Social Media Nonprofits Part 1


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Social Media Nonprofits Part 1

  1. 1. Part 1: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn 1
  2. 2. Presenters: S. Slade Sundar Monte Lambert Clay Williams 2
  3. 3. Why are we here? Why are we here? • To Explain Social Media – From the perspective of a Nonprofit – How you already have the skills as grassroots organizations. – How you can use it to leverage the information on your website, print  materials, advertising, etc. – Get you to the tools you need to set up your social media profiles today! • Become your Social Media Partners Become your Social Media Partners – Analogy: Think of Social Media as a party. You will be more at ease when you  see “your friends”(us) at the party. You can chat with us, and we will introduce  you to other people. • Help you promote your organization through our social media presence. 3
  4. 4. What will we Cover? What will we Cover? • Social Media Basics • Twitter • Facebook • LinkedIn • Social Media Policy • Social Media Privacy 4
  5. 5. A project of the Community Foundation for Palm Beach & Martin Counties • Hyperlocal Community Information – Powered by Palm Beach County nonprofits you to connect with Palm Beach  County residents, volunteers and donors utilizing the latest communication  technologies. – “Digital Public Square” allows for conversations, resource, news and event  sharing.  • Why YourPBC? – It’s free – and we’re currently looking for contributing partners. – By contributing on YourPBC nonprofits will come across louder and clearer By contributing on YourPBC, nonprofits will come across louder and clearer  about who they are and what issues matter to the community.  – No more “blind submitting” to the news entities hoping that your cause is  “news worthy”. You let the community decide what is newsworthy, not an  editorial board. 5
  6. 6. A project of the Community Foundation for Palm Beach & Martin Counties • Knight Information Challenge Participant – Part of the “Knight Community Information Challenge” – First of the Challenge to launch most expansive in features First of the Challenge to launch, most expansive in features. – Differs from other Knight Challenge Participants in that we allow a centralized  database of related resources to educate the community on issues. • Beta to Full Launch Beta to Full Launch – Trial Beta Launched in May 2009 – Currently at 24 Content Partners and growing – Full Marketing Launch expected early 2010 6
  7. 7. Forte Interactive – Who We Are • History – Helping businesses and nonprofits do business for more than a decade. • Some Statistics Some Statistics – Ranked in the Top 10 Web Developers in South Florida by SFBJ – 19 Employees in downtown West Palm Beach – Over 300 clients nationwide – In 2008 alone, Forte’s applications processed over $300 Million in  ecommerce transactions – Currently, Forte’s custom software solutions manage over $750 Million in  l ’ f l $ ll financial assets 7
  8. 8. Forte Interactive – What We Do • For Businesses – Website Design and Development – Ecommerce Applications Ecommerce Applications – TrustedPartner Content Management Solutions – Custom Software and Database Applications • Some names you may recognize Some names you may recognize: – NBC Local Media – Florida Crystals – Biomet 3i – Oxbow – Ocean Reef Club – magicJack, Snuggie, ShamWow, and 200 other made for TV products 8
  9. 9. Forte Interactive – What We Do • For Nonprofits – Custom Web Applications – TrustedPartner Nonprofit Edition (NPE) Nonprofit Edition (NPE) • Website Design and Development • Online Fundraising and Donor Management • Event Registration and Planning • Membership Management Membership Management • Social Networking Integration • Video, blogs, email campaigns and more… • Some names you may recognize: Some names you may recognize: • United Way of Palm Beach County • Palm Healthcare • Family Central • Children’s Services Council • Many more… 9
  10. 10. Social Media Reach Social Media Reach How  • It took radio 38 years long to  long to • 13 years for TV y • The Internet only 4 years reach 50  • iPod 3 years iPod 3 years million  • Facebook signed up 100  million users in 9 months million users in 9 months users? ? 10
  11. 11. Interesting Stats Interesting Stats • 24 of the 25 largest newspapers are experiencing record declines in  circulation because we no longer search for the news ‐‐ the news  finds us. • By 2010, Gen Y will outnumber Baby Boomers ‐‐ 96 percent of  y , y p them have joined a social network. • The fastest growing segment on Facebook is 55‐ to 65‐year‐old  females • 1 out of 8 couples married in the U.S. last year met via social  media.  • 25 percent of search results for the world's top 20 largest brands  are links to user‐generated content.  p p p y • 80 percent of companies use LinkedIn as their primary tool to find  employees 11
