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Prefix ber-

  1. 1. PREFIX “BER” Prepared by : Anna Hayyu Rahmawati International Class – STAIN Salatiga
  2. 2. Presented to : Mr. Hanung Triyoko, M.Hum., M.Ed. Lesson :“Teaching Indonesian as Foreign Language”
  3. 3. Affixes WHAT IS AFFIXES ?Affixes is a linguistic form in a word. It is a directlyelement, which is not the word, and not the subjectof the word. But changes leksem of complex wordand formed words that have a fuller meaning, suchas having a subject, predicate and object. While theprocess itself is called affixation. Affixes is a form(morpheme) used to lower bound the word.
  4. 4. Types of affixes TYPES OF AFFIXESJudging from its location, affixes in Indonesian language can be dividedinto :a. Prefix or suffix prefix is attached in front of the basic word. For example: ber-, se-, me(N)-, di-, ter-, ke-, pe(N)-, per-.b. Infix or insertions are associated affixes in the basic word. For example: -em-, -el-, -er-.c. Suffix or suffixes are affixes tied at the back of the base word. For example: -kan, -an, -nya, -i, -wan.d. Konfiks are affixes attached at the front and rear at the same basic word. For example: ke-an, pe(N)-an, per-an, ber-an, se-nya.
  5. 5. WHATPREFIX “BER” IS PREFIX”BER-”?? Prefix “ber-” in the Indonesian language function as forming intransitive verbs or adjectives. Intransitive verb may have complementary or description. Because the intransitive verb formedby prefix “ ber-” can not be pacified with the prefix “ di-”.
  6. 6. WHAT SHOULD WE KNOW ABOUT PREFIX “BER-” ?? The Form of Prefix “ber-” The Meaning of prefix “ber-”
  7. 7. The Form of Prefix “ber-”1. BE –Prefix “ber-” changed to be- if it is placed on the basic word thatbegan with the phoneme / r / or the first syllable is ending in /er/For example: ber + ranting = beranting ber + kerja = bekerja
  8. 8. 2. BER -Prefix “ber-” changed to ber - (no change) if it is placed on thebasic word that the syllable did not begin with the phoneme / n /and / er /.For example:ber + main = bermain
  9. 9. 3. BEL -The prefixes “ber-” turned into a bel- when attached to the basicword of teaching.For example :Ber + ajar = belajar
  10. 10. The Meaning of prefix “ber-”1. Prefix “ber-” means having or wearing when paired with a common noun. Example :bernama, bersepatu.2. Prefix “ber-” means riding when paired with nouns that express transportationequipment or vehicles. Example : bersepeda, berkuda.3. Prefix “ber-” means consist of or contain when paired with noun that expresssubstance. Exmple : berair4. Prefix “ber-” means producing or acquiring when paired with noun which denotesan event . Example : berkarya, bertelur.5. Prefix “ber-” means to feel or experience when paired with adjectives. Example :bergembira, berduka cita.
  11. 11. 6. Prefix “ber-” means group or assemblage when paired with the main number.Example : berdua, berlima.7. Work on something or hold something. For example: bersawah8. To declare intransitive action. For example : berlari.9. To declare the act of themselves or reflexive. For example : berhias.10. To declare reciprocal action. For example : berkelahi.11. If coupled in front of an objective word, “ber-” means having job. For example :berkedai nasi.
  12. 12. Thank’s for Your Attention 