‫ٵ‬ƫ฽ ،ᰩ ƻᆽ ᑋ ƣǁƒ — œጶ࿬ ‫ٵ‬ƫ ༈ űಈ౎‫ٱ‬ij ࢫij‫ء  ٱ‬ᆘ ‫ٱ‬Ĵưő࿬ ཱུ ဲ‫ٱ‬ijˆ ،ᓦ‫ٳ‬ƿ ƭ‫ٱ‬ijጶő ࿮‫ٱ‬Ĵư Ÿ͛ ij‫ٳ ٱ‬ƿᛸ – ᙺ ‫ٳ‬ ‫ٶ ٳ‬ nj ǖ ǔ ǔ   — ဢ ĵƿઊ ᑜ ƻඁ‫ٳ‬ƿ ᘳ ྂᆽ ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫ‫ٱ‬ij ‫ٱ‬Ĵǎ ưɤ ຝલ Ɠ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij শij‫ —   ٱ‬ᓥ¸ ‫ٶ‬œœ‫ٵ‬ƫ௤‫ٱ‬Ĵư ͚ ৒‫ٱ‬ij ≿ ،‫ٱ‬Ĵǎ ư‫ٱ‬ijÌ ཝ —  ƭ‫ٱ‬ijœጶ࿬ ‫ٳ‬ ‫ٶ‬ ‫ٶ‬ Ǎ ،‫ٱ‬Ĵǎ ư‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ij‫ ٱ‬ǂŗ — ،‫ٱ‬Ĵǎ ư‫ٶ‬œ ƭᛌ ≰‫ٳ‬ǀnjƱ ‫ٳ‬Ǐ Ǎ ǖ ǖ ˼ ˼ — ැ ŖľŪ ឞⓔ‫ٵ‬ƫ Ķư  ƻᨯ ،ʯ☦‫ٱ‬ij š ᐸij‫ ٱ‬ႌ  ƻᒳ  ƻŒƥ⇘ ،‫ٱ‬ij¸ ᑋ ƭؐ‫ٱ‬ij ‫ š ڄ‬Ɨ‫ٱ‬ij ᚡ‫ٶ‬œ‫ٱ‬ij ǔ Ǖ ǖ ǖ  ᙺ‫ٱ‬Ĵư⚮ ឞ‫ٱ‬Ĵƙ ᘳ็‫ٱ‬ij ␠ ،‫ٱ‬ij¸ ƿ‫ٱ‬ij⁇‫ٱ‬ij ◵ ƭᠸ‫ٱ‬ij ᚆ ǂŗ ،ʭᛗ ẵ ƭ‫ٱ‬Ĵư‫ٵ‬ƫ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ⚯  —  ƻ‫ٵ‬ƫ‫ٳ‬ƿᥐ‫ٱ‬ij ŕœ⍺ ¹œ◵‫ٱ‬ij Ɔൺ ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫij‫  ٱ‬Ɨි ‫ٳ‬ ‫ٳ‬Ǐ ‫ٶ‬ nj nj nj ǔ ǔ ǖ ǖ Ǘ Ǘ  ᓥ  ƻ༞ᓦ Ʈƛ‫ٶ‬œǀnjƱƿ ͚ ‫ٳ‬ƿ◂ ᡳij‫ٵ ٱ‬ƫ ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫij‫  ٱ‬Վ Ȭ ƭᐋ ͚ ƭ‫ٱ‬ij᢯  — ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫ‫ٳ‬ƿ ᘳᚆ Ʈnjţ ਴ ،ʯ ᑋ ‫็ ڄ‬ij‫ ᙺ'' ٱ‬ƭᐋ ᨪ'' – ‫ٳ ٳ‬ nj ǔ ǖ ĸǗ ǔ  ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫij‫ ،  ٱ‬ᙴ ƭЬ ឞⓔ‫ٵ‬ƫ ᣗ‫ٱ‬ij ''Œlj  ƭᐋ◵  ƻᡄ’ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ˬ'' – ƕ ᑋ ็ij‫  ٱ‬ᓥ  — ‫ š ڄ‬ᷪ‫ٱ‬ij ،ᠻ‫ٶ‬œ ƽ‫ٶ‬œ ߥ  — ŖƶŬ ͚ ƻ‫ٱ‬ij Ǎ ǔ ǔ Ǖ ǔ ǖ ǔ ǖ ǔ ‫ٳٶ‬  – ᙺ ‫ٶ‬œ᩠ ƭ‫ٶ‬Ŕš ᨪ க ẵ ‫ٳ‬ƿ◵ᮃ ‫ ¸͛۔‬ᑋ ƭؐ‫ٱ‬ij ᪱ š  ƻᤌ ༶‫ٱ‬ijœ ǀǎƱ‫ٱޛ‬ij ࢫij‫ٱء  ٱ‬Ĵƙ ƻ‫ٱ‬ij ، ੻ ƻુ‫ٱ‬ij  ᙴᒎ Ʈţ’ ጶ ƭ‫ٱ‬ij nj nj ǖ ǖ ‫۔‬ভ‫ٱ‬ij – ᑋ  ƻ‫ٵ‬ƫ⚮ Ưǎ Ʊ‫ٱ‬ĴŮŢ ʮ ‫ٳ‬ƿ◵‫ٱ‬ijᮃ ƭ∈ Ǖ njƱ ،ྂ⚮ ‫ء‬ij‫ٱ⎈ ٱ‬ij ،ᡨ‫ٶ‬œ  ƻ৙͛ க »‫ٶ‬œ ᇳ – ƻ¸ Ɨ᨞ ຋  —  ʮ ᲏‫ٵ‬ƫ ⊑ ৘೶ ࢫij‫ٱࢫ ₆  ٱ‬ij ʼnᶰ‫ٳ‬ƿ ఌ »‫ٶ‬œ ຈ‫ٱ‬ij  ᙴ Ɯij‫ٳ ٱ‬ǀ ǔ ǖ ƪƸŬ  ƽႍ ‫ٳ‬ƿƫ‫ٱ‬ij űႍ – ᙺ  — Ɨij‫  ٱ‬űႵ ʮ ፶ٓ‫ٱ‬ij űႍ ƻ¸࡝ ਴‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫij‫،  ٱ‬ᖞ ƭᛌ  — ، ᙴ ᔗƿ fl⋡ ẵ ៮ጶ Ʈż  ،៮ҍ| ‫ٵ‬ ‫ٳ‬ Ǎ ŏŋ ǖ ٰ NJ !იij‫  ٱ‬ũ ‫ٱ‬ij ، ᙴ ‫ٳ‬ƿ᩠ ৗ ͚ ᲏‫ٵ‬ƫ ⊑ ৘೶ ࢫij‫ࢫ ₆  ٱ‬ij‫  ٱ‬ʼnᶰ‫ٳ‬ƿఌ ƭ∈  ᠷ‫ٵ‬ƫǀnjƱ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ʮ Ũ‫ٱ‬ij⚮ ‫ٱء‬Ĵnjư‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ‫ٳ‬ ‫ﺗذﮐﺎرات‬ ǔ ǔ  ƭዩ ‫ٳ‬ǀnjƱ◵‫ٱ‬ij ͚ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫ‫ٱ‬ij ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ŕ‫ٳ‬ǀǎƱ∈ ŕ♲ ឳĴ‫ ٱ‬ƙ‫ٳ‬ƿ ‫ٳ‬ƿ┌ ⚯ ẵ ʼn‫ٱ‬Ĵƙ ো‫ٱ‬Ĵƙ Ѓ – ᙺ ᾱ‫ٵ‬ƫ‫ٳ‬ƿ š ᑋઈ‫ٳ‬ƿ ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫij‫  ٱ‬ᙴ ᅰᆽ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij (۱) Ǎ Ǎ Ǎ nj ǔ Ǖ ‫ٳᙺ۔‬ƿ ƭ‫ٱ‬ijጶő ᗿ ৘೶ ŕ̳ ‫ٳ‬ƿƫ‫ٱ‬ij ᠻ¸ ឞ‫ٱ‬Ĵƙ ẵ ᚡ‫ٶ‬œ‫ٱ‬ij  — ‫ٶ‬œ‫ٳ‬ƿ ͚ ŕ⍱‫ٵ‬ƫ Ʈţ’ ᘳ‫ٵ‬ƬŇƶŃ űও࿬ ‫ٵ‬ nj nj ᗡ ƽ‫ٶ‬œ ‫ء‬᪤‫ٱ‬ij ẵ ŕ↵༘ ‫ڬ‬š‫ٱ‬ij⁇ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫij‫  ٱ‬ŕ‫ٵ‬ƫ (۲) Ǎ
  • 3. ǔ ǖ ƒ ࢊ‫ٱ‬ij‫ٵ‬ƫ ⚮¸ ‫ٳ‬ǀĽƶŬ  ঢ়  ƻ‫ٱ‬Ĵǎ ưሺ‫ٳ‬ƿ ،ᠻ¸ ⎈‫ٶ‬œ ᧎‫ٱ‬ijœ ‫ ڕ‬ឳ‫ٱ‬Ĵƙ‫ٳ‬ƿ ،໺ ᑋ ƭ‫ٱ‬ijጶ Վ ƭő‫ٱ‬ijᶰ (۳) ، ᨨ‫ٶ‬œઈ‫ٳ‬ǁ ‫ٶ‬ nj ǔ ǖ ǔ  ᘳ ƯĹ‫ٱ‬Ĵƙ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ‫ š ڄ‬Ɨ‫ٱ‬ij،ʮ Ķǎ ư఩ ᙺ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٱ‬Ĵnjư š ƭዩ ◵ የ ẵ ᤎ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٶ‬œ ͚  ƻ᠄‫ٳ‬ƿ ƻ‫ٱ‬ij  — ናԺᨩ‫ٶ‬œ Ɠ ‫ }ܢ‬ᠼ‫ٱ‬ij (۴) Ǎ nj ‫ٳᙺ۔‬ƿ ǔ ǘ  Ɠ ƭዩ ẵ █‫ٵ‬ƫ ᦳ শij‫  ٱ‬ᓥ ␠ ،ՠ ̖‫ٵ‬ƫ ͚ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij Ʈţ’ űƿᅆᒎ ᘳ‫ٵ‬ƫ Ɠ ━‫ٵ‬ƫ ␊‫ٶ‬œ ‫ٳ‬ƿᒎ‫ٱ‬Ĵư ،ຮ‫ٵ‬ƫ‫ٱ‬Ĵnjư‫ٶ‬œ ◵  ƻ᠄‫ٳ‬ƿ (۵) ‫ٳ‬ Ǎ nj nj Ǘ ǖ   ဣ ƭ‫ٱ‬Ĵƙ ‫؟‬ʯ ක ̖‫ٵ‬ƫ ०‫ٱ‬ij Ɠ Ʈţ’ ű‫ٳ‬ƿষ {ᒎ ᓥ ƭ‫ ٱ‬ijٓ  ʯ ،ᠻ¸ ŕ‫ٶ‬œઈ‫ ٱ‬ijٓ  š ࿮ෝ ŕ↵༘ ƭ‫ ٱ‬ijٓ  ʯ ਴ ‫ٶ ډ۔‬œ‫ٳ‬ƿ◵ ŕỺ űሺ‫ٳ‬ƿ nj Ǎ Ǎ ǔ ǔ Ǣ ǖ  ຋ ‫ٱ‬Ĵư¸ ʯ ̖‫ٵ‬ƫ ᓥ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ╞‫ٱ‬ij‫ٵ‬ƫ ‫ ¸ྂ۔‬ᠻ¸ ŕ‫ٶ‬œઈ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ╞‫ٱ‬ij‫ٵ‬ƫ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ˆ‫ٱ‬ij – ᙺ ǂŗ‫ٱ‬Ĵƀ ‫ٱ۔‬Ĵǎ ư‫ٶ‬œ ᑋ ƭ‫ٱ‬ijጶ ‫ ◵ ڄ‬Ɨ‫ٱ‬ij ᓥ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij Վ ‫ٳ‬ƿǀŃ ‫ٱ‬ijƿ ẵ ‫ٳ‬Ǐ ‫ٳ ٳ‬ Ǎ Ǎ Ǎ nj ǖ ǖ ƴ  ẵ ሱ ŕᕄථ ŲƩǎ Ƹŝǔ nj  ޵ ،║‫ٱ‬ijƫ ⍱ ،ᤌő ،Ž‫ٳ‬ǁƒ ŕ‫ٵ‬ƫ ᙺ ᨪ ‫ٱ۔‬Ĵư¸ ᑋ ƿ‫ٱ‬ijǁƒ ẵ ƿ‫ٱ‬ijǁƦij‫  ٱ‬ƿ‫ٱ‬ij‫ٵ‬ƫ ᑋij‫ٶ ٱ‬œ౎ ‫ٱ۔‬Ĵư¸ ᑋ ƿ‫ٱ‬ijῇ‫ٶ‬œ ᧗‫ٶ‬œ ࡙ '' ƻᓦ'' ‫ٵ‬ ‫ٳ ٳ‬ ‫ٳ ٳ ٳ‬ ‫ٳ‬ ǔ ǖ ō ǖ Żţ ǔ   ƻᓦ ‫ ۔‬ᓞᆽ ẵ ũ  ƯƱᆽ ʼn‫ٵ‬ƫ∄ ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫij‫   ٱ‬ᓞઈ ᑋ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij Ư ◵‫ٵ‬ƫ ʮ ⇘‫ٶ‬œő‫ٱ‬Ĵnjư ̖‫ٵ‬ƫ শ‫ٱ‬ij !ࢫ‫ٱ‬ij ƻᨺ ‫ٱᙺ۔‬Ĵưᆽ ‫ٱ‬Ĵǎ ưࡻ Ũ‫ٱ‬ij܏‫ٱ‬ij ᚡ‫ٶ‬œij‫ ◵  ٱ‬ʼn‫ٵ‬ƫ∄ Ǎ nj ǘ ǔ ǔ  ű⊾‫ٶ‬œ ᘳ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ŖƶŬ শ‫ٱ‬ij ࿫‫ٱ‬Ĵƙ ͚ ‫ٱ‬Ĵƙ‫ٵ‬ƫ‫ٳ‬ƿ ጶ ᗏ – આɺ Ưō ᓥ Ʈţ’ 5࿬ ͚ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij  ᑫ‫ٱ‬ij ϕ ƻ‫ٶ‬œ ঔᶰ ،આա ᑋ ຋ ƭዩ ٰ Ǎ nj Ǎ nj nj ǔ ǔ ǖ ǖ ǔ ǔ  ͚ ဲỼ ޵ ، ੻ᒎ ĵ‫ٱ‬ĴǍư‫ٱ‬Ĵư ،ƣ↎ ◵ ƻ‫ٶ‬œˆ ،៮‫ٱ‬ijᶰ‫ٳ‬ƿ ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫ‫ٱ‬ij Ưō‫ٶ‬œ ‫ٱ‬Ĵư⚮ ⍽‫ٱ‬Ĵǎ ưƿ‫ٶ‬œ ẵ Ʈţ’ űᑊຮ ƭዩ ƭ‫ٱ‬ij ‫ ۔