  12. 12. What is Social Media? What is Social Media? • A New form of Media – Old Media: Any one‐way mass communication (newspapers, tv, radio); – Paid Media – Corporate Generated Content – Social Media: Any two‐way mass communication tool, or service that allows  any individual to publish digital content and interact/share with others.  – Free Media – User Generated Content • Grassroots + – Social Media is a digital extension of what nonprofits have done for decades, Social Media is a digital extension of what nonprofits have done for decades,  grassroots marketing. – Making personal connections, talking about your cause, getting followers,  fans, supporters and donors. – Social Media allows you to still be “grassroots” and expand your reach! 12
  13. 13. What Can Social Media Do? What Can Social Media Do? • Build Brand Awareness / Brand Equity • Improve public and media relations • Deepen connections with supporters What Can t Social Media Do? What Can’t Social Media Do? • Effectively Fundraise • Reduce personnel costs • Take the place of Marketing/Advertising 13
  14. 14. How many  Social Media Sites  are there? are there? 14
  15. 15. 15
  16. 16. So how does it all work? 16
  17. 17. Magic! M i ! 17
  18. 18. The End. The End Thank You for Coming! 18
  19. 19. If only it were so simple… 19
  20. 20. Social Media Interaction 20
  21. 21. Let’s Boil it down to the  L t’ B il it d t th Big 3 For Nonprofits. g 3 o o p o ts. 21
  22. 22. The Big 3 g Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Communication Social Platform Social Network • Discussions • Friends • Business i • Trends  • Family  • Updates • Breaking news Breaking news • Business • Colleagues 22
  23. 23. How to Use The Big 3 Strategically g g y Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Treat as a crowd: Treat as Small Group: Treat as an individual: • Find new supporters • Engage True believers! • Update Collegues on  •U d t Update existing  i ti • Volunteering info Volunteering info,  your activities within  your activities within supporters updates, events your organization. • Get the word out! • Get the word out and  • Professional Expertise  • Have short dialogues have your fans help out sharing •Update: •Update •Update • Multiple Times/Daily • Weekly/Every 2 Weeks •Every Few Months 23
  24. 24. Twitter Tweet! A little bird told me… 24
  25. 25. Twitter 25
  26. 26. Twitter What is Twitter? Microblogging: • Sh Share thoughts in 140 characters or less (a tweet) th ht i 140 h t l ( t t) • Started as a way to share trivial thoughts • Now used to share information and have short meaningful Now used to share information and have short meaningful  conversations. Word of Mouth: – Each follower has their own followers ac o o e as e o o o es – Potential reach is exponential! 26
  27. 27. Twitter Twitter Speak • @username. This is a Twitter user name. • RT (Retweet). This means they’re forwarding along RT (Retweet). This means they re forwarding along  someone else’s tweet to their followers. • #Acronym.  This is a hashtag system where people can  categorize their tweets to help others search for them. categorize their tweets to help others search for them • Use #yourpbc to get your news directly to us! • DM (Direct Message). This means send a private  message to an individual account. • Tweetup. Meeting of people who twitter about similar  topics. For example #pbctweetup and #pizzatweetup topics. For example #pbctweetup and #pizzatweetup Visit the “twictionary” for more twitter terms! 27
  28. 28. Twitter Twitter Speak Example 28
  29. 29. Twitter Potential Reach 29
  30. 30. Twitter Use Twitter to Outgoing: – Sh Share information about your organization i f ti b t i ti – Create a network of supporters – Ask questions to get instant and honest feedback Ask questions to get instant and honest Incoming: – Keep up with topics as they happen Keep up with topics as they happen • Gain Insights from experts and colleagues • Stay up to date (industry/biz/news/trends) in short  bursts (vs long e‐mails) 30
  31. 31. Twitter Twitter Best Practices Posting: • 30/40/30: • 30% self promotion (but be creative gosh darnit!) • 40% promoting others in related industry (retweet!) • 30% your personality (hopefully you are interesting) • Include Links as much as possible! • Use link shorteners first! (, • Don’t overtweet! • Constant updates are good, but avoid the dreaded  BlitzTweet (multiple tweets in row)! Bli T 31
  32. 32. Twitter Example 30/40/30: Info / Self Promotion Promote O e s o o e Others Self Promotion Promote Others Personality/Fun 32
  33. 33. Twitter Notice the Links? Info / Self Promotion Promote O e s o o e Others Self Promotion Promote Others Personality/Fun 33
  34. 34. Twitter Account Best Practices: • What’s your name/brand? – Keep it identifiable and short! • @YourPBC, @Forteweb • Icon:  – Avatar, logo or you? • Page – Utilize background pages g p g 34
  35. 35. Twitter Example @ForteWeb 35
  36. 36. Twitter Example @YourPBC 36
  37. 37. Twitter Follow and get Followed! Where to start? – @yourPBC, @forteweb – Industry leaders Industry leaders – Reporters – Who your colleagues follow – Organizations 37
