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Solo Ads aren't the best way to build your business they’re the only way you can build your business online and start earning in a reasonable amount of time!

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Solo ads

  1. 1. Solo Ads… Your Guide to Using Solo Ads Solo Ads arent the best way to build your business they’re the only way you can build your business online and start earning in a reasonable amount of time! That’s how important it is to learn and develop this marketing skill. Email Marketing is hands down the single MOST EFFECTIVE method of building any business and earning money, as you will discover in this post.Page 1 Copyright 2012
  2. 2. Whats a Solo Ad?Solo ads are an email message thats sent to a list built by someone else.Youre literally renting their list and benefiting from the work they didto build it. This technique is used in internet marketing to build a list ormarket to a targeted audience for fast results.Why Use Solo Ads?Because Email Marketing is still the fastest, mosteffective advertising method used for earning thebig money consistently... No matter what yourbudget: Big, Small or None, theres NOTHING elseeven close to producing these types of results!The latest study by Monetate proved thatEmail Converts Higher than Social and SearchCombined.Thats right targeted email ads out-performGoogle Search and Facebook results combined.93% of consumers (Buyers) have provided an email address for apromotion.Only 17% of consumers check Facebook for promotions, and only 3%check Twitter for promotions.Surprisingly, in spite of these statistics, this important marketingmethod is ignored by many marketers and businesses alike whendeveloping their marketing plan. The irony of it is that many businessesspend the majority of their internet marketing budget on the lowerresults of SEO and very little on direct contact marketing through email.No matter what your budget is, if you expect to earn any money at allyou must use Solo Ads!Page 2 Copyright 2012
  3. 3. Surprising Email Marketing StatisticsOver 58% of people read their email first when going online, converselyonly the first three positions in the free organic search results get anyviews, not to mention the competition from the paid ads that are alsocompeting for those same eyeballs!You might have an only one in ten million chance of getting a Googlesearch ranking of #1 for a targeted keyword, but you get a 100% chanceof getting your Solo Ad in the inbox of a Prospect that has chosen to Opt-In to your list.People OPT-IN because they want to... 77% of the people surveyed saidthat email was their PREFERRED method of receiving a promotion.Second place was Direct Mail with a distant 9%!66% of people who receive email ads have made a purchase as aresult… Email is the King of online marketing and Solo Ads are a bigreason why…Page 3 Copyright 2012
  4. 4. Selling or Relationship Building?The above statistics should clearly answer that question… people preferemail marketing by a factor of 3 to 1 over anything else… and two-thirdsof them have made a purchase as a result of being marketed to by email.Most people who make a purchase are more likely tobuy from you again! Shouldn’t they be on a list?Some marketers have no interest in list building.They know that if they have a high converting offerthe solo ad investment can be profitable immediately.Why any marketer would waste the opportunity toplace a buyer on a list by only sending a one timesales promotion with no opt-in is beyond me. Thevery idea that you only get one shot at their business is absurd.Undoubtedly you’ve spent a great deal of time and money to get yourmessage in front of them, why not ask them opt-in to your mailing list soyou can earn from them multiple times?Why Buy Solo Ads?It is a huge time saver for you! You are literally using other peoples listto build your own faster!The solo ad supplier has spent a significant amount of time andprobably money marketing to a lot of prospects just to get those opt-inswho were interested enough to join his list. He did all the work to buildan active list that you get the opportunity to market to.You benefit from his work, his marketing skills and his investment! Soloads are the most powerful strategy in building a responsive list...because youre marketing to people who most likely have already madea purchase from the list owner. You have access to proven buyers for arelatively low cost.Page 4 Copyright 2012
  5. 5. Solo Ads that WorkTargeted Solo Ads are the only Solo Ads that Work consistently.When the list is targeted or even semi-targeted to your niche you have the advantage of promoting an offer sooner than you could possibly do in a cold random market. That means that these prospects have already shown an expressed interest in what you are marketing and are more likely to join your list and buy what you are offering in future mailings.It’s the relationship, your knowledge and your expertise that makesthem want to buy from you, but building a list from someone else’salready targeted list grows your targeted list faster.Free Solo Ads vs. Solo Ads for SaleThe old rule: “You Get What You Pay For” holds true here. Solo Ads forSale (Paid Solo Ads) typically outperform Free Solo Ads every time. Ofcourse there are no guarantees of performance; your ad could be astinker that absolutely no-one is interested in.But, in general purchasing an ad from a reputable marketer with asizable list will give you a much better chance of success than the FreeVersions. Free Solo Ad sites can include Ezine Solo Ads, Safelists, Text Ad Exchanges, List Builders, Email Blast and Traffic Exchanges. Not all are Free and not all are bad! If you’ve heard the term “Contact Solo Ads” it was from the Free Ads industry that this was originated.Many Free Ad sites encourage their members to open two emailPage 5 Copyright 2012