‬ᙴ ᗡ⚮ Ưō◵‫ٵ‬ƫ ‫ٳ‬ ‫ٳ‬ nj nj nj ǔ ǔ  ᑋᐯ ẵ  ƻᡁຓ ‫ٱ‬ij ʮ ƻ‫ٱ‬ij ጶ (DŽ‫ ۷۲۳۱؁‬ᤔỼ  ٓĴ‫ ٱ‬ŋ‫ٱ‬ij ݀‫ٳ‬ƿ ۳۰ ᨟ƿ࿬ ᦳ ƭဧ ᑋᤕỼ ◵ ƻ‫ٱ‬ij ¸ ᢹŒŪ)  ᙴ ᥆ ‫ٳ‬ nj ǔ ǖ ǔ  š  ƻ‫ٵ‬ƫ∄‫ٵ‬ƫ ʼnⓧ ͚ ƻ‫ٱ‬ij ،ʯ ‫ٳ‬ƿ᪲‫ٱ‬ij  ƻ͑ ◵ Ưō◵‫ٵ‬ƫ űƿᛸ ẵ Ʈţ’ űᑊຮ –  ᙴ š Ũœ Ɨij‫  ௶  ٱ‬ƭ‫ٱ‬Ĵƃţ ᨪ ‫ ᙺ۔‬ƽ‫ٳ‬ƿij‫ٵ ٱ‬ƫ  ‫ٳ‬ nj nj ǔ ǔ ǔ  ᐷઈ ᑋ ƭ‫ٱ‬ij ، ᙴ ‫ ۾‬ԡ ̖‫ٵ‬ƫ ͚ ƻ‫ٱ‬ij ጶ ᗏ  ᓞઈ ᑋ Ʋő Ʈţ’ űᑊຮ ƭዩ ،৙ ƻઈ ᑋ  ƻ͑ ⇘‫ٱ‬ij ᑴ‫ٱ‬Ĵnjư‫ٳ‬ƿ ij‫ٳ ٱ‬ƿᛸ ، Ƴƿ Ə◀࿬  ƻ͑ ‫ٳ‬ nj nj nj ǔ ǖ ǔ  ‫ٶ‬œ᨞ ᤌ 5࿬ শij‫  ٱ‬ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij !Ʈţ’ űᑊຮ ƭዩ ،ᙺ ʼn‫ٱ‬Ĵnjư‫ٵ‬ƫ ƣ↎ ،ᙺ ៮‫ٱ‬ijᶰ‫ٳ‬ƿ ،ᙺ Ưō‫ٶ‬œ ،ᙺ ʼnᒎ ĵ‫ٱ‬ĴǍư‫ٱ‬Ĵư ، ᙺ ᥅ ◵ ဲỼ ޵ Ǎ nj nj ǖ ǔǔ ǔ ǖ nj ǖ ǖ nj ưⓔ Ķǎ ưœǀƱ ͚ ƻஏ ⍱ ⛨ Ưō◵‫ٵ‬ƫ ᣒij‫  ٱ‬Ķư ş‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ، ᙴ ƾƸĽƙ ઈ‫ٳ‬ǁƒ ⒥ ᘳ œ᨞ ƯnjƱĴ‫ ٱ‬nj ư ʮ Ʈţ’ ̖‫ٵ‬ƫ ᥪ‫ٱ‬Ĵƙ  ៮Ɠ ‫ٱ‬Ĵǎ ư ៮¸ ʼnⓧ Ŋ ‫ٳٶ‬ ‫ٶ‬ nj ǔ ǖ ‫ ͛۔‬ʪƿ ij‫ٵ ٱ‬ƫ‫ٳ‬ƿ ‫ٱ‬Ĵƃţ ẵ ƭ‫ٱ‬ij᢯ ᣗij‫⇘╭  ٱ‬ ‫ٳ‬ ǔ Ǖ ǖ  ŕ↵༘ ẵ ƭ‫ٱ‬ij᢯ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ᓥ ű‫ٶ‬œ࿬ ⃊ƿ ⊇ űও࿬ ῱‫ٳ‬ƿ ˆ‫ٱ‬Ĵƙ Ķǎ ư‫ٱ‬ij ͚ Ʈţ’ ᘳ‫ٵ‬ƬŇƶŃ űও࿬ ƭዩ ϕ ͚ Ժᨩ‫ٶ‬œ ና (۶) ‫ٳ‬ Ǎ nj nj ǔŃ ǖ  űᑊຮ ƭዩ ،Վ ŕ‫ٱ‬ij‫ٳ‬ƿ ভ‫ٱ‬ij Ʈţ’ ᘳ‫ٵ‬ƬŇƶ  ƭዩ ،ᙺ Ʈƛ‫ٱ‬ij᨞‫ٳ‬ƿœ ᨲ ẵ  ƻᶰ‫ٳ‬ǀnjƱ ຋ ƻᨯ ، ً࡚ ‫ٱ‬ij‫ٳ‬ƿ⑸  ᑫ‫ٱ‬ij ،ʮ Ķǎ ư఩ ʮ “⚮ ‫ٶ‬ nj nj nj ǔ  Ʈţ’ ƻ‫ٱ‬ij š ৙ ͚ Ɨ‫ٱ‬ij ،ᢒ‫ٶ‬œő ƭ‫ٱ‬ijጶ ẵ Ʈţ’ űᑊຮ ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫij‫ ˙  ٱ‬᛹ ᘳ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ‫ ۔‬ᙴ Ưō‫ٳ‬ǀnjƱ ࿷ š ŕ‫ٱ‬ij‫ٳ‬ƿ ʮ  ᑫ‫ٱ‬ij ‫ ڄ‬Ʈţ’ nj nj nj Ǎ nj nj ‫۔‬űœ‫ٳ‬ƿᓦ ᛹ ‫ ڄ‬ᓥ ‫ٶ‬
  • 4. ǔǔ  ƭ‫ٱ‬ijጶ ᑋ ᓥ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ،‫ ډ‬űሺ‫ٳ‬ƿ Ɠ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫij‫ٱ  ٱ‬Ĵǎ ưœ ‫ٳ‬ƿỜ‫ٱ‬ij ◵ ጤ ஛ƫ‫ٳ‬ƿ ᶰ ᇡ‫ٱ‬ĴǍư ᓥ  ƻᑊ೛ š ∼ij‫ٱء  ٱ‬ij⎈‫ٱ‬ij ͚ ƭዩ ƭ‫ٱ‬Ĵư‫ٶ‬œ‫ٱ‬ij (۷) ‫ٶ‬ ‫ٵ‬ Ǎ Ǎ nj nj nj ǖ ،ƭᅭ ᑋ ᰩ ƽ‫ٶ‬œ ǔ ǖ ǔ  শij‫  ٱ‬຋ ༶ ԡ ⚙ ẵ ƮƊ኱ Ũฑ ˆ‫ٱ‬ij ،‫ ډ‬űሺ‫ٳ‬ƿ ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫ‫ٱ‬ij ‫ٱ‬Ĵǎ ư‫ٶ‬œ Ɠ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ‫ٳ‬ƿỜ‫ٱ‬ij ◵ ஛‫ٵ‬ƫƿ ‫ٳ‬ƿij‫ ٱ‬ǂŗ ི š ࿮Ĵ‫ ٱ‬ư ‫ء‬ij‫ٱ ⎈ ٱ‬ijỺ‫ٱ‬ij ƽᮃ‫ٵ‬ƫ‫ٶ‬œ (۸) ‫ٳ‬ ‫ٳ ٳ‬Ǐ Ǎ Ǘ Ǘ ǖ ǔ ǖ ‫۔‬ƭᰋ ᘳ‫ٵ‬ƫ ƿ◵ ŕ‫ٳ‬ƿᒎ ‫ٳ‬ƿᒎ‫ٱ‬Ĵư ƭᅭ ᑋ ‫ٱ‬ij¸ ༈ ᘳ ƭ‫ٱ‬ijጶ ᑋ ດ ༶ᆽ űƿᝲ ᑋ ▨ƿ űǀnjƱ ຈ‫ٱ‬ij ৗ ͚ Ժᨩ‫ٶ‬œ ᶱ‫ٳ‬ƿో ‫ٳ‬ ‫ٳ‬ ‫ٳ ٳ‬ nj ǔ   —  ƻ຋‫ٳ‬ƿ₩ ᣒij‫! ٱ‬ő‫ٱ‬ij‫ٵ‬ƫ ƭዩ ດ ،ᢒ‫ٶ‬œ ẵ Ӗ ⚯ ،ᠺő ẵ  ƻ ƕ ،˙ ʯ ຋ ƽ ᑋ ᘳ ԡ ƭ‫ٱ‬ijጶ Ʈnjţ –‫ٱ‬Ĵưઈ ᨪ (۹) nj nj nj ǔ ǖ ǔ  ẵ Əⅆ ʮ ƭዩ ˆ‫ٱ‬ij ،ྂઈỼ ّྂ  ᑫ‫ٱ‬ij š ƭ◵ž ϯ‫ٱ‬Ĵư ᣒ‫ٱ‬ij  — ᧖œ ŖŎŪථ ،ྂ⚮ Ժ ŖƶŬ ◵ Ɔ஝‫ٱ‬ij শij‫ –  ٱ‬ຮ ᨪ Əኡ‫ٱ‬ij ‫ٶ‬ nj ǔ Ǖ ǖ ٰ ƩƸō‫ٱ‬ij Ḟ'' ᓥ ƻᑯ‫ٱ‬ij – Ķǖư  ƻᨯ űœ ŖśǕƚ  ᑫ‫ٱ‬ij ᓥ ƭᰋ ͚ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij » ƿ‫ٱ‬ǔ‫ ٳ‬ij » ຋ ༠ ᑋ ⍧˜  ʮ ሱ ʮ ឞ‫ٱ‬Ĵƙ »఩ ᑛ ''Ų ‫ٶ‬ Ǎ ǔ ǔ ǖ nj ǖ  ƽႍ – ʯ œ ᢀ‫ٱ‬ij ῄ ᤎ‫ٳ‬ƿœ ᨪ◵ ᓥƿ‫ٱ‬Ĵư‫ٱ‬ij Ŵ‫ٳ‬ǁƦ ͚ ŕǂŗⓔ ឳĴ‫ ٱ‬ƙ‫ٳ‬ƿ ƽႍ ᤌ ű ᑋ ԡ ẵ űƿ‫ٶ‬œ‫ٱ‬ĴǍư ‫ٱ‬Ĵǎ ư ᨪ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ⛨ Ķư ş‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ዘ ‫ٶ‬ ‫ٶ‬ ‫ٳ‬ ‫ٳ‬Ǐ ‫ٳ‬ ǔ ǖ Ǖ ǔ LJ  ẵ ↙ ᠻ᳃‫ٱ‬ij ͚ ŖƶƊ ৘೶ ࢫij‫ٳŽ  ٱ‬ƿ ∼ő‫ٱ‬ij ƭ⍣ ‫ٱ‬Ĵưḍ ‫ٳ‬ƿᑊ š ƿᢱ ‫ٶ‬œ᨞‫ٵ‬ƫ ْũ ُ ‫ٳ‬ƿُ ‫ٱ‬ijǂƞَ‫ٱ‬ij ƮƛŔّ‫ُ ِ ٶ‬ƥ Ỻ౎‫ٵ‬ƫ ଠ‫ٵ‬ƫ ୴‫ٱ‬ij Ŕnjš ‫ٵ‬ƫ ‫ٶ‬Ŕnjšઈ ‫ٱ܊‬ij‫ٵ‬ƫ ‫ٳ‬ ‫َ ْ ْ َٳ‬ ‫ٶ‬ Ǖ ǔ ǔ ǔ ǔ Ǖ  ᙺ ᨪ ʼn‫ٵ‬ƫ‫ٶ‬Ŕnjš థ ʮ ሱ  ੻⚮ ೞ  ེ‫ٳ‬ƿ⇜ ẵ ƻ‫ٱ‬ĴƟƲ ͚  ƻ⁣ Ž‫ٳ‬ǁƒ ،ৗ Ɨ‫ٱ‬ij˜ ඐ ‫ٶ‬œᑌ Ũ‫ٱ‬Ĵư ͚ ƻ‫ٱ‬ij ، ੻ӗ  ޮ☛ : ǖ ǖ ƴ ǔ ǔ ǔ  ྂઈ‫ٳ‬ǁƒ ᨪ š  ƻ⁣ ƻ‫ٱ‬ij  — ƭ⇘එ ʮ ώඍ ƻ‫ٱ‬ij  —  ƻա☛ ƻ‫ٱ‬ij ভ‫ٱ‬ij ‫ٳ‬ǀnjƱ◵‫ٱ‬ij ƽ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٱ‬Ĵljů  ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫ‫ٱ‬ij ¸ Ɯ ᨪ ฐ – ‫ٱ‬Ĵǎ ư‫ٶ‬œ ࡙ ĵᚢ‫ٶ‬œ ޵ ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫ‫ٱ‬ij ‫ٳ‬ ǖ ǔ ǔ ǔ  ͚ ŕᘅ‫ٶ‬œ ঔ‫ٱ‬ijᤥ ᑋ، ៮ઈ‫ٳ‬ǁƒ ೞ ᓥ ƭ‫ٱ‬ij᢯ ƻ‫ٱ‬ij ᑋ، ᆫ — ඐ ⛨ ◵ ώඍ ƻ‫ٱ‬ij ᑋ، ‫ٶ‬œጶ‫ٵ‬ƫ — ƻጹ◵ ƻա☛ ƻ‫ٱ‬ij ፲őᠷ ،  ᙴ
  • 5. ǔ Ǖ ǖ ǖ ƒ ጶ š ۲۰ ⁤ – ᨪ ƭ‫ ٕٱ‬ijœ š ƭ‫ ٕٱ‬ijœ ، ᠷ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ǂŗ‫ٱ‬Ĵnjư ͚ Ɨ‫ٱ‬ij˜‫ٵ‬ƫ Ŵ‫ٳ‬ǁƒ  ͚ Ɨ‫ٱ‬ij ‫ٱ‬ijӗ ű⎔ Ķǎ ư‫ٱ‬ij ẵ ᨪ֑‫ٱ‬ij ‫ڬ‬ǎ ư‫ٱ‬ijᕄ Ÿ᥷ ʮ ƿ¸ő ඐ Ž‫ٳ‬ǁ ‫ٳ‬ ‫ٳ‬Ǐ Ǖ ůŌ ǖ ǖ ǔ  ᤔỼ ʼn’‫ٵ‬ƫ ◵ ő‫ٱ‬ij‫ٵ‬ƫ ƭ᢯ ፲őᠷ ࡰ DŽ‫ —  ۱۰۳۱؁‬ሱ Ÿ Ɨ‫ٱ‬ij˜ ẵ ʼn‫ٶ‬œ ‫ ڄ‬࿷ ʮ ،ŕᮃ Ɨ┌ Ƽǎ ƹƨƪŧ ‫ٱ‬ij ฐ᥏ ƭ᢯  —  ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij Ǖ ǖ ǔ  ᙺ ƻ‫ ◵ ۝‬ඐ Ʈţ’ ،‫ٱ‬ij¸ ឞ‫ٱ‬Ĵƙ ẵԺᨩ‫ٶ‬œ ᶱ‫ٳ‬ƿో ͚ ƭዩ ঔ‫ٱ‬Ĵƙ‫ٳ‬ƿ ៮‫ٱ‬ij⎈‫ٱ‬ij ŕѺ ᭵ ᨪ !