Media talks: Silk Path Hotel on Business Style magazine Oct2011


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Media talks: Silk Path Hotel on Business Style magazine Oct2011

  1. 1. {E~,BA9: 1!~~o c:a;g:7)9mzp.fJ;t~.:.....I NGAy: ..... A 7.h:-: )Q.fdfJiA ... .TRANG: 0l,-V ...1- . h .46~4t- CHUYEN MV C: ,,"Jim .. d.Q/J ..:-: OAWrJ . A TEN BAI: , CP? . C1Q " J.nlo.·><. nu ,,,,- JJ.Wn ? 5l1 •• J. )7:01 · __ on dinh. ChUng t6i thuc hien chinh sach "chat che trong c6ng ............ : ~CP(lg .. Y.lgtv.r !~ . b~ng". Chung t6i ling nghe cac khieu nai va y kien cua nhan vi en M tir do c6 cac hoar dQng dieu chinh phu hop. Chung t6i giu chan nhan vien khOng chi b~ng viec dam bao viec thuc hien cac phuang an n6i tren, ma con cung cap cho nhan vien m6i truong lam viec an toan, cac chinh sach ve bao hiem va thuc day nhan vien lam viec xu at xac Mng each trao thuong. Cir 3 thang mot Ian, chUng t6i to chuc cac buoi binh chon "Nhan vien xuat sac cua quy cho tat ca cac bo phan trong khach 5<J,n, ay hang thang h chUng t6i deu c6 che dQ thuong cho nhan vien nhan sinh nhat cua ho. Chung t6i cling thira khi ll.~Wjlld?lny nhdn su pluii (/(llli(Ju (h( Silk Path, hien tai chung t6i nhan c6ng sire va su co ging cua cac ca nhan b~ng each thang dang trong qua trinh hoan thien "phi: h(1) "1 (It ctic Itnli uu: ktnlr doanli cua viec cung cap cac kh6a dao t<J,O clnrc va tang luang cho ho, M nang cao tay nghe va kien (()ny {,~ Ani tun dui« nhallY con nyuifi tlnrc cua nhan vien trong c6ng Ong Nguyim Thanh Hat, phi: h(1/) tht tanh dao pluit Irt nyur)i tao cho vtec. T6i tin chac Vi~t Nam dang trong tien trinh cat thien T6ng Gtam d6c COng ty C6 phan Chung khoan An ho ni/fln Inrny klui! qua ch/nli (()ny li(?c d/ tinh hinh nay. Bmh Chung t6i tuyen dung thong Hien nay, Viet Nam dang so ,1dn ho urli I) , qua cac phuong nen truyen hiru co cau dan so yang, nghia th6ng (cac c6ng ty "sari d~u la chUng ta c6 ty le Ian so nguCri Phung Tuan Ha dQi ngu, e-kip. nguoi" va bao chi) d6ng thoi lao dQng trong do tuoi tir 15 C6 duoc 3 dieu can ban nay, th6ng qua phuong tlnrc truyen den 64 tuoi va ty l~ nguCri phu DN, to chirc, quoc gia se kh6ng mieng. 86 chinh Ia met ly thuoc thap, m.y la mot trong con dau d~u voi bai toan "giu cua chung t6i M gia tang sire nhung yeu to quan trQng phuc chan ngum tai". manh cua lire IUQIlg nhan su va vu su nghi~p c6ng nghiep hoa, tiep tuc duy tri n6 hoat dQng hien dai h6a dat nuoc. Ngu6n Ong Cesar M.Castro, nhan hrc lao dQng phd thong T6ng g1am d6c khach san duoc chinh phu len ke hoach 0ng Nguy~n Thanh Hili Silk Path aa N()1 dao t<J,O mot each c6 chien luoc Ngu6n nhan hrc tai Viet Nam nham nang cao chat IUQ11g van con each xa cac tieu chuan ngu6n nhan lire thay vi chi canh quoc te n6i chung. Mac du da tranh voi cac mroc tren the giCri c6 nhieu c6ng ty quan ly nhan 6 g6c do ngu6n nhan c6ng d6i su mroc ngoai to chirc cac buoi dao va reo Ngu6n nhan hrc tri hot thao, nr van va dao t<J,O thirc 6 Vi~t Nam g~n day tang nhung van can nhieu hon mra rat nhanh. T<J,i ac tnrong dai c cac heat dong M nang cao kien hoc cung da tap trung dao t<J,O thirc va ky nang cho nguoi lao theo huang thuc tien, sinh vien dong. duoc thirc hanh va tiep can voi Cac c6ng ty nen lay vtec cai m6i truong tlnrc te nhieu hem. thien chat IUQIlg ngu6n nhan Tuy nhien, viec tuyen dung hrc lam Uti tien hang dau Mng duoc cac nhan su thuc su phu each c6 ke hoach dao t<J,O trong hop van luon la bat toan kh6 voi suet ca nam, Nhir tai khach san cac doanh nghiep vi nhieu ly46 PHONG CACH DOANH NHAN
  2. 2. good talent. Moreover, its said the satisfactory performance of business effectiveness. Probablythat "more talents, more vices"; an individual by promoting to the fact that we always thinkhowever, if a talent is really higher position within the hotel about human resource benefitsa good one, he nearly has no aside from increasing salaries to has helped get our human"vices". deserving associates. resource to remain always hand Thats why businesses, like in hand with the business tovarious countries nowadays, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hat, tackle difficulties.actually do not need talents but CEO of An Bmh Securitygood talents. Before discussing JSC. Mr. Phung Tuan Ha, CEOkeeping good talents, what is Vietnam now currently owns of PetroVietnam Generalworth discussing is what it is the golden population structure, Services Joint Stockfor. which means we have a higher Corporation And when its a must keeping proportion of labor force in Vietnam human resourcethem definitely, what to do next the age of 15-64 