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Water (EN)
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Water (EN)


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    • 1. WATER
      Reproduced from: MTViggyn.d.
    • 2. Contents
      What do we use water for?
      Where do we get water?
      Current lack of clean water
      The 6 tips for water savings
      May you get the right answer?
      Let’s wrap it up!
    • 3. What do we use water for?
      Reproduced from: MasterServ of Nevada n.d
      Reproduced from: Carlajgardiner 2010
      Reproduced from: The Drink Toque 2009
      Reproduced from: News Health n.d.
    • 4. Where do we get water?
      Reproduced from: Dolcetan.d
      Click here for YOUTUBE
    • 5. Current lack of water
      Reproduced from: Eco Asia 2009
      Reproduced from: GuoLiliangn.d
      Water savings can help the others
    • 6. Current lack of water
      Adapted from: Prasath 2007
      Water savings can also help these fishes
      Click here for YOUTUBE
    • 7. 6 tips for water savings
      1. Turn the water off when brushing your teeth
      Reproduced from: Edfn.d
      2. Don’t use the toilet as your trash can
      Reproduced from: King County n.d
    • 8. 6 tips for water savings
      3. Reduce the time you spent in showering
      Reproduced from: Merchant 2010
      4. Wash things in a basin rather than under running water
      Reproduced from: Moms Going Green 2010
    • 9. 6 tips for water savings
      6. Tell the others about all the above points
      Reproduced from: Christian Computer Art n.d
      5. Dump ice left on a plant
      Reproduced from: Ottosson 2007
    • 10. May you get the right answer?
      How many tips we have learnt so far?
      Let’s list them all!
      Reproduced from: Hearst Communications n.d.
    • 11. Let’s wrap it up!
      Adapted from: WWF 2009
      Click here for YOUTUBE
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