᤬ ʮ ƭ‫ٱ‬ij᢯ ،ᖞ¸ — DŽ‫۷۹۲۱؁‬ nj nj  ᓥ űԺᨩ‫ٶ‬œ ᡺ ೬౎ űও࿬ ǔ ̖‫ٵ‬ƫ ͚ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ،‫ٱ‬Ĵǎ ư‫ٱ‬ijᆢ ᓥ űԺᨩ‫ٶ‬œ Ʈţ’ ᢇ ⁛ űও࿬ ൶ ଀ Ķǎ ưij‫ ͚  ٱ‬ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij – Ǎ nj Ǎ ǔ ǎļ ư ǖ ǔŃ ǔ  ‫ٱ‬ijƿ‫ٳ‬ǀ  ẵ ᢹŒŪ ᙺᖞ¸ ℡ ŲƩƸō‫ٱ‬ij Ḟ ᙺ ŲƷNj ‫ٶ‬œ ᣐ ʮ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ƭ‫ٱ‬ij ‫» —  ڄ‬఩ – ʯ ଷ ً ‫ٱ‬ij‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٱ‬ĴťƷƓ‫ٱ‬ij ẵij‫ ᦳ —   ٱ‬Ķǎ ư‫ٱ‬ij শ‫ٱ‬ij ‫ٳ‬ Ǎ nj ǔ ǖ ǖ ǖ ǖ ǔ Ǐ ǂŗ ៮¸ ŕᕄഋ Ķư ƻᨯ ƯnjƱᑊ ʮ Æ‫ٱ‬ĴƟƲij‫ٵ ٱ‬ƫ ≛‫ٵ‬ƫ ƯƱ‫ٱ‬Ĵǎ ư‫ٶ‬œ ‫ٵ‬ƫ ƭ⍱‫ٵ‬ƫ ᧖œ‫ٵ‬ƫ ‫ء‬᤬ Ʈnjţ (DŽ‫  ۸۲۳۱؁‬Ĵٓ‫ ٱ‬ŋ‫ٱ‬ij ݀‫ٳ‬ƿ ۳۰ ᦳ ¸ ᢹŒŪ) ͛¸ ‫ٳ‬ ‫ٶ‬ nj ǔ ǖ ǔ  ẵ ʼn‫ٱ‬Ĵƙ ᛭ ຋ ␠ ឳ‫ٱ‬Ĵƙ‫ٳ‬ƿƫ ☜  ࢫ‫ٱ‬ij ۡ‫ٱ‬ij ،ᓦ‫ٳ‬ƿ ᑋ Ũ◵ ◵ ╭⇘ ⛨ ŖnjƶƂఞ ẵ ƭ‫ٱ‬ij᢯ ،¸ ฺ᥏ ◵ ̢ –৙ ƻᆽ ᓥ ⒆ ű‫ٶ‬œ ‫ٵ‬ ǔǖ  Ʈǎ Ƹƅō‫ٱ‬ij ᧖‫ٱ܊‬ij ↶ ឳ‫ٱ‬Ĵƙ‫ٳ‬ƿ ŕ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٱ‬Ĵư ͚ ᚡ‫ٶ‬œij‫ ᙺ۔  ٱ‬ᘳ ƭ‫ٱ‬ijጶ ő ،ঔŒnjš∈ ᑋϡ ‫ ڄ‬ឳĴ‫ ٱ‬ƙ‫ٳ‬ƿ ͚ ␠ ƭᠸ‫ٱ‬ijƫ ƭ‰‫ٱ‬ij ، ᙴ ƭ‫ٱ‬ijጶő nj nj nj ‫ ٵ‬nj nj ǘ ǔƛ Ǖ ǔ ǔ ǔ ǔ ō ǔ  ᕭ‫ٵ‬ƫ ॸƫ Ũ‫ٳ‬ƿᚫ ‫ٳ‬ƿỜ‫ٱ‬ij‫ٵ‬ƫ ƿ‫ٱ‬ij‫ٳ‬ƿ  ‫ٵ‬ƫ ᑋઈ ƿᑵ‫ٵ‬ƫ ྯᑊ űƿ‫ٵ‬ƫ⃛ ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫij‫  ٱ‬Ƙƹnjƶ ‫ٱ‬ij ƭ‫ٱ‬ij‫ٶ‬Ŕƌō‫ٱ‬ijƫ  ƿ‫ٱ‬ijᎣᆽ ƻ୍‫ٵ‬ƫ Ųņƶ  Ɨ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٱ‬Ĵnjư‫ٵ‬ƫ ଒ ॽ ⛳ ̽‫ٵ‬ƫ ‫ٵ‬ ‫ٳ‬ ‫ٳ‬ ‫ٳ ٳ‬ ‫ٳٵ‬ nj ǔ ǖ ǔ ǔǔ ǔ Ʀ ᓥ ⚯ ◵  ƻ֮ඍ‫ٳ‬ƿƫ‫ٱ‬ij ƻ‫ٵ‬ƫ‫ٶ‬Ŕš‫ٱ‬ij࿬  ƻ℈‫ٱ‬ij⇪‫ٱ‬ij ͚ ƻ‫ٱ‬ij ‫؟‬᯳¸ ƭ‫ٱ‬ijጶ ẵ ⚯ ،ᠻઈ‫ٳ‬ǁƒ ᢹŒŪ ᘳ ᕢ‫ٵ‬ƫ  ⚮ ʼn| ƭ‫ٱ‬Ĵnjư ‫؟‬ʯ‫ٱ‬ij‫ٶ‬œij‫  ٱ‬Ŵ‫ٳ‬ǁ ‫ٵ‬ nj Ǖ ǖ  Ռ ࡺ ƭᰋ ࿷ ᚡ‫ٶ‬œij‫  ٱ‬਴ –‫ٱ‬ij¸ ឞ‫ٱ‬Ĵƙ ً ‫ٱ‬ijƿ⑸ ƭ‫ٱ‬ijጶ ◵ Ɨ‫ٱ‬ij ៮ઈ‫ٳ‬ǁƒ ⚙ ᓥ Ʈţ’ ⛨  — ᠧš DŽ‫ٶ‬œ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij Ķǎ ư‫ٱ‬ij ˆ‫ٱ‬ij ‫ چ‬ဋ ʮ ᚡœُ ‫ٱ‬ij ᚡ‫ٶ‬œ‫ٱ‬ij ‫ ٳ‬nj ‫ٶ‬ nj ŏƌō ǖ ǔ   —  ƻጹ Ũฑ ʯ ƭ‰‫ٱ‬ij ƽႍ ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫij‫ —   ٱ‬Ķǎ ư‫ٱ‬ij ƭ‫ٱ‬ijጶ ◵ ሱ ᐍᶰ ᣒ‫ٱ‬ijƓ ƭ‫ٱ‬ij᢯ ‫ }ܢ‬ᨪ ʮ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ijດ ،Ƽǎ ƹŮ ‫ٱ‬ij ƭ‫ٳ‬ƿ ࢫij‫ۡ  ٱ‬ij‫ٵ ٱ‬ƫ Ǎ nj nj nj ǖ ǔ ǖ ǔ  ʮ ƻա☛ –  ᠷő ẵ  ƻƕ ℻ ĵ᫈ ຈ‫ٱ‬ij  ƭ‫ ٕٱ‬ijœ ƻඁ ޵ ᣒ‫ٱ‬ij ƭ⍱‫ٵ‬ƫ ‫ء‬᤬ ຈ‫ٱ‬ij ƻ೛ ¹⋻ ،ᰩ¸ ᑋ ẵ ╭⇘ ⛨ Ǖ ǔ Ǘ Ǘ ǔ ǔ  ᨨ‫ٶ‬œ ƭᛌ ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٱ‬ijƿ‫ٱ‬Ĵnjưᮃ ⚮ ʼn‫ٱ‬ijœ  ᎇ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij  —  ƻᎃ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫij‫ ੻   ٱ‬ʼnᙼ‫ٶ‬œ  ེ‫ٳ‬ƿ⇜ ʮ ƻ‫ٱ‬ij ،ৗ Ɨ‫ٱ‬ij˜ ඐ ͚ ƻ‫ٱ‬ij ، ੻ӗ ẵ ʼn‫ٶ‬œ  ޮ☛ ‫ٳ‬ ‫ٶ‬ Ǎ ǔ  ͚ ඐ  ƻŒƑ ، ᙴ‫ٳ‬ǁƒ◵ Ʈţ’ űᑊຮ – ᙺ ࡚ ᓥ Ʈţ’ ᘳ‫ٵ‬ƬŇƶŃ űও࿬ ƭዩ š ⁤  ƻŒƑ ƭ☛  ƻŒƑ ʮ ஛ᛌ  ƻŒƑ – nj nj nj nj ǔŃ ǖ  ẵ ƭ‫ٱ‬ij᢯ ŕ‫ٵ‬ƫ આ¸ ็‫ٱ‬ij ጶ ، ᙴ }౎ Ʈţ’ ᘳ‫ٵ‬ƬŇƶ  – ᙺ ‫ٱ‬Ĵǎ ưઈ‫ٳ‬ǁƒ ᓥ Ʈţ’ űᑊຮ űও࿬ ƭዩ  — ᮷  ƻŒƑ આ‫ٱ‬Ĵƙ‫ٳ‬ƿ  ƻŒƑ nj nj nj ǖ ǖ ǔ  ẵ ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٱ‬Ĵnjư ͚ ឳĴ‫ ٱ‬ƙ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫ ☜ ͚ ʼn‫ٱ‬Ĵƙ ᛭ ƭ‫ٱ‬ij᢯ – ༳ ƾƸĽƙ  ʯ ᘳ⚮ ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫ‫ٱ‬ij ͚ ᤮ⅆ Ɨij‫ٱ  ٱ‬ijᶰ ╞‫ٱ‬ij‫ٵ‬ƫ ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫij‫ ⚮  ٱ‬આ Ũ‫ٱ‬Ĵư ◵ ŖnjƶƂఞ ‫ٳ‬ Ǖ ؎ ྂ¸ Ɨ‫ٵ‬ƫᩈ ǖ ǖ ǖ ǔ ǎƱ ǔ ཌྷ ᾖᮃ‫ٵ‬ƫ ѹ Ʈƛœ   ǀ ˆ ‫ٳ‬ƿᐊˆ ƭ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫ⃛ ƯƦ‫ٵ‬ƫ ‫ٳ ٶ‬ ǖ ǖ ǖ ǖ ǔ ǔ ƭ ‫ᙺ ۔‬Ĵ‫ ٱ‬ưᆽ¸ Ͳ á ৗ ͚ ៮‫ٱ‬ij܎ ŕ‫ٵ‬ƫ ຋ ᔓ‫ٳ‬ƿ  ƒ ƯƦ‫ٱ‬Ĵƀ ‫ ڄ‬ʮ Ҍֶ Ɠ ƻ‫ٱ‬ĴƟƲ‫ٱ‬ij Ʈnjţ ƯƦ‫ٵ‬ƫ ͚ ൽ) nj ǔ  ‫ٳ‬ƿij‫ ٱ‬ǁƒ  ƻᶰ‫ٳ‬ǀnjƱ ẵ ŕ↵༘ ᓥ ⚯ –  ᳨ ƭ᨞ ¸ ߖఞ ᚪˆ‫ٱ‬ij ╭⇘ ǂŗ ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫij‫  ٱ‬৙¸ ⃑‫ٱ‬ij‫ٵ‬ƫ š ƻጹ Ũฑ ᣆ !ࢫ‫ٱ‬ij ۡ‫ٱ‬ij (۱۰) ‫ٳ‬ ‫ٳ‬Ǐ nj ǔ ǖ ǖ ǔ Ǐ  Əⅆ Ɨ‫ٱ‬ij – ‫ٱ‬Ĵư⚮ ᑋʯ ‫ٱ‬Ĵư౎ ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫij‫ٱ،  ٱ‬Ĵǎ ưၚ‫ٱ‬ij ŕ‫ٶ‬œš ᥇ ◵ Æ‫ٱ‬ĴƟƲ‫ٱ‬ijƫ᤬ – ‫ٱ‬Ĵǎ ư‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ¤⇘ ็ij‫  ٱ‬ƻƓ ،ʯ ‫ٳ‬ƿፆ‫ٱ‬ij ẵ ƭ‫ٱ‬ijጶ ӣิ ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٱ‬Ĵnjư‫ٳ‬ǂŗ ᓥ ⚯ ‫۔‬ʯ ‫ٵ‬ nj ǔŬ ǖ nj ǔ ǔ ǔ ‫ٳ‬  ⚙ ŕ‫ٵ‬ƫ ẵ Ũ‫ٱ‬Ĵư ͚ ≅ ƻ‫ٓ ٱ‬ijǁƦ ƭ‫ٱ‬ijጶ ᓥ ƻໃ ŖŮǎ ƷŐƟŬ ،ᐍᶰ ᑋ Ŋnj ưิ ͚ ŨŒƙij‫ ڄ  ٱ‬Ɠ ŨŒƙij‫ٳ  ٱ‬ǀĽƶ  ⛨ Ķư ş‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ጶ ‫ٱ‬Ĵǎ ư‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ‫ٱ‬Ĵnjư‫ٱ‬ijǀnjƱ ʼnᒎ ‫ ٳ‬nj ǔ ǔ ǔ  Əⅆ ʮ ᘳ ≅ ƻ‫ٓ ٱ‬ijǁƦ ⚮ ӗ ེ‫ٳ‬ƿᶰ ᡧ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ⚙ – ༠ ű ԡ ᑋ ‫ ڄ‬ẵ‫ٱ‬ij ᨪດ  ў  ‫أ‬ጹ ߑ ⎯ ʼnǂŗ  ᅵᥐ ĵ‫ٱ‬ĴǍư‫ٱ‬Ĵư ‫ٳ‬ ‫ٳ‬Ǐ
  • 6. ǖ ƴ ǔ Ʀ  ੽⇘ ᶱƿో''  — ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫ‫ٶ‬œ ᠼ‫ٱ‬ij Ɨ‫ٱ‬ij Ժ ◵ ฺ᥏ ᨪ ،ᙺ ࡚ ᨪ — ƻ‫ٓ ٱ‬ijǁ  ƽ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٱ‬Ĵljů ‫ٳ‬ƿƫ‫ٱ‬ij ¸ Ɯ  ƻᨩ຋ ฐ !ᑊ೛ – ᡗ‫ٶ‬œ⚮ ƭ཭ ‫ٳ‬ ‫ٳ‬ ‫ٳ‬ ‫ٵ‬ nj ǔ  ŕ↵༘ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij –  ᙴ ྂᆽ ʭ ႌ‫ٱ‬ij ᨪ Ũ‫ٱ‬ij⊾ ⒆‫ٱ‬Ĵư ƽ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ ܐ‬ϗ ͚ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ᜑ  ᨨ‫ٱ‬Ĵnjư ‫۔‬ຮ ᢩ ◵ ᘳ  ƻ¸‫ٱ‬ij᨞ ‫ٱ‬ij¸ ͚ Ɨ‫ٱ‬ij‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫij‫'' ٱ‬Ժᨩ‫ٶ‬œ Ǎ Ǎ ǔǖ nj  ‫ٱᙺ۔