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  • With the numbers ever growing, the need to have the content for the church made for tablets and mobile is a necessity. It’s also a way to get the youth engaged in what’s happening at church and be able to get them daily inspirations via text message.
  • Device makers began to throw a bevy of new screen resolutions into the mix, most of them smaller. When navigating on a touchscreen, one must use a finger. When navigating on a computer, one can have the precision of a mouse. Most PC users have one of a handful of common resolutions on monitors from around 15” – 24”;Tablets anywhere from 7”-9”.
  • With GPS readily available on mobile and tablets, the need for purchasing exterior GPS becomes obsolete.
  • When logging on to expedia on a mobile/tablet, it immediately takes you to a hotel options page and it takes awhile to figure out how to get to a main page so you have the options of choosing from air, car, hotel or packages.
  • Chase has made mobile banking so convenient, it really is almost unnecessary to go into a banking center unless you are depositing or withdrawing cash. Everything from transfers, to depositing a check, to bill payments can all be done from your fingertips.
  • It’s time for a total redesign of the church website so that the content that is on the site can be mobile/tablet friendly. I suggest taking a poll from the congregants to see what areas are
  • People want to stay informed. Being able to get text alerts and have the option to watch a sermon live or on demand are great tools that keep your congregants connected even when away on any given Sunday.
  • More congregant using bible apps versus paper bibles. There’s the convenience of being able to go to multiple translations, highlight and take notes all in one app.
  • This is the time to renew the the way of thinking of “church as usual.” ; then it’s time to redesign the site to make it mobile friendly; and finally it’s time to recommit to staying relevant and keeping up with the changes happening with technology today and bring that into the church.
  • Phaeton project4

    1. 1. Project 4: Presentation on Mobile/Tablet Design By: Millie Phaeton For: Greater Chicago Church
    2. 2. Growth & Future Usage• In 2009, there were an estimated 4,100,000,000+ people who had access to a mobile phone.• 1.08 billion of these people own smart phones and 3.05 billion are SMS enabled.
    3. 3. The Impact on Web Design• Smaller screen resolution• Touchscreens vs mouse• Smaller monitors
    4. 4. Current Technologies• Audio/Video Input• GPS
    5. 5. Bad Example of Mobile Site•
    6. 6. Good Example of Mobile Sites•
    7. 7. Next Steps• Site redesign• Take a Poll
    8. 8. Benefits• Instant updates• Live Streaming• On Demand• Registration for events
    9. 9. Statistics• Bible apps
    10. 10. Summary• Renew• Redesign• Recommit
    11. 11. References• the-ipad-and-tablets-are-driving-new-web- design-trends/•