  38. 38. Twitter Search for More! • Go to search twitter com • Search for a term for  your industry • What do you learn? – Possible Partners – Bloggers – Thought Leaders – Best Practices – Events 38
  39. 39. Twitter Tweet Management • Managing Twitter should not take all day! • Schedule time to: – Search through tweets/RT others – 10 minutes – Build your follower base – 5 minutes Build your follower base  5 minutes – Remove spammers – 2 minutes – Actively tweet – as topics/ideas come up Actively tweet  as topics/ideas come up 39
  40. 40. Twitter Tweet Management tools •,, ‐ auto shortens links • ‐ posts what you read with a click p y • ‐ links your RSS feed or blog to Twitter • – Share photos on twitter • Create polls through twitter to get instant feedback. http://twtpoll com – Create polls through twitter to get instant feedback • an event manager tool that helps you organize  “Tweetups” and make meaningful “real” connections through social  media. media • – live video from your mobile phone – great for on the  scene reporting! • – All i d k All‐in‐one twitter desktop application i d k li i • – All‐in‐one twitter web‐based application 40
  41. 41. Twitter My TweetDeck Screenshot 41
  42. 42. Twitter Twitter Questions 42
  43. 43. Facebook 43
  44. 44. Facebook What is Facebook What is Facebook Social Network A social networking site allows users to connect and share information.   A social networking site allows users to connect and share information Think ‐ family reunion,  high school reunion, or a cocktail party  without the limitations of space or time. • It allows users to post online profiles (including photos, information  about themselves, etc.) and then connect to other users who share the  same interests, experiences, etc.  i i • Fun Fact: Facebook was originally created at by a student (Mark  Zuckerberg) at Harvard to provide an online way for students to find one  another. Basically an online version of Ivy league printed “face books” 44
  45. 45. Facebook Facebook Features • Facebook status message • Integration with social media 45
  46. 46. Facebook Facebook Features • Facebook Wall 46
  47. 47. Facebook Facebook Best Practices: Best Practices: Don’ts • Don’t “friend” people you have not interacted with before.  Don t  friend people you have not interacted with before • Don’t overuse your status updates • Don’t upload embarrassing photos of yourself, coworkers or Don t upload embarrassing photos of yourself, coworkers or  anyone else. Do’s • Do post interesting links • D i t Do interact with people and comment on their  t ith l d t th i links/statuses/pictures py p y g • Do set up your privacy settings! 47
  48. 48. Facebook Facebook Fan Pages: Fan Pages: Raise Awareness  – Facebook Ads promote your organization or programs and can be highly targeted to a  demographic, region, network or by interest keywords – News Feed helps your organization or programs get discovered virally by our users – Notes are great to blog about your organization's recent activities – Posted Items allow you to share relevant links Posted Items allow you to share relevant links Mobilize Communities  – Facebook Pages help you connect with an audience – Groups help you build a strong community help you build a strong community Organize Events  – Events are easy to plan and help you mobilize volunteers and activists Increase Fundraising  Increase Fundraising – Causes allows you to raise money and recruit donors through Facebook Source: 48
  49. 49. Facebook Example: Forte Example: Forte 49
  50. 50. Facebook Example: YourPBC Example: YourPBC 50
  51. 51. Facebook Create a Facebook Create a Facebook Page • Visit the Facebook Page Visit the Facebook Page  Creation area: • Select Non‐Profit • Add information about  your organization 51
  52. 52. Facebook Facebook Questions 52
  53. 53. LinkedIn Are you LinkedIn? Are you LinkedIn?, Forte Interactive, Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties 53
  54. 54. LinkedIn What is LinkedIn? What is LinkedIn? • Business Networking Business Networking • LinkedIn is an interconnected network of experienced  professionals from around the world, representing 170  industries and 200 countries. You can find, be introduced  to, and collaborate with qualified professionals that you  need to work with to accomplish your goals.  need to work with to accomplish your goals • Connects the world’s professionals to make  them more productive and successful! them more productive and successful!, Forte Interactive, Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties 54
  55. 55. LinkedIn Use LinkedIn Use LinkedIn to • Manage the information that’s publicly available about you as professional  g p y y p • Find and be introduced to potential clients, service providers, and subject  experts who come recommended  • Create and collaborate on projects, gather data, share files and solve  Create and collaborate  j h d h fil d l problems  • Be found for business opportunities and find potential partners  • Gain new insights from discussions with likeminded professionals in private  group settings  • Discover inside connections that can help you land jobs and close deals inside connections that can help you land jobs and close deals  • Post and distribute job listings to find the best talent for your company, Forte Interactive, Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties 55