‬ij¸ ‫ٱ‬Ĵǎ ưŒśĸ ◵ Ʈţ’ ~ ᧱ ⛨ ͚ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ጶ ᙺ ʯ ş‫ٵ‬ƫ  ẵ ጸƿ᨞ ᓥ ⑹ὸ ŕƿ‫ٱ‬Ĵư ƭ‫ٱ‬ij ૨ ͚ ᷪ‫ٱ‬ij ،ֆ  ᠷઈ‫ٳ‬ǁƒ ‫ٳ‬ ‫ ٳ‬nj nj Ǎ  ŕ‫ٵ‬ƫ  ຬ ভᛌ ⚮ ࡙  ƻ৙͛ Ɠ ᲏‫ٵ‬ƫ ⊑ ৘೶ ࢫij‫ࢫ ₆  ٱ‬ij‫  ٱ‬ʼnᶰ‫ٳ‬ƿఌ ، ੻ա ᑋ આա ᑋ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij – ᙺ ௻ ◵ ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٱ‬Ĵnjư ᓦ⁆  ƻᨯ ᚪˆ‫ٱ‬ij Ǎ ǔ ǔ ǔ  ☮ ، ᨨœ ƭ‫ٱ‬ijጶ – ᙺ ű Ŵ∇ʯ Ɠ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ، ᨨ⚮ ֯ඍ ⇽ƫ ƭ∇ ƻ‫ٱ‬Ĵư೛ š Ɨ‫ٱ‬ij ‫ ᙺ۔‬ᘳ‫ٳ‬ƿᆽ πᛌ ƿ‫ٱ‬Ĵnjư ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٱ‬Ĵnjư ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫij‫  ٱ‬ᗡ ƭᛌ ‫ ٶ‬nj ‫ ٵ‬nj ‫ٳ‬ Ǎ Ǎ ǘ ǘ ǖ  ƭ‫ٱ‬ijጶ ،Ռ űሺ‫ٳ‬ƿ ৗ ͚ Ưō◵‫ٵ‬ƫ ᤡ೔ ،ƯƱ⋡ ƭ‫ٱ‬ijጶ ‫ —  ᦳ ډ‬Ժᨩ‫ٶ‬œ ና ،ƯƱ⋡ ƭ‫ٱ‬ijጶ ᠻ¸ ׄඍ ẵ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ‫ٶ‬œœ᨞ ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٱ‬Ĵnjư Ǎ ‫ٶ‬ nj nj nj nj nj ǘ ǘ ǘ Ǖ ǔ  Ɠ ၙႍ ᠻĴ‫ ٱ‬ƙ‫ٵ‬ƫ‫ٳ‬ƿ ŕ⍱‫ٵ‬ƫ ᧖‫ٱ܊‬ij Τ Ῡ ƭዩ ،ƯƱ⋡ ƭ‫ٱ‬ijጶ ،ʯ ᮮଛ Ɠ ƻ‫ٱ‬ij ᗰ űœ࿬ ‫ٶ‬œˆ‫ٱ‬Ĵƙ ͚  ƻᨯ ͚ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ،ƯƱ⋡ ‫ٶ‬ Ǎ nj nj nj nj ǘ ǔ ‫ ۔‬ᠷ‫ٱ‬ijӡ Ɠ ƭ ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij આij‫ٵ ٱ‬ƫ ጸ‫ٳ‬ƿ᨞ ƭ‫ٱ‬ij ຋ ‫ٱ‬Ĵǎ ư‫ٶ‬œ ᑋ ƭ‫ٱ‬ijጶ ᓥ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ‫ٱ⅄ š ڄ‬Ĵƙ‫ٵ‬ƫ ʮ ደ ƻ‫ٱ‬Ĵǎ ưⓔ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ͚ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij Ʈnjţ ،ƯƱ⋡ ƭ‫ٱ‬ijጶ ،ʯ ᮮଛ Ǎ Ǎ Ǎ nj nj nj nj nj ǔ ǔ ǖ ǔ  ௻‫ٱ‬Ĵư ẵ ʼn‫ٱ‬ij◀‫ٱ‬ij ͚ ƭ‫ٱ‬ij᢯ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ᓥ ጸ‫ٳ‬ƿ᨞ ᧖ර ͚ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ،ᷞ ਴ ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٱ‬Ĵnjư Ķǎ ư‫ٱ‬ij Վ ʼn‫ٱ ځ‬ĴƶŃ ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٱ‬Ĵnjư ƿ‫ٱ‬ijǂŗ ᛌij‫  ٱ‬ե ،Ũ¸࿬ ႌ‫ٱ‬ij ᨪ ‫ٳ ٳ‬Ǐ Ǎ Ǎ ǖ  ƭ᨞ ե ‫ٳ ᙺ۔‬ƿྋ ƽ⚮ ࢟ ᲏‫ٵ‬ƫ ⊑ ৘೶ ࢫij‫ ₆  ٱ‬ű൞ ŕ͛ ƿ‫ٱ‬Ĵnjư␠ ᨪ ƭ‫ٳ‬ƿ₩ ጶ – ‫ٱ‬Ĵǎ ư‫ٶ‬œ ࡙ ẵ Տ‫ٶ‬œ‫ٱ‬Ĵƙ ভ‫ٱ‬ij ‫ٱ‬Ĵǎ ư ű‫ٳ‬ƿ◵ ‫ٳ‬ nj Ǖ   — Ժᨩ‫ٶ‬œ ና ᦳ ጶ ᓥ ␠، ƒ ᘳ ᪭ ʮ Ʈţઊ ശ ‫ٳ‬ƿƫ‫ٱ‬ij ᗟ¸ ᢣೕ ʮ ŕ↵༘ ឝ‫ٱ‬ijỼ ᗏ‫ٱ‬ij ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫij‫  ٱ‬ʼn₩‫ٱ‬ijƿ‫ٱ‬Ĵnjư ☮ ẵ ᚡ‫ٶ‬œ‫ٱ‬ij ‫ٵ‬ ‫ٳ‬ ǔ ǔ  Ə’ Ə’ ƭ‫ٱ‬ijጶ ◵  ƻও‫ٱ‬ijᶰ ͚ ƻ‫ٱ‬ij ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫij‫   ٱ‬ƻ¸ ᢹŒŪ ྯᑊ űƿ‫ٵ‬ƫ⃛‫ٵ‬ƫ Ʈǎ Ƹƅō‫ٱ‬ij ᧖‫ٱ܊‬ij ↶ ،༠ ᑴᓦ‫ٶ‬œœ‫ٱ‬Ĵǎ ư ʮ ƻ‫ٱ‬ij ‫ — ڄ‬Ɨ‫ٱ‬ij ‫ډ‬ ‫ٳ‬ ‫ٶ‬ nj nj ǖ ƹƶŐśū fi‫ٱ‬ij‫ٵ‬ƫƫ fi◵ Ɠ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ᚪˆ‫ٱ‬ij  —  ƻ֮ඍ Ũฑ ، ƻ‫ٵ‬ƫƿỜ‫ٱ‬ij Ũฑ ‫ ∲¸۔‬ẵ ᪕œƫ ࿷ƫ █ শij‫  ٱ‬Ŵ᥏ ‫ٵ‬ ‫ٳ‬ ‫ٵ ٵٶ‬  ‫ٳ‬ƿ݊ ᗿ ‫ٳ‬ƿƫ‫ٱ‬ij  ᨨœ  Ƽǎ ‫ٶ ٵ‬ Ǎ ǔ ǖ ǖ ǖ  ⚙ ƭő‫ٱ‬ijᶰ ᨪ ‫ ᙺ۔‬Ũ‫ٳ‬ƿő ƭో ശ ৗ ͚ ⃌ γ‫ٳ‬ƿ ‫ ڄ‬਴ ‫ ۔‬ᙴ ᠻ¸ ৗ ဇ Ķư ᐹ ᑆ  ƻ‫ٵ‬ƫœ‫ٱ‬ijƿ‫ٱ‬ij শ‫ٱ‬ij ຋ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij –  Ս ‫ٳ ٶ‬ Ǎ ǔ Ǘ Ǣ ǔ  ৗ ͚ ‫ٳ‬ƿij‫ٱ∆ ٱ‬ij ƆŒnj ưij‫ –  ٱ‬ဇ ⋂Ỽ ƭዩ ‫ٶ‬œij‫ ٱ‬᪣‫ٱ‬ij ž‫  ڷ‬ດ ،ᙺ᯵ ƫ ᑋ ‫ٱ‬Ĵǎ ư  ƻᓦ ً ij‫ٳ ٱ‬ƿ⑸ ƻ‫ٱ‬ij ‫ ڄ‬őij‫ٵ ٱ‬ƫ ≛ ű‫ٳ‬ƿ༞ ‫ ƒ ۔‬Ⅶ ‫ٳ‬ƿ⍣ nj Ǖ Ǖ ǖ Ʊ ŗ ƿ{‫ٱ‬ij ͚ ᧖œ ི ẵ ᦳ ʼn₩‫ٵ‬ƫ ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫ‫ٱ‬ij ƘĽƟǎ ƹǍư ᙺ ෲ ‫ٳ‬  Ɨ‫ٱ‬ij ᙺ ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٱ‬Ĵnjư ű ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ᨪ ،¸ Ưǎ ⊭ ű࿷ ᢣ⁇ْ Ə’ ƭ‫ٱ‬ijጶ ʼnෑ ◵ ʼn‫ٱ‬ijᶰ ǂ ‫ٳ‬ ‫ٳ‬Ǐ ‫ٶ‬ nj  ʮ ᨧ‫ٶ‬œŒŪ Ɠ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij  — ᑨ‫ٱ‬ij ‫ٱ‬Ĵǎ ưŒŪ  — Ɨ┌‫ٱ‬ij ≿ ͚ ᲏‫ٵ‬ƫ ⊑ ৘೶ ࢫij‫ࢫ ₆  ٱ‬ij‫  ٱ‬ʼnᶰ‫ٳ‬ƿ ᓥ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij Ɠ የ ຋ ៮ઈ‫ٳ‬ǁƒ ຫ ઄ ‫ٶ␊ ڄ‬œ Ǎ Ǎ ǖ ǔ ‫ ¸۔‬ƭ‫ٳ‬ƿᆽ‫ٱ‬ij ৗ ƽ‫ٳ‬ƿᛸ ‫اﺳﺘﻔﺳﺎرات‬ ǔ ǖ  ‫ٳ‬ǀnjƱ◵‫ٱ‬ij ͚ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫ‫ٱ‬ij ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ẵ  ƻ຋ో ጶ ╌ ƭઈ‫ٱ‬ij܏‫ٱ‬ij ͚ ᲏ƫ ⊑ ৘೶ ࢫij‫ٵ₆  ٱ‬ƫ Œƈ‫ٵ‬ƫ ኇ ʼnᶰ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫ ‫ٱ‬ij‫ٶ‬Ŕš ¹ඐ ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫ‫ٱ‬ij ᙩ຋ (۱) ‫ٵ‬ ‫ٳ‬ Ǎ ‫ ٳ‬Ǎ ǔ ǔ ǔ ǔ ǔ ŇƶŃ űও࿬ ƭዩ ‫ ؟‬ᙴ ᔗᒎ ‫ٱ‬Ĵư¸‫ٱ‬Ĵǎ ư  ᙴ ŕ‫ٶ‬œઈ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij š ŕ↵༘ ẵ ␠ Ɨ‫ٱ‬ij  — ƻ‫ٱ‬ij ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ʯ ‫ ۔‬ᙴ š ƻᠸ’ ű຋ᑊ‫ٱ‬Ĵư‫ٵ‬ƫ ᘳ‫ٵ‬Ƭ Ǎ nj
