Donna Quinn - Final ppt presentation


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A powerpoint describing an eBook I'm writing and illustrating on the subject of evolution and the human psyche.

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Donna Quinn - Final ppt presentation

  1. 1. Author and illustrator ofan eBook that explores the wonders of the creation of the universe, theorigin of life on earth and fascinatesat one of its most unusual species… us
  2. 2. My product is an illustrated eBook on the subjectof evolution and human psychology which will bewritten, designed and self-published online. It will be highly visual; I want to create the fusion of well written words alongside energetic imagery; not only to compliment but enhance what the writing is about.
  3. 3. eBooks and other forms of digital print are instantly available at the touch of a button and they’re competitively priced Last year, Amazon reported that sales of eBooks exceeded sales of paperbacks by almost 15% Compared to paper and ink, eBooks are inexpensive to distribute and allow easy and rapid download of new content.The sale of eBooks was131% higher inJanuary than it was ayear earlier.
  4. 4. At the moment the title of my eBook is ‘R-evolution’. I like the idea that my work will ‘revolutionise’ the way people look at themselves and the world around them.My eBook is for people who want to learnabout the subject of evolution and the humanpsyche in an exciting way. My aim is to notonly explain how the earth and life as we knowit came to be; I want to look deeper into thewonderful species that is the human being.
  5. 5. Richard Dawkins Steven Pinker Daniel C. DennettAll three of these men are thetop specialists in their field,I still maintain that I have anedge on the techniques I’ve usedto make my eBook stand out fromthe rest.
  6. 6. For any book, quality is the mostimportantCreate a compelling cover and writea riveting description of my eBookAuthor CentralSocial networks present a free wayto connect with potential readersI can create a print-on-demandversion of my eBook using ‘CreateSpace’ to ensure it will be availablein both digital and physical formatsoff of the same pageAmazon’s Associates program
  7. 7. I’ve looked at Amazon’s top 100 non-illustrated and illustrated books For the non illustrated top 100, there were only 15% of books priced above £5 and 51% price below £2.50 For the illustrated top 100,there were 16% priced above £5and a massive 65% priced below £2.50 Because I’m self publishing online, there’s little cost inprinting and as I’m doing all the editing and formatting myself, there’s little cost in creation
  8. 8. I will be uploading my eBook as a htmldocument which Amazon converts totheir kindle content format (AZWAmazon agrees to protect my copyrighton their website.The 70:30 royalties percentageagreement includes a basic advertisingpackage.They will recommend my eBook toanyone who is browsing for books onthe subject of evolution or science.
  9. 9. I have selected proof readers who arehelping me through the writing processand helping me write to the best of my abilities My eBook will be published online in mid August. I want to receive feedback and sales figures in time for my hand-in in September to validate the saleable value of my year’s work.
  10. 10. How many users are there? What age are they?What else do they use/read/view? How many times a day will the user use the object? What are they interested in? What will the customer get in return for his/her investment? How did they manage without your new design?
  11. 11. I have a few methods of madness that lead me through this personally uncharted territory; I read, I watch, I draw, I paint. The following slides are an insight into how I work, this is how my vision of R-evolution is unfolding…
  12. 12. This project has opened my eyes to the biggerpicture.I strongly believe that the worst crime we cancommit onto ourselves is to close our minds to newrevelations in science.True science and true religion are exactly the samething, so we should be brave enough to stand upand ask the big questions, and be ready for someof the big answers.