  56. 56. LinkedIn Latest LinkedIn Latest LinkedIn Facts • LinkedIn has over 44 million members in over has over 44 million members in over  200 countries and territories around the  world.  world • A new member joins LinkedIn approximately  every second, and about half of our members  every second and about half of our members are outside the U.S.  • E Executives from all Fortune 500 companies  i f ll F 500 i are LinkedIn members., Forte Interactive, Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties 56
  57. 57. LinkedIn Small World Phenomenon  Small World Phenomenon • Kevin Bacon Kevin Bacon  – Degrees of Connection – Utilizing the Connection Utilizing the Connection – Growing the Connection, Forte Interactive, Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties 57
  58. 58. LinkedIn LinkedIn Recommendations • How to get recommended? How to get recommended? – Chris Brogan: “Recommend someone!” • A reputation engine A reputation engine • Share your business knowledge • Effective recruiting tool • Recommendations: A double‐edged sword g‐of‐a‐good‐linkedin‐recommendation/, Forte Interactive, Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties 58
  59. 59. LinkedIn Potential Reach:  25 connections could reach 100,000  depending who you know!, Forte Interactive, Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties 59
  60. 60. LinkedIn Link to others to others • Search your industry Search your industry • Invite contacts from email accounts • See connections you have – ask for referrals S i h kf f l • Search funders and donors • Build rapport for your organization – list  p accomplishments, Forte Interactive, Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties 60
  61. 61. Search for Contacts:  LinkedIn Using your Email Contacts i il, Forte Interactive, Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties 61
  62. 62. LinkedIn How to get to 100% How to get to 100% Profile Completion Tips: The more you list, the more likely past  connections can find you!, Forte Interactive, Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties 62
  63. 63. LinkedIn LinkedIn Profile... • Snapshot – Your snapshot features an overview of your name,  location, current title, past positions, education,  recommendations, and links to your websites. Think of it  as your next‐generation business card. • Status – Your status message allows you to share professional  p y updates with your network., Forte Interactive, Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties 63
  64. 64. LinkedIn LinkedIn Profile… • Public Profile Public Profile – This is what appears in Google search engines. Click “Edit  Public Profile settings” to control which parts your profile  will be visible to search engine users.  • Summary  – Summarize your professional experience and goals  i f i l i d l • Experience • Education d i, Forte Interactive, Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties 64
  65. 65. LinkedIn LinkedIn Profile… • Additional Information Additional Information – Give users more insight into your professional  qualifications by providing the following: • Websites: link to a personal blog, company website, etc  • Interests: list the things that you enjoy doing, learning about, etc  • Groups and Associations: either list professional organizations or  p p g display badges of LinkedIn groups that you are a part of  • Honors and Awards, Forte Interactive, Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties 65
  66. 66. LinkedIn LinkedIn Questions?, Forte Interactive, Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties 66
  67. 67. Social Media Policy 67
  68. 68. Why Social Media Policy Why Social Media Policy ? • The line between personal and professional is The line between personal and professional is  becoming blurred online.  Having a policy helps  mitigate some of the gray area. • If you don't have guidelines, employees may not  know what's appropriate for the organization and  what's not. Source:‐every‐company‐needs‐a‐social‐media‐policy/ 68
  69. 69. SMP Basics SMP Basics • Implied Agency: When employees use social media their actions,  p g y p y , writing and content are not only a reflection of themselves but also the  company they work for.  • Append your Code of Conduct. Social Media should simply be Append your Code of Conduct. Social Media should simply be  considered another communication channel. – Employees wishing to engage in open social media/networking should follow  this Code of Conduct: • “Beware of your association with the organization with your own online social  networks, including your personal Facebook account, blog, or twitter. If you identify  your employer, ensure that your profile and related content is consistent with how  you wish to present yourself with colleagues and clients. you wish to present yourself with colleagues and clients ” – This applies to all User Generated media (video, photos, blogs, wikis) in the  public domain (and real life too). 69