  • 7. Ǖ ǔ ǖ ǖ  Ƙƅnj Ʋ‫ٵ‬ƫ ƻᦳ‫ٱ‬ij ฼ ‫ٵ‬ƫ ი‫ٱۃ‬ij Ũᡶ –  ᙴ ྂઈ‫ٳ‬ǁƒ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٱ‬ijǁƦij‫  ٱ‬ŕ‫ٱ‬ij⚮‫ٱ‬ijƫ ᇀŒnjư ⋤ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫ Ɔφ ≛ ƭᅩ‫ٵ‬ƫ ጆ ‵ Ưō̡ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ʯ (۲) ‫ٳ‬ ‫ٵ‬ ‫ٳ‬ Ǎ ǖ ǖ ǖ ǖ ǔ   ƻ¸ ‫ٱ‬ijଞ ‫ٶ‬œ‫ٳ‬ƿƫ ƭő‫ٱ‬ijᶰ ጶ š ƭ‫ٱ‬Ĵnjư‫ٱ‬ijጶ ƻ‫ٱ‬ij ᑨᨩ Վ  ᙴ ᡨ‫ٶ‬œ ᪗‫ٶ‬œƫ ű࿷ ጸij‫ ٱ‬व‫ٱ‬Ĵnjư ƭ‫ٱ‬ijጶ ◵ ƭ⃊‫ٱ‬ij⇪‫ٱ‬ijƫ ƭő‫ٱ‬ijᶰ ͚ ŕ⍱‫ٵ‬ƫ ⍧ ‫ٵ‬ ‫ٵ‬ ‫ٵ‬ nj Ǣ ǖ ǔ ‫ ۔‬ƻ¸ ǂŗ‫ٱ‬Ĵƀ ᣆ ৘೶ Ѓ ‫ٳ‬ƿƫ‫ٱ‬ij ৞ Ɠ Ũᆢ‫ٱ‬ij ŕ↵༘ – Ķư  ƻᨯ◵ ƻ‫ٱ‬ij ‫ٳ‬Ǐ  ‫ٵ‬ ǔ  ᰽‫ٵ‬ƫ ްΈ ŖnjƶĹƓ ‫ٵ‬ƫ Ɔ‫ٵ‬ƬnjƹƟō‫ٱ‬ij ƻᨺ ϕ ͚ Ɨ‫ٱ‬ij Ʈǎ Ƹƅō‫ٱ‬ij ᧖‫ٱ܊‬ij↶ ‫ٳ‬ƿƓ్ ±˜ Ʈơţ ‫ٱ‬Ĵǎ ư ֆ  ᠷઈ‫ٳ‬ǁƒ ☦‫ٱ‬ij š ᷪ‫ٱ‬ij ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ʯ (۳) nj nj Ǎ Ǖ ǔŃ ǖ ‫۔‬ֆ ᨨ⚮ Ɨ‫ٵ‬ƫᩈ Ɠ Ʈţ’ űᛱ‫ٶ‬œ ᴀ‫ٱ‬ij ƫ Ʈţ’ ᘳ‫ٵ‬ƬŇƶ  ǀnjƱ◵‫ٱ‬ij শij‫  ٱ‬ẵ ƭ։ඍ ͚ ឳ‫ٱ‬Ĵƙ‫ٳ‬ƿ ƽႍ ᓦ⍱‫ٵ‬ƫ Əܼ‫ٱ‬ij ‫ ٵ‬nj ‫ٳ‬ nj ǔ ǔ ǔ ǔ ǔ  ʮ ʼnŒŶ‫ٵ‬ƫ  ⏽‫ٶ‬œ ẵ š ƻᠸ’ űᛱ‫ٶ‬œ ű຋ᑊ‫ٱ‬Ĵư‫ٵ‬ƫ ᘳ‫ٵ‬ƬŇƶŃ ƭዩ‫ٳ‬ǀnjƱ◵‫ٱ‬ij শ‫ٱ‬ij ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫij‫   ٱ‬ƻ¸‫ٳ‬ƿij‫ٶ ٱ‬œ ࿮‫ٶ‬œ ͚ ʼn‫ٱ‬ij◀‫ٱ‬ij ᘳ শij‫  ٱ‬ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ijˆ‫ٱ‬ij (۴) Ǎ nj ǔŃ ǔ Ő ǔ ǔ Ǖ ǖ ǔ ǔ  ᛴ‫ٶ‬œ‫ٵ‬ƫ ຌᑊ‫ٱ‬Ĵư‫ٵ‬ƫ ᘳ‫ٵ‬ƬŇƶ  ‫ٳ‬ƿƓ్ ƻᠸ’ Ũƫ‫ٶ‬œ ،⇽‫ٵ‬ƫ ƭ∇ ƮƹƟǏ ŗ‫ٱ‬ij ƻ‫ٱ‬Ĵư೛ ʼn‫ٵ‬ƫij‫ : ٱ‬ᙴ ᤡǁƒ ‫ٵ‬ƫœ  ƻᨯ – ¸œ‫ٱ‬Ĵƙ‫ٳ‬ƿij‫็  ٱ‬ij‫  ٱ‬຋ ، ᠷઈ‫ٳ‬ǁƒ ᑋ ᛹ ‫ٵ‬ ‫ٶ ٳ‬ ‫ٶ‬ nj ǔ ǔ ǔ ǔ ǖ nj ƸƱ Īઈ ࠨ‫ٶ‬œ ‫ﷲ‬ij‫ۡ  ٱ‬ij‫  ٱ‬຋  ᙴ ẵ ʼn‫ٵ‬ƫij‫ᤡ  ٱ‬ǁƒˆ‫ٱ‬ij ƭዩ ‫۔‬Ӫ ༗‫ٵ‬ƫ ƭ‫ٱ‬Ĵǔư‫ٶ‬œő‫ٱ‬ijƫ Ɔ஝ő‫ٱ‬ij ත ‫ٳ‬ ‫ٵ‬  »఩ (ƭ ‫ ۔‬ᙴ ᔗᒎ ᗏ ᘳ ࢫ‫ٱ‬ijۡ‫ٱ‬ij) Ƈ nj nj ǔŃǔ ǔ ǔ ǔ ǔ ‫ٳ‬ ‫ٵ‬  űœ ƭ௙‫ٵ‬ƫ ʼnŒnjťŌij‫ٵ ٱ‬ƫœ ƭ‫ٳ‬ƿ ¹ඐ‫ٵ‬ƫ ᙩ຋‫ٵ‬ƫ ʼnŒŶ ‫ٵ‬ƫ ʼn‫ٱ‬ij◀‫ٱ‬ij শ‫ٱ‬ij ŕ‫ٵ‬ƫ  ƻ¸ űǀnjƱ ẵ űᛱ‫ٶ‬œƫ ű຋ᑊ‫ٱ‬Ĵư‫ٵ‬ƫ ᘳ‫ٵ‬ƬŇƶ  ƻ‫ٱ‬Ĵnjưዩ – ᢒ‫ٶ‬œઈ‫ٳ‬ǁƒ ‫ ٶ‬nj ‫ ٶ‬nj Ǖ ǔ ǔ  Ũᡶ ሶ ʮ ƻ‫ٱ‬ij ᑘ ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫij‫  ٱ‬ᠻ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ࡠ ᤞỼ იž ‫ ⊀ء‬Ɠ ƻ‫ٱ‬ij ᑘ  ᙴ ᘳ ᣗ‫ٵ‬ƫ  ƮƊ‫ٱ‬Ĵnjư ͚ ᲏‫ٵ‬ƫ ⊑ ৘೶ ࢫ‫ٱ‬ij ₆ ʼnٝ‫ٱ‬ij ǖ ǔ ǔ  ƻ‫ٱ‬ij ‫ ڄ‬œ᨞ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij Ӌ ᯵¸ ƒ ẵ ᘳ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ֯ඍ ◵ ʼn‫ٱ‬ij◀‫ٱ‬ij ͚ ƻ‫ٱ‬ij ỄŒnjư ƯƦ‫ٵ‬ƫ Ɨ‫ٱ‬ij ،ᙺ࡚  — ᛸ⍱‫ٵ‬ƫ ი‫ٱۃ‬ij űٰ ƫ⍾‫ٵ‬ƫ ი‫ٱۃ‬ij ‫ ٶ‬Ǎ ‫ٵ‬ Ǎ ǔǔ ǔ ǔ ǔ  ʼn‫ٱ‬ij◀‫ٱ‬ij ͚ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij œ᨞ ʼnij‫ٱ◀ ٱ‬ij ͚ ƻ‫ٱ‬ij ຋  ᙴ ẵ Ũ‫ٵ‬ƫ‫ٶ‬œ ᤡǁƒ ƭዩ ˆ‫ٱ‬ijƿ‫ٵ‬ƫij‫،  ٱ‬ֆ  ƻ¸ Ķǎ ưỼ  — ŕ‫ٶ‬Ŕš‫ٱ‬ij࿬ ƫ ֯ඍ ẵ ƭ‫ٱ‬Ĵư‫ٶ‬œ‫ٱ‬ijƫ Ɔ஝‫ٱ‬ij ͚ ‫ ٳ‬nj ‫ٳ‬ ‫ٵ‬ Ǎ ‫ٶ‬ nj ‫ٵ‬ Ǖ Ǣ ǔ Ǣ ǖ  ŒƶŬ ឤ‫ٱ‬Ĵƀ ƽཏ ⛨ ⚮¸‫ٱ‬ij‫ٶ‬Ŕnjš ẵ ᤪǁƒ ƭዩ – ƒ ŖƶƅŬ ◵ Ɨ‫ٱ‬ij ǂŗ‫ٱ‬Ĵƀ‫ٳ‬ƿƫ‫ٱ‬ij ‫؟‬෦ ʯ ຫ  ƻ઄ ẵ ƭ։ඍ ƭ‫ٱ‬ijጶ ਴ ᙴ ‫ ٳ‬nj ‫ٳ‬Ǐ ‫ٵ‬ nj ǔ  ֯ඍ Ɨ‫ٱ‬ij ‫  ڄ‬ƻᨩ ،ᢒ‫ٶ‬œઈ‫ٳ‬ǁƒ ᢣೕ ʮ Ɨ‫ٱ‬ij ຋ ¸ ᢻij‫  ٱ‬Ŵߢ‫ٱ‬Ĵnjư ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫ‫ٱ‬ij  Ҋ Ɠ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij শ‫ٱ‬ij — ŕ⍱‫ٵ‬ƫ űᒈ ،ᑴ‫ٱ‬Ĵǎ ưœⓔ ،ᐹ‫ٳ‬ƿ᥏ ،⏤‫ٱ‬ij‫ٳ‬ƿ ‫ٳ‬ ‫ٶ‬ Ǎ ǖ ‫ ᙺ۔‬ƭ‫ ٕٱ‬ij‫ٳ‬ǀnjƱ Ɠ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ẵ Ǎ  ක ̖‫ٵ‬ƫ ०ij‫  ٱ‬ৗ͚ ŕ‫ٳ‬ƿƓ్ ŕ↵༘  — Ժᨩ‫ٶ‬œ ና Ɠ Ʈţ’ űƿষ{ᒎ ◺‫ٱ‬ij ଀ ͚  ƻᨯ শ‫ٱ‬ij ᓥ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ╞‫ٱ‬ij‫ٵ‬ƫ (۵) ‫ٳ‬ nj Ǎ Ǘ Ǘ nj  ş‫ٓ ٱ‬ij  ŕỺ ሺƿ œ‫ٳ‬ƿ◵ጶ ৗ ͚ ᤡ೔ ʮ ᷪ‫ٱ‬ij Ɠ Ʈnj ƹƙ ʯ ʼn‫ٵ‬ƫ‫ٱ‬ij »൯‫ٳ‬ǀnjƱ ‫ٱ؟‬Ĵǎ ưœ⚮ ‫ٳ‬ƿൌ ƭᐋ ௶ ᓥ ƻᑯ‫ٱ‬ij ‫ٱ‬Ĵǎ ư ຮ ʯ Ũ⇘ ‫ٳ‬ƿడ‫ٵ‬ƫ ‫ٶٳ‬ ‫ٶ‬ nj ‫ٱ۔‬Ĵǎ ư‫ٶ‬œ ᑋ ƭ‫ٱ‬ijጶ – ᙺ ဢ  ƻ‫ٱ‬ij჎‫ٓ ٱ‬ij Ɠ ƭዩ nj nj  ƭဧ ᑫ‫ٱ‬ij ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫij‫  ٱ‬Ũœ ᘳ ᢻƫ ᗐᒎ ᤡ೔ ʮ Ɨ‫ٱ‬ij ẵ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ʼnᠷ ղ ‫ ۾؟‬ԡ ‫ٶ‬œ᨞ űƿষ{ᒎ ‫ٱ‬Ĵǎ ư ʯ ̖‫ٵ‬ƫ ᓥ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ŕ‫ٵ‬ƫ (۶) ‫ٵ‬ ‫ٳ‬ Ǎ Ǎ nj ǔ ǔ ǔ ǔ ǔ ǔ ǔ ǔ ‫ٵ‬ ‫ٳ‬  űƿ‫ٱ‬ij‫ٳ‬ƿœ ƻ‫ٱ‬Ĵnjư‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫ ƻጨ‫ٵ‬ƫ ≠ ޵‫ٵ‬ƫ ŕ‫ٳ‬ǀnjƱ๘‫ٵ‬ƫ ƻ‫ٱ‬Ĵǎ ưᕆ ௶ ⊘‫ٳ‬ƿ ŕƫ ◵ ƻ‫ٱ‬ij ‫ٱ‬Ĵǎ ư ᠻઈ‫ٳ‬ǁƒ »఩ ᓥ Ʈţ’ űƿষ{ᒎ ጶ ᙺ ౧ ◵  ƻա‫ٱ‬Ĵƃţ ‫ٶ ٳ‬ nj ǔ ǔ ǔ ǔ ‫ٳ‬  ،‫ٱ‬ij¸ ⋂ో ◵ ᓥ¸ ƫ⊛ ̖‫ٵ‬ƫ ẵ ƻ‫ٱ‬Ĵnjư‫ٳ‬ƿ ভ‫ٱ‬ij ௶ ጶ ‫ٶ‬Ŕǎ ư‫ٳ‬ƿ – ᙺ ƻᑊⓔ ◵ ⚯ Ə∇ ،≛ ، ƆỼ ʼnƫ‫ٱ‬ij »൯‫ٳ‬ǀnjƱ ᙺ ᘩ‫ٶ‬œ ŕ‫ٶ‬Ŕǎ ưƿ‫ٶ‬œ‫ٵ‬ƫ ‫ٵ‬ ‫ٵ‬
  • 8. ǔ ǖ ǖ Ǖ ǖ ǖ ǔ  ǀŃǂŗ ‫ٵ‬ƫ⊛ ᚪˆ‫ٱ‬ij  ᠷ‫ٱ‬ĴǍư ƿ‫ٱ‬ijǁƦ Ũ‫ٱ‬Ĵư‫ٵ‬ƫ ⎴‫ٱ‬Ĵư ƽ⚮  — ᖗ‫ٱ‬ijƫ ʼnઈ ͚ ‫ٵ‬ƫ⊛ ጶ ŕ‫ٵ‬ƫ ƭ⍺ೕ ‫ٳ‬ƿƫ‫ٱ‬ij ᠻᆽ¸ ƯnjƱ‫ٱ‬Ĵư Ưō◵‫ٵ‬ƫ ʮ Ɨ‫ٱ‬ij ẵ ‫ٳ‬ƿ┌ ᷪ‫ٱ‬ij ‫ٳ ٳ‬Ǐ ‫ٳ ٳ‬ ‫ٵ‬ ‫ٵ‬ ǔ ǔǔ ǔ ƹǎư‫ٶ‬œ ʼn₩‫ٱ‬ij ឳ౐ ً’ᦩ Ũ‫ٵ‬ƬŐƈ ƭ‫ٱ‬Ĵƃţ Ŋnj ưⓔ Ķǎ ưœǀƱ ͚ ╭⇘ ⛨ ౟ ᢻij‫  ٱ‬ʯ ᑴ‫ٱ‬ĴǕư »൯‫ٳ‬ǀnjƱ ،ƽ‫ٶ‬œ ᑋ ‫ٳ‬ƿij‫ ٱ‬ǁƦij‫̖ ◵  ٱ‬຋ ʮ Ɨ‫ٱ‬ij  Ŗǎ ƶ ‫ٳٶ‬ ‫ٳ‬ nj ǔ ‫ ᙺ؟‬ŖnjƶƂఞ ឧő‫ٱ‬Ĵư ‫ٶ‬œ‫ٵ‬ƫඒ‫ٵ‬ƫ ‫ٶ‬œƫ‫ٶ‬œ౎ ‫ٱ‬Ĵǎ ư ᙺ᯵¸ ‫ٵ‬ ǔ Ǖ ǖ ǔ ƩƸō‫ٱ‬ij Ḟ (۷)  ẵ ƭ‫ٶ‬œΈ ʮ ‫ٳ‬ƿᆿ ‫ٳ‬ƿ◂ ᡳ‫ٱ‬ij‫ٵ‬ƫ ᷪ‫ٱ‬ij  ᙴ ’ ຋ Ũ‫ٱ‬Ĵư ◵ ƿ◂ ᡳij‫ ٱ‬ƫ ࢫij‫ ڄ  ٱ‬ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij  — ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ،¸ œ‫ٱ‬Ĵƙ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٱ‬ij ‫ ڄ‬ሶ ʮ Ų ‫ٳ‬ ‫ٵ‬ ‫ٶ‬ Ǎ ǔƱ ǖ ǖ ǔ  ʼnœǀnj  ᤍ űѺ Ưǎ Ʊᑌ ‫ٳ‬ƿƫ‫ٱ‬ij ຝ◵ ⇹ ͚ ƻ‫ٱ‬ij ᢣ⁇‫ٵ‬ƫ Ə’  ᙴ ᙺ‫ٳ‬ƿ⚮ ᧖↵༘ ‫  ͚ ⊀ء‬ƻᨯ ͚ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ጶ ƭ◵ž ᨪ – ᠻɤ ‫ٳٶ‬ ‫ٵ‬ Ǎ ‫ٱ ƒ ؟‬Ĵǎ ư ᙴ ᾱ‫ٵ‬ƫƿ ਜ਼‫ٶ‬œ ʮ ‫ٳ‬ Ǖ ǖ ǖ ǔ ǔ  Ɠ ƻُ ‫ٱ‬ij ጶ ، ᨨ⚮ ‫ٱ‬ij‫ٳ‬ƿὉ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫ‫ٱ‬ij ឞĴ‫ ٱ‬ƙ ، ᆖ‫ٱ‬Ĵnjư ، ‫ ، ܚ‬ᠷ‫ٱ‬ijᆢ Ɠ ƻ‫ٱ‬ijጶ ، ᨨ⚮ ‫ٳ‬ƿᥭ‫ٱ‬ij ඟ ޵ ຈ‫ٱ‬ij ƿƫ‫ٱ‬ij ƭ◵ž ᣒij‫  ٱ‬ƭ‫ٱ‬ij᢯ ጶ(۸) ‫ٳ‬ ‫ٵٳ‬ ǔǔ ǔǖ ǔ ư‫ٶ‬œǀƱ ͚ ╭⇘ ⛨ ، ᨨ⚮ ƿፆ‫ٱ‬ijƫ ‫ٶ‬œij‫ ٱ‬ቛ‫ٱ‬ij ĵ˜ ، ʧ‫ٳ‬ƿ ‫ٱ‬ij‫ٵ‬ƫƿ Ɠ ŕ‫ٳ‬ƿƓ్ ƿ࿬‫ٱ‬ij ጶ ، ᨨ⚮ ‫ٳ‬ƿĴ‫ ٱ‬ťƷƓ‫ٱ‬ij š ƻ‫ٱ‬ij ،᧖œ ঔij‫ ٱ‬ᤥ ، ᨨ⚮ ଷ  ឧő Ķǎ ‫ٳ‬ ‫ٵ ٳ‬ ‫ٳ‬ ‫ٳ‬ ‫ٶ‬ ǖ Ǣ ǔ ǔǗ ǔ ŗ‫ٱ‬Ĵƀ Ə’ ‫ٱ‬Ĵǎ ư ‫؟