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Outline for the Day

  1. 1. HCE day Aims for the day.• Students will gain an understanding about the Revival centre in Matugga andhow it is connected with Pudsey Grangefied School, through research and apresention/assembly/discussion/Assessment.• Students will write a letter to one of the Champions at the Revival Centre, topromote the links with our school and theirs.• Students will produce a Day in the life of a PGS student’ compared to astudent at the Revival Centre, to gain more of an awareness of the differences,similarities and diversities in their lives. Students will present their findingsback to their group.• Students will assess the work completed.
  2. 2. Overview for the day.P1. Computers have been booked for P2Students will produce some research into the Revival centre, this will be needed to support the lessons in theafternoon.www.revivalcentrematugga.org.ukP2.Assembly in the hall.There will be a slide show/talk given by Phil Chappell, Pastor Ivan, (who has delayed his return to Matugga, tocome into school to talk with the students), Mark and Hannah, (Ilkley Grammar 6th form students, who visited thecentre at Easter).Phil is in charge of the organisation for supporting the Centre.The visitors will talk to students in their groups, to give more time for asking questions. Each visitor will spendabout 20 mins with a group.P3.Students will write a letter to one of the students/orphans at the centre.A letter writing frame will be available to help students with this.P5 and 6.Students will produce a Day in the life of a PGS student, as compared to a Revival centre student.The students will compare the differences and similarities.This will be presented back to the group.There will be an example to show the students and a frame to work on, if needed. Alternatively, students can beencouraged to be creative with the presentation.Students will assess their work.
  3. 3. Secondary school students
  4. 4. P1.Aims for lesson.Through research you will produce information about the Revival Centre in Matugga.www.revivalcentrematugga.org.uk(Students will need the research for the lessons after lunch.)Through discussion with one of the visitors, you will have an opportunity to ask moreabout the centre and its students.Include in your research:Information about the centre and its background, the school and the children/students.Look at the links page at the top of the page for the above.(e.g. If you look at the news section, you will see one of our Schools dining tables,from our old school, being carried into a building at the centre.)Starter.Log on to the website and look at the different areas briefly, discuss what might beincluded.Plenary.Ask students to feedback what information they have found on the website. Discussrelevant points, ask opinions to promote discussion.
  5. 5. Hilda and Winnie
  6. 6. P3.Aims for the lesson.Students will write a letter to one of the students,Champions at the Revival centre.Include information about your friends; family; pets; schoollife; holidays and interests. The children like to hear abouthow children live their lives in Britain. Print off the letters.These will be taken back to Matugga.Starter.See writing frame to support your letter. Discuss the above.What would you include?Plenary.One or two students could read out their letters to thegroup.
  7. 7. • P5 (& 6)• Aims for the lesson.• In a creative way, students will produce a day in the life of a PGS student.• Starter.• Look at the example and discuss what might be included.• Mini Plenary.• Ask one or two students to give some examples of information included in their work.• Further work.• To develop this, students could begin to produce a second Day in the life, looking at a Revival centre student. Students could discuss some of the differences and similarities.
  8. 8. P6.Aims for lesson.Through a creative response, students will complete the Day in thelife of a Revival centre student.Students will present their Days in the life to the group.Students will use assessment sheets provided to asses the day.Students can also complete the ‘Uganda, what I know’ sheet.Plenary.Discuss the differences and similarities between the lives of thestudents in Pudsey and Matugga, Uganda.Do you think its important to maintain a link with the centre?Apart from writing to the Champions/students, what else could wedo as a school?Students will use assessment sheets provided to asses the day.