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Short Biography - Karim Rashid
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Short Biography - Karim Rashid


A short biography of Karim Rashid well known as a for his interior, fashion, product lines, furniture, lighting design and artistic talent.

A short biography of Karim Rashid well known as a for his interior, fashion, product lines, furniture, lighting design and artistic talent.

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  • 1. Karim Rashid Majik Café Belgrade, Serbia Biography
  • 2. Biography/Majik Cafe
    • Karim Rashid is a principal figure in the fields of merchandise, interior, fashion, furniture, lighting design and art .
  • 3. Biography
    • Karim Rishad was born in Cairo, Egypt. He is half Egyptian, half English, and raised in Canada.
    • Karim now practices his work in New York .
  • 4. Majik Cafe
    • Café stems from Karim’s philosophy of creating a digipop (a digital exploration of computer graphics) digital nature and a seamless world that stimulates all the senses.
  • 5. Biography / Majik Cafe
    • Karim Rashid trained as a designer in Ottowa and Milan.
    • His soft and fluid form express his passion of virtual reality and underground music traditions.
  • 6. Biography/majik cafe
    • Rashid was previously a DJ and tests the limits of modern materials such as plastics, foam, and synthetic fabric to form his imaginative vision for such diverse companies.
    Rashid believes in a holistic method to design, in which the totality of elements can be more beautiful than the elements themselves. On a more mundane level, well-designed objects can enhance beauty and emulate the lives of those who use them.
  • 7. Other Designs By Karim Rashid Semiramis Hotel Athens
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