‬ᙴ ƾƸĽƙ Ì ƭ‫ٱ‬Ĵƃţ  ƻᆽ ޵ ᠶਵ ş‫ٵ‬ƫ‫ٳ‬ƿ ޵ આij‫ٵ ٱ‬ƫ “ Ũ‫ٱ‬Ĵư ‫ٱ‬Ĵưᐋ ◵ ŕ↵༘ ŕ↵༘ ،¸  ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ŕ↵༘ – ¸ ǂ ‫ٳ‬Ǐ nj ǔ ǖ (ƭ ‫ٳᙺ۔‬ƿ ŕ{‫ٳ‬ƿ ᑋ ƽ‫ٶ‬œ౎ ŕ‫ٵ‬ƫ ᑋ  — Ɨ‫ٱ‬ij) ؎۱ ‫ ،ﻻﯾﻣوت ﻓﯾﮫﺎ وﻻﯾﺣﯾٰﯽ‬ᙴ ᮗ ǔ (۱۳/۸۷ ᦲ࠸‫ٱ‬ij ƻ‫ٓ ٱ‬ijࠉ‫ٱ‬ij؎۱) ǖ ǖ Ǖ  ƮƊ‫ٱ‬Ĵƙ‫ٱ‬ij ẵ Ժᨩ‫ٶ‬œ ᶱ‫ٳ‬ƿో͚ ƭዩ Ŵ᥏ ጶ ᑋໃ ঔ‫ٱ‬Ĵƙ‫ٳ‬ƿ ŕ‫ٵ‬ƫ – ᢒ‫ٶ‬œɤ ‫ ڄ‬ᨪ ẵ ƭ‫ٶ‬œΈ ʮ ‫ٳ‬ƿᆿ‫ٵ‬ƫ ካ ‫ٳ‬ƿ◂ ᡳ‫ٱ‬ijƫ Ɨ‫ٱ‬ij (۹) ‫ٵ‬ nj Ǖō ǔ ǔ ''ŲƩơ ‫ٱ‬ij Ɨ‫ٱ‬ij‫ٳ‬ƿ  ŲƩƸō‫ٱ‬ij Ḟ'' ঔ‫ٱ‬Ĵƙ‫ٳ‬ƿ ⍽෇ ʮ ŕԺ – ᙺ ࡚ ƻŒƈ‫ٱ‬ij ◵ űও࿬ Ժᨩ‫ٶ‬œ ͚ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij  —  ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ͚ ሱ ‫ٳ‬ƿƫ‫ٱ‬ij ᙺ ᓦ‫ٳ‬ƿ¸ ‫ٵ‬ Ǎ ǔƱ ǔٰ ǔ  ḍ ŕԺ ▨‫ٱ‬ij‫ٳ‬ƿ ‫ ۔‬ᙴ x ຝ ‫ ڄ‬ᒦ౼ ዐ ʮ ᧖œ ƻ͛‫ٳ‬ƿǀnj  ŕ⍱‫ٵ‬ƫ Ʈţ’ ⊇ ƏỼ‫ٱ‬ij ఌ ‫ٱ‬Ĵƶō࿬‫ٳ‬ƿƫ‫ٱ‬ij ‫۔‬ᑋ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ۰۲ ◤  ᙺ᯵ ຝ ‫ڄ‬ ‫ٶ‬ ‫ٳ‬ ‫ٵ‬ nj ǔ ‫ٳ۔‬ƿᅆᶲ ⃴ Ժᨩ‫ٶ‬œ ჷŒƙ‫ٱ‬ij ᶱƿో Ɨ‫ٳ‬ƿో ŖƶƊ ≐ ᢇ ⁚‫ٱ‬ij ‫ٳ‬ Ǣ ǖ ǖ Ǖ  ⃊ƿ ʮ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ຋ ƒ ‫ٱ ƒ ؟‬Ĵǎ ư ᙺ ƯĹỼ ʮ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ‫ ƒ ۔‬űٰƿῇ ◵ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij  — Ɨ‫ٱ‬ij  — Ɨ‫ٱ‬ij ດ ǂŗ‫ٱ‬Ĵƀ ຋ ƆŒƀ‫ٱ‬ij Ɠ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ʮ ƮƊ‫ٱ‬Ĵƙ‫ٱ‬ij Ɨ‫ٱ‬ij ‫ ٳ‬Ǎ ‫ٳ‬ ‫ٳ‬Ǐ Ǎ Ǎ Ǎ ǖ ǔ ǖ ǖ ǖ ǔ   — Ɨ‫ٱ‬ij ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫ‫ٱ‬ij ‫؟‬ʯ ‫ٶ‬œ‫ٱ‬ijቛ‫ٱ‬ij ʯ ᓥ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ຋  ƒ ‫ٱ ƒ ؟‬Ĵǎ ư ᙺ ƭ‫ٳ‬ƿᆽ‫ٱ‬ij ௲ ◵ ƭᰋ ‫ٳ‬ƿƫ‫ٱ‬ij ƭᰋ Ɠ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij຋  ƒ ‫ٱ ƒ ؟‬Ĵǎ ư ᙺ Ʈnj Ƹ Ɗ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫ ‫ٳ‬ ‫ٵ‬ Ǎ Ǎ ǖ ǔ ǖ ǖ Ǖ ‫ٱ ƒ ؟‬Ĵǎ ư ᙺ ƭ‫ٳ‬ƿᆽ‫ٱ‬ij ᓉ ‫ ڄ‬ᨪ ᑴ‫ٱ‬Ĵư »൯‫ٳ‬ǀnjƱ ‫ٱ؟‬Ĵư¸ ƒ  ƻ͑›‫ٱ‬ij ʼn‫ٵ‬ƫ‫ٱ‬ij »൯‫ٳ‬ǀnjƱ ‫؟‬༶‫ٳ‬ǀnjƱ ៮‫ٱ‬ij‫ٵ‬ƫš ޵ ‫ٱ‬Ĵǎ ư ʮ Ə ⁇ ƭ‫ٳ‬ƿ┌ ű‫ٳ‬ƿষ  ভ‫ٱ‬ij ǔ ǖ ǖ ǖ ǖ  ‫ٱ‬Ĵư ‫ٶ‬Ŕǎ ƶnj ŧŌ‫ٱ‬ij ᧖‫ٱ܊‬ij↶ ጶ ƭőิ‫ٵ‬ƫ ƭőᠷ – ᢒ‫ٶ‬œઈ‫ٳ‬ǁƒ ࢫ‫ٱ‬ij‫ڬ‬ƵƟţ ‫ ڄ‬ᨪ ẵ ƭ‫ٶ‬œΈ ʮ ঔŒnjš∈ ૽ ،༭ ،‫ٳ‬ƿุ ،ǀǎƱ∈ ᷪ‫ٱ‬ij (۱۰) nj ‫ٳ‬ ǔ ǔ ǔǔ Ǖ ٰ ƠŬ ǔ  ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫ‫ٱ‬ij ‫║ ᙺ؟‬ij‫ٵ ٱ‬ƫ ƏŒš ‫ٱ‬Ĵƙ ƻƓ ẵ  — ƻ‫ٱ‬ij ‫ٱ‬Ĵǎ ư  ᙴ ƭ‫ٱ‬ij₩‫ٵ‬ƫ ᣆ Ʈƛ ៮¸ ‫ٳ‬ƿƓ్  — ŕᠼ‫ٱ‬ij ƭ̡‫ٱ‬ij  Ųّ ů  ŕ⃛ᠷ ࿮‫ٱ‬Ĵư‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٱ‬ij ᕢ ‫ٳ‬ƿỜ‫ٱ‬ij ‫ٳ‬ nj nj
  • 9. ǔ ǔ ǔ ǔ   ˙ ƻ‫؟ﺑَﯾّﻧُوْ ا ﺗُؤﺟﺮُوْ ا)۝‬ʯ ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٱ‬ij‫ٳ‬ǁƦ ᓥ ⚯ š ‫ٳ‬ǀǎƱˆ‫ٳ‬ǀnjƱ ǀǎƱˆ ،‫ٳ‬ƿij‫ ٱ‬ǁƒ‫ٳ‬ǀnjƱ ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٱ‬ijǁƒ ‫ٳ‬ǀnjƱ‫ٱ‬ijǀnjƱ ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫ‫ٱ‬ij ᓦ‫ٳ‬ƿ ƻƓ Ưō‫ٱ‬Ĵƀ ◵ ŕ↵༘຋  ᙴ ᣆ Ʈƛ Ʈnjţ ‫ٳ‬ ‫ٳ‬ ‫ٳ ٳ ٳ‬ nj nj َ ْ nj ِ ǖ (ƭ ‫۔‬ᠻ‫ٱ‬ĴǍư œ‫ٱ‬ij   ⒥ ᣆ !ƭ‫ٳ‬ƿ ƽႍ ƽ‫ٱ‬ij‫رَ ب اﺣﮐم ﺑﺎﻟﺣق ورﺑﻧﺎ اﻟﺮﺣﻣن اﻟﻣﺳﺘﻌﺎن ﻋﻠﯽ ﻣﺎﺗﺻﻔون ۱؎۔‬ nj ِّ ǖ ǔ ǔ (ƭ) ¸ ྂԢ ฐ ጶ š  ƻ຋‫ٱ‬Ĵnjư ƻ‫ٱ‬ij ᙺ ‫ٳ‬ƿ◵‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٶ‬œ ‫ٶ‬œో ʮ ᘳ ƻ‫ٱ‬ĴŮŢ‫ٳ‬ƿ ƭ‫ٳ‬ƿ ƽ‫ٳ‬ƿᛸ ‫ٳ‬ƿƫ‫ٱ‬ij ‫۔‬ƽ‫ٶ‬œઈ‫ٳ‬ǁƒ ‫ٵ‬ nj ǔ (۱۱۲/ ۲۱      ᦲ࠸‫ٱ‬ij ƻ‫ٓ ٱ‬ijࠉ‫ٱ‬ij ؎۱) ǖ ǖ  ◵ የ ƭ⃒‫ٱ‬ij‫ٵ‬ƫ Ə’‫ٱ‬Ĵǎ ư ‫ٳ‬ƿ᪲‫ٱ‬ij ẵ ᛹ƫ ŕ‫ٶ‬œ‫ٱ‬ijƿ‫ٱ‬ij ͚ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ijĴ‫ ٱ‬ǎ ư ƭ╒‫ٱ‬ijƫ Ə⁇  ᙴ ʼn‫ٱ‬ijᶰ Ɨ‫ٶ‬œ ᨪ !Ʈţ’ űᑊຮ űও࿬ ƭዩ ‫ٳ ٵ‬ ‫ٵ‬ Ǎ nj nj ǔ ǔ ǔƱ ǔ  ޵ ຋ ᙺ » ‫ ڄ‬ᨪ Ķǎ ư‫ٶ‬œ‫ٳ‬ǀ  ͚ ƭዩ ˆ‫ٱ‬ij Ռ ű‫ٶ‬œ ဇ ʮ ƻ‫ٶ‬œ ིƓ ƭዩ  — ƭ‫ٱ‬ijጶ ᜑ  ᨨĴ‫ٱ‬nj ư ،‫ٳ‬ƿὉ‫ٱ‬ij š ≛ ű‫ٶ‬œ ǂŗ ƭ‫ٱ‬ijጶ ‫ٳ‬Ǐ nj nj nj nj ǔ ǖ  Ȭ ʼnᠷ ◵ ‫ء‬Œķ‫ٵ‬ƫ ، ᑋઈ‫ٳ‬ƿ ◵ Ưō◵‫ٵ‬ƫ ƭ‫ٱ‬ij ،ᢒ‫ٶ‬œ  ‫ٶ‬œ᨞  ƭ‫ٱ‬ijጶ ດ ᙺ ⃛ᠷ Ɠ ᓥ⚮ Ḝ຋ ␠  ᙴᒎ ‫ٳ‬ƿ┌ ሱ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ᢒ‫ٶ‬œઈ‫ٳ‬ǁƒ ඟ Ǎ nj nj ł  ឳĴ‫ ٱ‬ƙ ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٱ‬Ĵnjư ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٱ‬Ĵnjư ،ᠻԢ ̖‫ٵ‬ƫ ०ij‫  ٱ‬ẵ ᪕œƫ ࿷ শij‫   ٱ‬ᙴᒎ ቊ ຋  ᙴ ྂ‫ٱ‬ijǂƺlj  ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij – ‫ٱ‬Ĵǎ ư‫ٶ‬œ ̖຋ ‫ٳ‬ƿᥭ‫ٱ‬ij Ɠ ƭዩ  ƻ຋ో ‫۔‬ ‫ٵٶ‬ ‫ٳ‬nj Ǎ nj ǔǔ ǖ ǔ  ͚ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ‫ٶ‬œ͙ ‫ٶ‬œ᨞ ƻ‫ٱ‬Ĵnjư‫ٳ‬ƿ ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫ‫ٳ‬ǀnjƱ ௶ Ʈţ’ űƿষ{ᒎ  ٓĴ‫ ٱ‬ŋ‫ٱ‬Ĵnjư ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫ‫ٱ‬ij ،ʮ ‫ٳ‬ƿᥭ‫ٱ‬ij ᘳ ῝࿬᥏ ᓥ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ດ ʮ ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٱ‬ijඑ ʮ Ɨ‫ٱ‬ij  — ƭ‫ٱ‬ijƿỜ‫ٱ‬ij‫ٵ‬ƫ ‫ٳ‬ ‫ٳ‬ Ǎ nj Ǎ ǖ ǔ  š ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ʯ ‫ ƒ ؟‬ឳⓔ ͚ ƭx ƻ‫ٱ‬ij ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ʯ ‫؟