  70. 70. SMP Basics (cont.) SMP Basics (cont ) • Give employees the chance to disconnect their social media  p y selves from the organization by helping them set up privacy  on their social media sites. • M k Make a short list of what your organization WILL talk about  h t li t f h t i ti WILL t lk b t via social media. Stick with it.  • Live your brand across all networks (including offline). y ( g ) • A good rule of thumb is, if you don't want it appearing on the  front page of the newspaper, don’t post it. 70
  71. 71. SMP Best Practices SMP Best Practices Do’s: • B C t Be Courteous – T lk h Talk the way you would talk to coworkers, do not be  ld lk k d b confrontational. • Be Helpful – Offering tips, tricks & how‐to’s goes a long way. • Be Conversational – Chat as you would with a stranger at a networking  event. Be interesting. • Be Transparent – Di l th t Be Transparent Disclose that you work for the organization when  k f th i ti h speaking on topics dealing with your organization. • Add Value ‐ Provide worthwhile information and perspective. 71
  72. 72. SMP Best Practices (cont.) SMP Best Practices (cont ) Don’ts • D ’t Sh Don’t Share Secrets – R S t Remember, you are under an NDA. If you aren’t  b d NDA If ’ sure you can disclose something, just don’t do it. • Don't be Vulgar – Social media is no place for vulgarity. g p g y • Don’t Bad Mouth ANYONE – Keep that mouth clean & avoid slamming people, companies and YOUR OWN ORGANIZATION. • D ’ F Don’t Forget your Day Job – Social Media can consume you, but  D J b don’t forget who pays your salary.‐your‐companys‐social‐media‐policy/ 72
  73. 73. Twitter SMP Twitter Privacy Protect your tweets (can be set up in settings) • Your updates will not be in the main twitter stream. • Beneficial if you want to have a separate online presence with few  friends, etc. • Warning! Even if your tweets are protected, those who you allow to  follow you can still RT your tweets! So be careful about who’s  f ll till RT t t !S b f l b t h ’ following you and what you say! If you are using it as a personal account and want to remain private: If you are using it as a personal account and want to remain private: • Use a name other than your full real name • Do not indicate your organization’s name or website on your profile  page  • Unless specifically to acknowledge that you are not speaking as a  representative. • Do not allow news organizations to follow you! (they are looking for  news!!) 73
  74. 74. Facebook SMP Facebook Privacy  SMP Facebook Privacy 74
  75. 75. Facebook SMP Facebook Privacy  SMP Facebook Privacy 1. Create  Friendlists. Go to  Friends and from 1 Create Friendlists Go to “Friends”, and from  the left hand column select “create” 2. Decide how to Categorize. Separate people  into lists based on how you know them.  Personal friends, work friends,etc. 3. Add Friends to Lists. Select a list, and batch  3 Add F i d t Li t S l t li t d b t h add friends to that list, or select individual  friends and add them to each list. 75
  76. 76. Facebook SMP Facebook Privacy  SMP Facebook Privacy 1. Go to Privacy. Select privacy  from the top right, and then  from the top right and then “Profile.” 2. Decide which Groups see  ec de c G oups see What. Depending how you use  your profile, select what areas of  your profile you wish to toggle. 3. Create Custom Settings. Select  settings and which friend lists  can see certain things such as  can see certain things such as status, photos, videos, and your  friends. 76
  77. 77. What happens in Vegas… What happens in Vegas Stays on YouTube, Flickr, Twitter,  Facebook. F b k 77
  78. 78. Your Personal To Do Your Personal To Do List Visit  Visit • Download this presentation • Post your organizations’ twitter username and facebook Post your organizations twitter and facebook fan page link in the comments section. We’ll add you to  ours. • Post your additional questions/comments in our  comments area • Tell us how horrible or wonderful we did today! Tell us how horrible or wonderful we did today! 78
  79. 79. Upcoming Free Seminars Upcoming Free Seminars • Twitter Advanced – November 2009 (Date TBD) – How to effectively tweet in 140 characters or less How to effectively tweet in 140 characters or less – How to get Retweeted and #Hashtag trending – Twitter Tools Walk‐through: Tweetdeck & HootSuite & Mobile Apps – Twitterfeed – Set up automatic updates for Twitter – Advanced Following Strategies – Get quality followers! • Facebook Advanced – December 2009 (Date TBD) – Facebook Fan Page Administration/Privacy – Set up automatic updates for your Facebook Page S i d f F b kP – Integrate Facebook with Twitter – Facebook Tools Walk‐through: Mobile Apps 79
  80. 80. Five SMP Questions 80
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