Why Should You Join An Early Stage Startup

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A scientific explanation of the benefits in joining an early stage startup.

A scientific explanation of the benefits in joining an early stage startup.

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  • 1. Why should you join an ‘early stage’ startup? Piyush Gupta Co-founder, RouteGuru | Piyush.Gupta@RouteGuru.com | http://SiliconTryst.wordpress.com
  • 2. If this world got Lions … it got Lion tamers too!
  • 3. YOU !!! mmm …
  • 4. Ever wondered why it is that the lion gets tamed by a human in the circus? … and not otherwise!!!
  • 5. is the lion ‘inferior in muscle power’? or is the ring master a super human?
  • 6. As an audience we know that neither the lion is inferior, nor the ring master a super human.
  • 7. Then what is it that makes the lion tamed? … a million dollar question, isn’t it?
  • 8. It is just a natural ‘inferiority’ that this lion develops … the ‘inferiority complex’ of being a late entrant. Here goes the Answer!
  • 9. the ‘inferiority complex’ of being a ‘late entrant’
  • 10. Ring master always ‘comes before’ the lion comes on stage, which gives him the advantage of establishing himself with the audience. Poor lion develops a ‘subconscious inferiority’ against the trust that the ring master enjoys, therefore, gets tamed ubiquitously. * Inferiority complex, is a feeling that can arise from an imagined inferiority. * It is often ‘subconscious’ and an ‘advanced state of discouragement’. - Wikipedia
  • 11. Doesn’t matter if the lion has more muscle power.
  • 12. Doesn’t matter if the audience enjoys the lion’s work as much as that of the ring master.
  • 13. It’s just the matter of being early to stage!
  • 14. It’s very few who realize that it’s “we” who choose to be a ‘ring master’ or a ‘tamed lion’
  • 15. seeks wannabe ‘ring masters’
  • 16. ~ Head - Alliances/Sales ~ Head – Engineering ~ Chief Innovator (Technology)
  • 17. Touch base with us … Are you better at tongue? Is writing a Mantra to you? Avinash: +91-9899003393 letsconnect@routeguru.com Piyush: +91-9971317108 For more details: www.routeguru.com/company/careers.jsp