‬ᔗᒎ  ƒ ᣆ ş℈‫ٵ‬ƫ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ijʯ ‫ ⇘ࢳ ƒ ۔‬ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ijʯ ،‫ٱ‬ij¸ ŕ‫ٵ‬ƫ Ũᆢ‫ٱ‬ij ◵ ሱ ՠ ̖‫ٵ‬ƫ Ǎ Ǎ Ǎ Ǎ ǔ Ǘ Ǘ ǔ ǔ  Ũ‫ٱ‬ij⊾  — ᑴᣙš ‫ٵ‬ƫ ᑴ‫ٱ‬ij᤹ ،ᠻ‫ٳ‬ƿ࿬ ᑋ ŖƶŬ ẵ ᣆ ఽ ⚮ ƻઈ Ɠ ࢫij‫ٳ  ٱ‬ƿƫ‫ٱ‬ij ᠻ ƿᝲ ij‫ٳ ٱ‬ƿᶲ ◵  ƻ‫ٵ‬ƫᮃ‫ٵ‬ƫœ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ‫ ƒ ؟‬Ũ‫ٳ‬ƿő ᨪண ०ij‫ٶ  ٱ‬œ᨞ ‫ٳ ٵ‬ ‫ ٶ‬Ǎ ǔǔ Ǘ  শ‫ٱ‬ij ،ᢒ‫ٶ‬œ ẵ ᦳ‫ٵ‬ƫ █ শij‫،  ٱ‬ᢒ‫ٶ‬œ ƭ‫ٱ‬ijጶ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫij‫ ᙺ۔  ٱ‬ŕŔšij‫ ٱ‬࿬ š ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ‫֯ ᙺ۔‬ඍ ẵ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij  ƻᓦ  ƻᓦ ،ᠻ‫ٳ‬ƿ຋ ᑋ Ũ‫ٶ‬œ◵ ᧖ૹ ‫ٶ‬ Ǎ Ǎ Ǎ nj Ǖ Ǣ ǔ ŗ‫ٱ‬Ĵƀ š ⒆ ᖗ‫ٱ‬ij ᣆ ،ᠻᆽ ຋ ƘŐƨǍ ƸǍţ ʮ Ũ‫ٱ‬ij⊾ – ᢒ‫ٶ‬œ⚮ ‫ٳ‬ƿፆ‫ٱ‬ij Ə’ ᑋ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫ ،ᢒ‫ٶ‬œ ẵ ᪕œƫ ࿷  š ᧖ර ƻ‫ٱ‬ij ͚ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ‫ ᙺ۔‬ᖞ¸ ǂ ‫ٳ‬Ǐ ‫ٵٶ‬ Ǎ Ǘ ǖ ō ǔ ǔ ‫۔‬ᠻ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij š űᕄ ⚮ ƿᝲ Ư ŒŶ ¸ ⒭຋ ቊ ẵ  — ƻ‫ٱ‬ij ਴ ᠻ‫ٱ‬ĴǍư ş℈‫ٵ‬ƫ ‫ڄ‬ ٰ ‫ٳ‬ ٰ ‫واﷲ ﯾﮫدی ﻣن ﯾﺷﺂء اﻟﯽ ﺻﺮاط ﻣﺳﺘﻘﯾم، وﺣﺳﺑﻧﺎ اﷲ وﻧﻌم اﻟوﮐﯾل ، وﻻﺣول‬ ٰ ٰ ٰ ‫وﻻﻗوة اﻻ ﺑﺎﷲ اﻟﻌﻠﯽ اﻟﻌظﯾم، وﺻﻠﯽ ا ﷲ ﺗﻌﺎﻟﯽ ﻋﻠﯽ ﺳﯾدﻧﺎوﻣوﻟﻧﺎ وﻧﺎﺻﺮﻧﺎ وﻣﺎوﻧﺎ‬ ٰ ٰ o‫ﷴ واﻟہ وﺻﺣﺑہ اﺟﻣﻌﯾن، واﻟﺣﻣد ﷲ رب اﻟﻌﺎﻟﻣﯾن‬ ᪕‫ٶ‬œ ǔ ŖƶƊ ≐ űƿ‫ٶ‬œⓔ  ƻ᥏ ⃊ƿ ᤉ‫ٱ‬ij ␠ ‫ٳ‬ ‫ٳ‬ ǔ nj ǔ ࡚ ‫ٶ‬œ᨞ ᓥ ␠ Ɠ ᾳ ‫ٳ‬ƿᚫ ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫƿ DŽ‫ ۸۲۳۱؁‬ŕࠒ‫ٱ‬ij űœ ͯ ş‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ‫ٳ ٳ‬ ‫ٶ‬
  • 10. ‫۔‬ij‫¸ ٱ‬ඁ‫ٱ‬ij ẵ ᪕‫ٶ‬œƫ ࿷ űႍ ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫ‫ٱ‬ij ‫ٵ‬ !‫ﮐﺎش ﯾہ ﺑﺎت اﺳﯽ وﻗت طﮯ ﮨوﺟﺎﺗﯽ‬ ‫اﯾک ﺗﺎرﯾﺧﯽ ﺧط‬ ٰ (‫)ﺑﺎﻓﺎﺿہ ﺣﺿﺮة ﻋﻼﻣہ ﻣوﻟﻧﺎ ﺣﺳﻧﯾن رﺿﺎﺧﺎں ﺑﺮﯾﻠوی ﻣدظﻠہ اﻟﻌﺎﻟﯽ‬ ǔ ǔ Ǣ ǔ Ǘ Ǘ  űƫœ ឋഋ‫ٵ‬ƫ Ũ‫ٱ‬ĴƃƊ ƻผ‫ٵ‬ƫ Ũij‫ ⊀ء ⚮ ٱ‬ƽǀnjƱ ƽǀnjƱ ͚ ᑵ‫ٶ‬œ ،ຮ ၚ‫ٱ‬ij ៖ ⇽‫ٵ‬ƫ ƭ∇ ‫ٱ‬ijƿ‫ٱ‬Ĵƙ š የ  ེ‫ٳ‬ƿ⇜ ƿᶰ ᧖œ ŕ‫ٵ‬ƫ ʮ Ժ ᨩ‫ٶ‬œ ᠻ⊀ ‫ٶٵ‬ ‫ٳ ٳ‬ ‫ٳ‬ ‫ٳ‬ ‫ٶ‬ nj ǔ ǖ ǔ ǔ  ሴ‫ٱ‬Ĵƙ ◵ ƻⅿ‫ٱ‬ijƫ ƻᰋ ჷŒƙ‫ٱ‬ij ຤ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫij‫ ¸  ٱ‬ᥢ ⎏ ᨪ ƭ‫ٳ‬ƿ₩ ⛨ – ຮᓦ‫ٳ‬ƿ ƭ¨ శ ཡ ‫ٶ‬œ‫ٳ‬ƿœ ǂŗ ‫۔‬༳ Վ ƿ‫ ܍‬Ũ‫ٱ‬ij⊾‫ٵ‬ƫ Ũ‫ٱ‬ijᡏő‫ٱ‬ij ‫ٵ‬ ‫ٳ‬ ‫ٳ ٶ‬Ǐ ‫ٳ‬ Ǎ ‫۔‬આ   ƻ᥏⃊‫ٳ‬ƿ ᤉ‫ٱ‬ij Ũઈ‫ٱ‬ij  ∼‫ٱ‬ij ‫ٶ‬œ୴ š ሱ ༠ ᑋ ᣒij‫  ٱ‬Ŀ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ĵॅ¸ ᨪ ʮ ƣ‫ٱ‬ij⎈‫ٱ‬ij ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫij‫ — ⎏  ٱ‬ჷŒƙij‫  ٱ‬຤ ‫ٳ‬ƿƫ‫ٱ‬ij ᧖‫ٶ‬œ ‫ٵ‬ Ǖ Ǖ ǖ  ʮ ྲྀ ͚ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫij‫  ٱ‬Ə᨞ ◵ ᘳ஝ ʮ ƭ ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij‫ٵ‬ƫ ᑵ‫ٶ‬œ ʮ  ƻᑊ೛ ،‫ٶ‬œƿ‫ٶ‬œ ៮᪵‫ٱ‬ij ◵ ŨŒƙij‫،  ٱ‬ᔗ‫ٳ‬ƿ ៮‫ٱ‬Ĵƙฑ Ɨ࿬᥏ ،ŕᮃ Ɨ┌ űᦡ‫ٳ‬ǀnjƱ ‫ٳ‬ Ǎ ǔ ǔ ǖ ǖ ƅţ ⊿එ ⍱ ‫ٵ‬ƫ ⊿එ ẵ ե ،ű‫ٶ‬œ ƭ⊾‫ٶ‬œ š ƭ⊾‫ٶ‬œ Ɠ Ժᨩ‫ٶ‬œ ‫ٱ، ⊀ء‬Ĵǎ ưœ⚮ ᠉ ޵ ‫ٳ‬ƿƫij‫  ٱ‬ƭආ Ɠ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ᓥ űƿ‫ٱ‬ij‫ٶ‬œ ࿮‫ٶ‬œ  ،ࡰ ž‫ٵ‬Ƭ ‫ ٶ‬ǖ ‫ ٵ‬nj ‫ٳ‬ Ǎ ǖ Ǖ ƴ ǔ ǔ   — ƭŒĻơŬ ᭵ ƻ೛ ، ᙴ ࢑  ޮ⃛ š  ƻ‫ٵ‬ƫ‫ٶ‬œ᫇ ʮ ŨŒƙij‫  ٱ‬ẵ  ƻ຋‫ٳ‬ƿ⇜ ƻ‫ٱ‬ij űƿ‫ٱ‬Ĵljů !‫ٵ‬ƫԺ ͚ ࢫ‫ٱ‬ij ƽ‫ٱ‬ij –  ‫  ڔ‬ƻ‫ٱ‬Ĵǎ ưሺ‫ٳ‬ƿ ‫ٳ‬ Ǘ ǘ ǖ  ƿᥭ‫ٱ‬ij Ɠ ŕ‫ٱ‬ij‫ٳ‬ƿ Ɨ‫ٱ‬ij ‫ٳ‬ƿƫ‫ٱ‬ij  ੻⚮ Ə’ Ɠ ŖŎŪථ Ɨ‫ٱ‬ij⚮ DžƷǎ ƹnj ư ฐ ᗏ ،ƫ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ‫ ᙺ۔‬ᘳ‫ٳ‬ƿ ¸ ‫ٶ‬œ‫ٱ‬Ĵnjư‫ٳ‬ǀnjƱ ‫ ڄ‬ƭ ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ʮ Ɨ‫ٱ‬ij ອ‫ٱ‬Ĵƙ ͚ᑵ‫ٶ‬œ ،ᙺ য় ‫ٳ‬ ‫ٵ‬ ‫ٵ‬  ˆ‫ٱ‬ij ‫ٱ‬Ĵǎ ưʯ ƭᇰ‫ٱ‬ij ẵ Ɨ‫ٱ‬ij ຋ ‫ٱ‬Ĵǎ ư ᓥ Ժᨩ‫ٶ‬œ ‫ٳ‬ǀnjƱ◵‫ٱ‬ij – Ɨ⏁‫ٱ‬ij ດ ،¸ ಐ žij‫ ⁇ ٱ‬ৗ ͚  ƻᑊ೛ ‫ٳ‬ƿƫ‫ٱ‬ij ‫ ◵ ⋖ ཮ء‬ŨŒƙij‫  ٱ‬ጶ  ᨨ⚮ ‫ٵ‬ nj ǔ ǖ ō ‫۔‬ᘳ‫ٳ‬ƿǂƺňƶŬ‫ٱ‬ij‫ٶ‬œ ՏཡỼ ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫij‫  ٱ‬Ư ჏ ،ᰩ⚮ ᑋ ᤕij‫  ٱ‬຋ ʭ ‫ ڄ‬ƽ∄‫ٵ‬ƫ ‫ٳ‬ǎ Ǖ ǖ nj ş‫ٵ‬ƫ∇ শij‫  ٱ‬ş‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ⎏ ᨪ Ѕඍ ͚  ƻᣯ{‫ٱ‬ij͚ ƯƦƫ Ɨ‫ٱ‬ij –ŒĻǔ Ʋ ᨪ ᅩ ◵ Ɨ‫ٵ‬ƫ‫ٳ‬ƿ Ɨ‫ٱ‬ij ʮ Ժᨩ‫ٶ‬œ ‫⊀ء‬ nj  Ə⁇ ᑋ ẵ ሱ  ઍ š ‫ٵ‬ Ǘ njƱ Ǖ ǖ ǖ ǔ  ᘳ‫ٳ‬ƿ¸ ű‫ٶ‬œĴ‫ ٱ‬nj ư‫ٳ‬ǀnjƱ ‫ ڄ‬ƭ ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ʮ ƻ᨞‫ٱ‬Ĵƙ న ʮ Ɨ‫ٱ‬ij ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫij‫  ٱ‬ƮƊ኱ űǀ  ե Ķǎ ư‫ٱ‬ij Ӌ ᙺᓦ‫ٳ‬ƿ ઍ ƻጰ ‫ٶ‬Ŕǎ ưỺ Ɠ ᑵ‫ٶ‬œ ʮ  ƻᑊ೛ ‫ٳ‬ ‫ᙺ۔‬ ǔ nj şijٓ‫  ٱ‬ᓥ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ጶ ᙺ‫ٳ‬ƿ⚮ ଷ ጷ ʮ ᦳ ᢷƿ‫ٱ‬Ĵǖư Ķǎ ưij‫، ͚  ٱ‬ŕᮃ Ɨ┌ űᦡ‫ٳ‬ǀnjƱ Ũઈ‫ٱ‬ij ∼‫ٱ‬ij ‫ٶ‬œ୴  — ᦅœ ᗏ ‫ٶ‬  ʼn‫ٱ‬Ĵƙ ؎۱ᬖ᪄ًᠽ൰ ẵ ‫ٳ‬ Ǎ ‫۔‬ຮ ᖞ ᆪ  —''‫ 'داﻓﻊ اﻟﻔﺳﺎد ﻋن ﻣﺮاد آﺑﺎد‬ঔ‫ٱ‬Ĵƙ‫ٳ‬ƿ ጶ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫij‫  ٱ‬ຮ ࡚ Ɠ űᑊຮ ⊇ ƏỼ‫ٱ‬ij űও࿬  — DŽ۱۳۲۹ ⓡ (ⓡ ʼn‫ٱ‬Ĵƙ ƽᑊ ًᠽ൰ ẵ ƭ‫ٱ‬ij Ѕඍ ͚ DŽ‫  ۹۱۴۱؁‬ŕ‫ٶ‬œጶ࿬ ؎۱) nj
