Proxxima 2012  Paul Gelb Razorfish Keynote - Mobile: A New Golden Age of Marketing
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Proxxima 2012 Paul Gelb Razorfish Keynote - Mobile: A New Golden Age of Marketing






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  • Ultimately, the goal of the marketing CTO is to enable the CMO to wield technology as a strategic marketing capability. Analogous to relationship between a less-technical CIO and his or her CTO, or between a product CTO and the CEO. If the chemistry is right, this is a powerhouse combination.

Proxxima 2012  Paul Gelb Razorfish Keynote - Mobile: A New Golden Age of Marketing Proxxima 2012 Paul Gelb Razorfish Keynote - Mobile: A New Golden Age of Marketing Presentation Transcript

  • MobileThe Next Golden Age of Marketing May 10th 2012
  • agenda • Platform wars • Future growth of mobile • Brand opportunities & notable examples • Publisher monetization2 Proxxima 2012
  • platform wars moved beyond year of mobile3 Proxxima 2012
  • iPad & iPhone were fastest adopted devices4 Proxxima 2012
  • Apple’s iPhone business is now worth more than Microsoft.5 Proxxima 2012
  • tech giants’ competition has just begun Samsung Microsoft Google Apple Facebook AmazonProxxima 2012
  • mobile ad spend has grown methodically7 Proxxima 2012
  • U.S. trends will spread globally Mobile used to fill infrastructure vacuums in emerging economies, now it provides more value than robust infrastructure in mature economies.8 Proxxima 2012
  • multiple revenue stream opportunity exists there are three key growth catalysts multi-tasking • Search mobile shopping • Premium purchases mobile data • Flash deals • Display • Data9 Proxxima 2012
  • consumers behavior changed before marketers started working on a solution10 Proxxima 2012
  • ad spend will follow measureable engagement11 Proxxima 2012
  • U.S. mobile commerce is scaling fast12 Proxxima 2012
  • mobile is becoming part of the path to purchase13 Proxxima 2012
  • investors are following consumers14 Proxxima 2012
  • most valuable consumer segment is the mobile shopper15 Proxxima 2012
  • existing audience measurement and marketing analytics were not created for a multi-device and application worldProxxima 2012
  • alternatives to cookies are being testedProxxima 2012
  • we have only begun to use the data we have18 Proxxima 2012
  • best practices begin with process19 Proxxima 2012
  • CONTEXTUAL RELEVANCE mobile best practices have one thing in common20 Proxxima 2012
  • contextual relevance has many meanings Who? Where? When? What? How?21 Proxxima 2012
  • Westin wipes away the cold22 Proxxima 2012
  • Disney taps into gaming23 Proxxima 2012
  • Yahoo! targets multi-tasking24 Proxxima 2012
  • Unilever looks beyond ads25 Proxxima 2012
  • no one is fully monetizing mobile26 Proxxima 2012
  • searchProxxima 2012
  • premium purchasesProxxima 2012
  • flash salesProxxima 2012
  • displayProxxima 2012
  • dataProxxima 2012
  • “We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next 10. Bill Gates, Microsoft Founder32 Proxxima 2012
  • we have not seen the full potential of mobileProxxima 2012
  • Thank You