and lower is currently evaluated on twois to give them what they need. proportion of dependents. angles: quality and quantity.A talent is different from an This is one of the important Our country has quite a richordinary man at three points: the factors for industrialization, human resource with plenty oftalent follow the "leader", not act on them accordingly. modernization of the country. innovative ability. However, thethe "boss"; they may leave their We keep our associates not The government has planned human resource quality is notjobs, not ever their missions; and only on what had mentioned for the strategic training of the high enough due to the lack ofthey may leave an organization, above but also to provide general labor source in order to passion, perseverance, and thenot ever a team. assurance to their job security enhance the labor source quality sense of self-perfection at work. and that job-well-done will be in stead of targeting competition Its not very difficult to Mr. Cesar M.Castro, fully rewarded. with other countries the world recruit the talent. However, General Manager of Silk We select BestEmployee of the over with abundant and cheap to keep them and create thePath Hotel in Ha Noi,. Quarter for both the front and work force. environment for that work force Human Resources in back of the house every three The intellectual work force in to contribute their best to theVietnam still ~ way far from months and we provide incentives Vietnam has increased quickly business is yet a much moreinternational norms in general to birthday celebrations within recently. Universities have also difficult quiz. In order to do it,so to speak. Although there are a month. We also acknowledge concentrated on practical training; the business owner has to planfew foreign HR Management students studies have been put the strategy, and needs to haveentities providing seminars, in practice and more accessibility the vision, should know how toconsultancies and training, there with realistic environment; listen and, most importantly, hasare still lots of actions to be however, recruitment of suitable to be clever enough to combineundertaken to further improve human resource has always been the responsibility and the rightthe knowledge and skills of /1 talentis a difficult puzzle for businesses and benefits of staff with the objective of the business.working people. Companies should make d!lfirentJrom an for many reasons. It can be said that the work force at present is When recruiting staff,the factortheir top priorities to improve ordinary man at surplus, and insufficient at the "compatibility". with corporatethe quality of their manpower same time. business areas has to be set forth.abilities by conducting whole- threepOints: the For the financial industry, Human resource can be foundyear round training. In oursituation, we are presently in talent follow the right at recruitment, we give first priority to integrity, and trained internally or from partners side. When findingthe process of giving training to (leader-~ the not transparency, ability to work suitable staff, management hasour associates to enhance their h ooss )"t. ey may ((L -) under high pressure and a desire to create their inspiration via theknowledge and skills in their for learning and improvement. job to associate them with thejob. I am sure that Vietnam as awhole is in its way to improve leave theiTjobs, Besides, we aim at building a payment mechanism suited two criteria of "Professionalism" and "Passion". Aprofessional hasthe situation. not ever their to realistic work efficiency quick smart scientific working We conduct recruitment and employees contribution, attitude combined with stablethrough media (head-hunters missions; and devotion. That is why at the ) professional knowledge plusand newspapers) and via word-of-mouth. It is our Management they may leave moment and in such difficult economic situation recently, passion for work, therefore they are usually very capable. Theyphilosophy to empower our an oraantzatton, whereas many businesses cut will mind and heart devote theirassociates and continuously down employment, weve time, effort and intellect to eachlooking after their well-being. not ever a team. given priority to enhance labor job to gain the targeted objectiveWe implement strict policies Mr. Gian Tu Trung productivity and work efficiency, the best fairness. We listen to their strict logical cost control. viagrievances and comments and which we increase revenue and PHONG CACH DOANH NHAN 49