  • 11. ،‫ﻣﻌﺎوﺿہ ﻋﺎﻟﯾہ اﻣﺎم ﺑﺮﯾﻠوی ﻗدس ﺳﺮه‬ ‫ﻧﻘل‬ ‫ﺑﻧﺎم‬ ‫ﻣوﻟوی اﺷﺮف ﻋﻠﯽ ﺻﺎﺣب ﺗﮫﺎﻧوی‬ ౹౸౷౶﷽ ‫ﻧﺣﻣده، وﻧﺻﻠﯽ ﻋﻠﯽ رﺳوﻟہ اﻟﮐﺮﯾم‬ ،űŔljŌ‫ٱ‬ij ஦‫ٱ‬ij ༗ ⊇ ŨŒƟō‫ٱ‬ij ‫ٰٶ‬ ǔ ǖ  ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij – ᙺ ĵ௦ ਴ ‫ٶ‬œ‫ٱ‬Ĵnjư‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ‫ٶ‬œ‫ٱ‬ij౎‫ٶ‬œij‫ٶ ٱ‬œ ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٱ‬ijǁƦ ŕᕄථ Ʈơţ ƭ‫ٱ‬ij ᙺ ᓦƿ ƽ‫ٶ‬œ ƭ⊾‫ٶ‬œ Ɠ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ẵ  ƻ຋ో ຋ ،ঔŒnjš ∈ »┌ ǀǎƱ∈ ŕ͛‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٱ‬Ĵnjư ␠ ‫ٳ‬ ‫ٳ‬ ‫ٳ‬ Ǎ nj nj Ǎ ǔǔ ǖ  ᚪš ᪗‫ٶ‬œ ᘳ‫ٵ‬ƫ ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫ‫ٱ‬ij  ᨨœᴨ ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫij‫   ٱ‬Ư ⚮ ࡙  Ư ⚙ ጶ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫij‫ ، —   ٱ‬ƻ¸ ŕ‫ٶ‬œઈ‫ٓ ٱ‬ijƓ ᘳ‫ٶ‬œ ƭ‫ٱ‬ijጶ ʮ ი‫ٱۃ‬ij Ũᡶ‫ٶ‬Ŕš‫ٱ‬ij࿬‫ٵ‬ƫ ƭő‫ٱ‬ijᶰ ‫ٳ‬ ‫ٶ‬ Ǎ nj ǖ  ƒ|͚ ƫ Ɠ ⛨ ẵ  — ᤪǁƒ ͚  ᠷᆽ ᡨ‫ٶ‬œƓ Ŋnj ưิ ᤪǁƒ ƯƦƫ ᷪ‫ٱ‬ij ‫ٳ‬ ‫ٳ‬ ‫ٵ‬ ǔ nj  ʮ ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫ‫ٳ‬ƿ ŕ‫ٳ‬ƿ ، ໧ Ɠ ஒ ᥑ ʮ Ɨ‫ٱ‬ij Ɠ ŕ‫ٳ‬ƿঈ ş‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ،ᙺ ៮¸ ‫ٳ‬ƿ฾ ৗ ͚ ŕ↵༘(DŽ۱۳۱۹ ⁨ ۲۷ — ŕᕄථ ‫ٳᙺ۔‬ƿ ᑋ ផѬ ʮ ‫ٳ‬ ǖ ǔ Ǖ ǖ  ᙩ຋  — ᲏‫ٵ‬ƫ ⊑ ৘೶ ࢫij‫ ⇘ࢳ ₆  ٱ‬ḍ ‫ٳ‬ƿᑊ š ‫ٳ‬ƿᢱ Ɨ┌‫ٱ‬ij ƻ‫ٱ‬Ĵƙ ƭx ᨪ – ƿ┌ ᷪ‫ٱ‬ij،ᙺ ☮ ᘳ ƭ‫ٱ‬Ĵnjư  ƻᓦ‫ٵ‬ƫ ‫ ᙺ۔‬fi◵ ဇ ‫ٳ‬ Ǣ ǔ ،ᙺ᯵¸ ǂŗ‫ٱ‬Ĵƀ š ƻᦳ‫ٱ‬ij ᖗ‫ٱ‬ij — ༴ ‫ٵ‬ƫœ ৘೶ ᑋϡ ᨪ ‫ٱ ƒ ؟‬Ĵǎ ư  ᙴ ‫ٳ‬Ǐ ‫ٶ‬  Ǖ ǔ ǔ ǔ ǔ ǖ ǖ ǖ  ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ᙺ‫ٱ‬Ĵư⚮ ƿ฾ ৗ ͚ Ɨ‫ٱ‬ij ᾳƫ‫ٶ‬œ ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫǁƒ‫ٱ‬ij ƻᆽ ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫ‫ٳ‬ƿ ⁨ ۲۷ ᨲ ͚⚮ 5຋ š ƮŰŢƿ‫ٵ‬ƫ ƭ‫ٳ‬ƿ┌ ʮ Ɨ‫ٱޚ‬ij‫ٵ‬ƫœ ≅ Ɨ‫ٱ‬ij ␠ ‫ٱ‬ij্ ‫ٳ‬ ‫ٳ ٳ ٵ‬ ‫ٳ‬ ‫ٳ‬ ‫ٶ‬ Ǎ ǖ  Ɠ ᧖œ ∼ij‫ٵ ٱ‬ƫ ᗏij‫ٱ౎ ٱ‬ij Ɨ‫ٱ‬ij ƭ‫ٱ‬ij‫ٱ܌‬Ĵnjư ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫij‫ ۔  ٱ‬ƻ¸ — ‫ٶ‬œ‫ٱ‬Ĵnjư‫ٓ ٱ‬ijœ‫ٱ‬ij౎ ” ʮ ⁨ ۲۷ ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫij‫   ٱ‬ᨨ⚮ ᑋ‫ٱ‬ijƫ‫ٳ‬ƿ ᪗‫ٶ‬œ ű࿷ ভ‫ٱ‬ij »఩ ʮ ʼnⓧ ً‫ٱ‬ij‫ٳ‬ƿ⑸ ‫ٶ‬ ‫ٶ‬ ‫ٵ‬ Ǎ ǔ  ᨪ ‫ٱ‬ijŔśƍŬ ‫ ¸؟‬ƿྋ  ƻ͑ ̖຋ ʮ ŕ‫ٳ‬ƿబ ⍱ ౷ ߅‫ٱ‬Ĵnjư ╭⇘ ،͛ ᠻɤ ʯ ̖‫ٵ‬ƫ ֆ  ᰧɤ ᑛ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ʮ ʼn‫ٶ‬œ শ‫ٱ‬ij  ੻⚮ ↬ ‫ٳ‬ ‫ٶ‬ Ǎ ǖ œ᨞ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ˆ‫ٱ‬ij ‫ ˸؟‬Ưō◵‫ٵ‬ƫ  — ŨŒƙ‫ٱ‬ij‫ٵ‬ƫ  ،ᙺ ◵ ŨŒƙ‫ٱ‬ijƫ  ŖŎŪථ ‫ ٶ‬Ǎ ‫ٵ‬ ǖ Ǘǔ Ǘ  ̖‫ٵ‬ƫ ◵ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ŕ‫ٵ‬ƫ – ͛¸ ᘳ ࡤ Ɠ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ŕᕄථ Ʈơţ຋ ็‫ٱ‬ij ،ᢒœ ࡙ ᨲ ຋ આ‫ٶ‬Ŕưᝅ‫ٶ‬œ ‫ٱ‬ijƿᶲ ◵ ̖‫ٵ‬ƫ ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫ‫ٱ‬ij ƾƸĽƙ ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ƒ ࿫‫ٱ‬Ĵƙ şⅆ ⛨  ‫ٶ‬ ‫ٳ‬ ‫ٳ‬ Ǎ Ǎ nj ǔ ǖ  ˆ‫ٱ‬ij – ͛¸ ࡤ‫ٳ‬ƿƫ⃛ ‫ٳ ڄ‬ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫij‫ٳ  ٱ‬ƿ┌ Ɨ‫ٱ‬ij ‫ٳ‬ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫ‫ٱ‬ij ،ᙺ ◵ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij Ʈƛ ʼn‫ٵ‬ƫ∄ ،ʼn‫ٵ‬ƬĽư ،ƭᰋ ،ʼnⓧ ، ᥪij‫ٶ ٱ‬œš‫ٵ‬ƫ ᥪ‫ٱ‬Ĵƙ Ũฑ ◵ Ɨ‫ٱ‬ij ᙺ ක ‫ٵ‬ Ǎ nj ǔ ǔ ǔ  ভᛌ ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫ‫ٱ‬ij ᑴ⚮ Ɠ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ƻŒƈő‫ٱ‬ij ⊇ ຋ ẵ ຋ ij‫ٳ¸ ٱ‬ƿ⍺‫ٱ‬Ĵǎ ư ┿Ĵ‫ ٱ‬ƙ ‫ٱ‬Ĵǎ ư Əභ ‫ٱ‬Ĵǎ ư ƭง ̖‫ٵ‬ƫ ◵ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ،ঔŒnjš‫ٵ‬ƫ∈ ‫ٳ‬ƿऋ‫ٱ‬ij ǀǎƱ‫ٱޛ‬ij ƻϡ ‫ٳ‬ ‫ٳ‬ Ǎ Ǎ nj ǔ ǔ ǖ ǖ ǔ ‫ٵ‬  – ᙺᓼ‫ٳ‬ƿ ᮃ ͚ ᘳ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ƿ‫ٱ‬Ĵnjư  ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij – ƻ¸‫ٱ‬Ĵư⚮ Ŵ∇ —،Ũ‫ٳ‬ƿő ᓠŒƈ‫ٱ‬ij ຋ ʮ  ᓠŒƈ‫ٱ‬ij ‫ٳ‬ƿƫ‫ٱ‬ij ᙺ ༈‫ٱ‬Ĵư Ưō◵‫ٵ‬ƫ  — ຋ – Տ¸ Ǎ ‫ٳ‬ ǖǔ  ৘೶ ࢫ‫ٱ‬ij ₆ ࢫ‫ٱ‬ij ʼnᶰ‫ٳ‬ƿ ఌ ʯ ‫ ؟‬ᨨ⚮ ᑋ  ƻ͑ ᛹ ʮ ƏŒƶţ‫ٱ‬ij ⏽‫ٶ‬œ ᘳ ‫ٶ‬œ᨞ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ਴ ֆ ᠷᆽ ឱষ ᘳ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ຋ ៮¸ ᑴ⚮ ຋ Ǎ Ǎ ǖ ǔ Ǖ ‫ٶ‬ ‫ٳ‬ ‫،وﻻﺣول وﻻﻗوة اﻻﺑﺎﷲ اﻟﻌﻠﯽ‬ᠻ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij ‫ٱ‬ijᮃ‫ٵ‬ƫœ ᓥԢ ƭ‫ٱ‬Ĵnjư ƿ‫ٵ‬ƫ‫ٱ‬ij ༳ ƭ‫ٓ ٱ‬ij Ɠ ᓥ⚮ ᨢϗ — Ɨ┌‫ٱ‬ij ƻ‫ٱ‬Ĵƙ ʮ ᲏‫ٵ‬ƫ ⊑ Ǎ
  • 12. ‫‪ǖ‬‬ ‫اﻟﻌظﯾم۔‪ ٓij‬ٱ‪ǀnjƱ ƭ‬ٳ‪Ĵƙ ẵ  ƻᶰ‬ٱ‪  ƯĹ‬ٱ‪ƫij‬ٵ‪ƿ‬ٳ ‪ ٓij‬ٱ‪ijᤥ ͚ ƭ‬ٱ‪ƿ űƿ‬ٳ⏽ ᥶ ‪ ᙴ ྂ⚮ ⁳ᠷ ޵ ᯃ ʮ‬۔ ‪Ĵnjư ǂŗ‬ٱ‪ƿ‬ٳ  ٱ‪ijጶ ͚ şⅆ ᘳ Ķǎ ưij‬ٱ‪ ƭ‬‬ ‫‪Ǐ‬ٳ‬ ‫ٳ‬ ‫‪Ǎ‬‬ ‫‪Ǎ‬‬ ‫‪nj‬‬ ‫‪ǔ‬‬ ‫‪ǖ‬‬ ‫‪ǖ‬‬ ‫‪ǖ‬‬ ‫¸ྂ ‪ ٓij ، ᙴ‬ٱ  ‪Ĵư‬ٱ ͚،‪ij ᨪ‬ٱ‪œ ᠼ‬ٶ⊾‪ij ᙺ ƭ‬ٱ‪ š Ɨ‬ڄ ‪ ٓij‬ٱ‪Ĵƙ ƭ‬ٱ‪ ٓij ᑋ ࿫‬ٱ‪  ຋ ᠻ‬ٱ‪ ۡij‬ﷲ —  ‪ǁƒ‬ٳ‪ ᕄ Ŵ‬ٱ‪  Ưǎ Ʊij‬ٱ‪œij‬ٶ‪ij‬ٱ⚮‪ ٓij ،ᖞ‬ٱ‪ ͚ ⛨ ŕ៙‬‬ ‫‪Ǎ‬‬ ‫‪ǖ‬‬ ‫‪ǖ‬‬ ‫ٰ‬ ‫ٵ‬ ‫‪ij š ⍤⍣‬ٱؐ‪͛¸ ᑋ ƭ‬۔ ‪ij࿑‬ٱ ‪œ‬ٶ᧗ ‪ijႍ‬ٱ ◵‪ij  ƒ Ũ‬ٱࢫ ∈‪ƿ┌ ʮ ኇƫ‬ٳ‪ᙺ — ƭ‬واﷲ ﯾﮫدی ﻣن ﯾﺷﺎء اﻟﯽ ﺻﺮاط‬ ‫ﻣﺳﺘﻘﯾم۔‬ ‫ٰ‬ ‫ٰ‬ ‫وﺻﻠﯽ اﷲ ﺗﻌﺎﻟﯽ ﻋﻠﯽ ﺳﯾدﻧﺎ وﻣوﻻﻧﺎ ﷴ واﻟہ وﺻﺣﺑہ اﺟﻣﻌﯾن، واﻟﺣﻣد ﷲ رب‬ ‫اﻟﻌﻠﻣﯾن۔‬ ‫ﻓﻘﯾﺮ اﺣﻣد رﺿﺎﻗﺎدری ﻋﻔﯽ ﻋﻧہ ۵۱ ﺻﻔﺮاﻟﻣظﻔﺮ روز ﭼﮩﺎر ﺷﻧﺑہ ۹۲۳۱ھ )‪ ʼnઇ‬‬ ‫‪ǖ‬‬ ‫‪ł‬‬ ‫‪ij¸ ᨲ‬ٱ – ‪ij‬ٱ◵‪ǀnjƱ‬ٳ ‪œ‬ٶ‪ijǂƺlj  Ժᨩ‬ٱྂ ‪ƿ‬ٳᙺ، ‪ƫ Ưō჏‬ٵ‪، ᙺƿ ྂᄖ ՏཡỼ‬‬ ‫ٳ‬ ‫‪nj‬ٳ‬ ‫‪ǔ‬‬ ‫‪Ǘ‬‬ ‫‪ƿ‬ٳ‪ƫ Ɔጶ‬ٵ‪ij‬ٱ‪œ ణ‬ٶ ‪  ʯ ǀǎƱˆ ẵ‬ٱ‪ƫij‬ٵ‪ƿ‬ٳ ‪ij‬ٱ‪ijǀnjƱ ե Ķǎ ư‬ٱ ⎏ ‪Ĵnj ư‬ٱ◊ ‪ƿ‬ٳ‪ ŕ‬۔(‬ ‫ٳ‬ ‫ٳ‬