  6. 6. accounts one for their important contacts so they can be contacted(Contact Email address) and the other to receive the ads sent bymembers of the list (List Email address). List email is less likely read bythe prospect.Contact Solo Ads cost a little more but are sent to their contact emailaddress where they will likely read it. Eventually the contact emailaddress becomes just another list address that is seldom read by theprospect.You can read our post “Free Solo Ads that Waste Your Time” to get abetter idea of how to use this segment of the industry.Cheap Solo AdsThey should be called low cost solo ads since they are not a badresource for those on a limited budget. The best resources for CheapSolo Ads are the Super Solo Ad sites.Super Solo Ads, Mega Solo Ads, Supreme Solo Ads are all ad services thatprovide a way for you to send an ad to multiple ad sites at once for afee. These ad sites are membership sites whose members are doubleopt-in recipients of your ad.These sites are generally not targeted but you often get to send morethan one ad to the lists. The better services will not allow you to sendmore than one ad per day and some restrict the number of ads sent perday.Keep in mind most of these membership sites are still adding newmembers so you always have a fresh audience. Also remember thatprospect often need to see 4 to 7 mailing before making the decision toadd themselves to your list.Look for Super Solo Ad sites that show the ad clicks for previously sentads. You will see a varying number of clicks so keep in mind that thequality of the ad does make a difference.Page 6 Copyright 2012
  7. 7. We recommend the following Super Solo Ad sites as a great place tostart with:Ad SwapsAnother Free Solo Ad Alternative is Ad Swaps or Ad Swap JVs… You finda marketer in your niche and agree to send a solo ad to each others list.Unfortunately, if you have a new list of people that you haven’t built asolid relationship with them yet, you risk burning out your list before itever pays you a dime.Other problems that can occur are: 1. The swap partner doesn’t have a list 2. The swap partner has a burned out list 3. The swap partner over markets to your listThese relationships can cause problems so be careful. Safe Swaps are abetter less risky alternative for this type of marketing relationship.At Safe Swaps the list owners are rated by other marketers who haveswapped or paid to send a Solo Ad to their list… The ratings are resultsbased giving you a much better gage as to who might be a reputablemarketer for you to do business with.Page 7 Copyright 2012
  8. 8. Solo Ads DirectoryWhen you’re looking for the term “Solo Ads Directory” in search you’llsee a number of inconsistencies in the results.Having worked in this industry since 1997 there are many highlyregarded Email List Marketers and Ad Swappers whose names are suspiciously missing from most of the directories listed. In some instances the names listed at these sites are people the site owner has worked with in ad swaps or ad barter arrangements. The way it works is the site owners will provide a listing on their site for the listowner as a form of payment to that list owner for him sending the siteowners solo ad to his list.This is just an online version of a “scratch my back I’ll scratch yours”arrangement… A more reliable way to find Solo Ads for sale is fromhonest Solo Ad providers at sites like Safe Swaps.Solo Ads with Guaranteed ClicksNot to be confused with Guaranteed Signups, Solo Ads GuaranteedClicks are the clicks of the link in your Solo Ads (sometimes called SoloAds Clicks) and the Guarantee is that your ad will continue to be sent outto a list until you receive the number of clicks agreed upon.Guaranteed Clicks are available as either paid or swapped howeverthere is no guarantee that you will get sales...sales are determined by: • the quality of your ad • the quality of your original opt-in and follow-up • the quality of your sales ad • the quality of your sales pagePage 8 Copyright 2012
  9. 9. • the price point of you product or service • the quality of the list the ad is going to (targeted or not)Guaranteed signups in most cases are paid to sign up and are not joiningfrom interest or desire to purchase from you. You can make sales withguaranteed signups but they will be at a significantly lower rate thatfrom a targeted list of prospects or buyers.How to Improve Solo Ad ResultsFirst and most importantly build that relationship with your list so thatthey become your personal focus group. They will tell you by theirresponse if you need to make any changes.Test everything! That’s it you test everything you do and every placeyou advertise.Test Headlines, Ad Body, The Link, Your Close, the Ad Body… That ishow you insure the Best Solo AdsPerformanceTest the landing pages, the opt-in pages, yourautoresponder messages…Test the resources you use to advertise… Youneed to know who is delivering what youpaid for or if your swap partner is deliveringas promised.You need to see the results of the clicks to know if the supplier issending you quality traffic or just a bunch of clickers for pay.Knowing which places bring you the best results will not only build yourlist faster but it will also save you both time and money.Page 9 Copyright 2012
  10. 10. Solo Ads ReviewOur Solo Ads Review: Email Marketing is hands down the best methodof marketing for investment of time, solid results and income. Solo Adsare just a faster way of leveraging the hard work and list building doneby others to your benefit…Targeted Solo ads get you in front of people who are most likely tobecome quality prospects and valuable list members who in turn willbecome long time customers. Work with reputable marketers who alsohave your best interest in mind.Solo Ads are your ticket to building a highly profitable business for thelong term!Resourceso Solo Ads with Guaranteed Clicks is just one of the Professional Marketing Services that Gina offers: http://guaranteedsubscribers.como Free Solo Ad training in blog post format is available at MLM List Building and Email Marketing services are available at: http://BigMLMList.como Safe Swaps gives you a platform for swapping or selling solo ads to other list owners whose ratings and performance statistics are readily available: Safe Swaps http://GuaranteedSubscribers.comPage 10 Copyright 2012