Decided To Mobilise? How to Engage with the Mobile Internet User.


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An architects guide to thinking about mobilisation of your content and services.

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Decided To Mobilise? How to Engage with the Mobile Internet User.

  1. An architect’s guide Decided to to thinking about MIPS Mobilise? (2.0) How to Engage with the Mobile Internet User Paul Golding @pgolding (C) Copyright Paul Golding, 2008
  2. First mobile internet portal was Zingo (1998) [Lucent, Netscape, Spyglass...] Mobilist since 1990 (many GSM patents) - set up the mobilists groups on LinkedIn and Facebook Courtesy GoFigure Mobile 1996-date: Worked in mobile apps on every continent (operators, vendors, start-ups, VCs...) @pgolding Most recently Motorola’s Chief Applications Architect for mobile applications and Mobile TV/IPTV applications. Set up ‘Mashing Room.’ Author... 2 (C) Copyright Paul Golding, 2008
  3. Chapter 15 “Mobilising the Media Experience” 3 (C) Copyright Paul Golding, 2008
  4. ! Lots of devices Lots of technologies Lots of tools Lots of ideas Lots of confusion Mobilising can be messy You will need a strategy (C) Copyright Paul Golding, 2008
  5. I will address: Mindset - ways to think about MIPS User experience Resultant platform/technology architecture Mobilisation methods 5 (C) Copyright Paul Golding, 2008
  6. Ideation +! Developers Programming Tools &! Open source Software Web 2.0! Internet! (e.g. Flickr, Platform Services/! Google,! Content Yahoo,! Facebook,! Operator! Blogs,! Platform Etc.) •Texting quot;Mash-Upquot;! •Billing Services •MMS Internal! Partners (e.g. geo-blogging! Services •Video = Location + blog + photos/videos) •Voice Producers! •Location Operator Ecosystem Advertisers Message = Web 2.0 is the mobile platform Is there a mobile Internet? (C) Copyright Paul Golding, 2008
  7. ! Native or Browser ? Message = don’t put the cart before the horse Design, not dogma (C) Copyright Paul Golding, 2008
  8. Experiences quot;Servicesquot; Service Enablers (e.g. Presence, IM, VoIP, Media Store) Platforms and Networks (e.g. SDP, IMS, Billing) (e.g. 3G, WiMAX, DVB-H) Message = try to think about UX Designate a UXA, cultivate the UX mindset Think User Experience (C) Copyright Paul Golding, 2008
  9. Message = Try to map function to UX Think about who is “i” and “we” Mapping the experience (C) Copyright Paul Golding, 2008
  10. UX as Narrative Unboxing Surprise Me UX Catch-up Share Message = be creative 10 (C) Copyright Paul Golding, 2008
  11. Beginning, middle & end You should at least Discovery try this because... Conversation Unboxing You will use this with You will like finding others because... out about this because... Anticipation UX Investment You will keep coming You should continue back for more because... to use this because... Evangelism Passion You will want to “sell” this to Loyalty You will love using this others because... because... You will want to continue using this because... Message = Use these to build the narrative (C) Copyright Paul Golding, 2008
  12. Seamless Unified CMS Experience Cross- personalization Producers Ideas Events News Opinions Socially-enable Media everything Content Management Platform Seamless for users (also developers, partners and Mobile Channel Broadcast Channel Web Channel advertisers) Message = Converged architecture (C) Copyright Paul Golding, 2008
  13. Semantic “Content” Management Advert Video News Story Content Management Platform Personalisation Packaging Retailing Recommendation Connector Connector Connector Mobile Channel Broadcast Channel Web Channel Message = Think meta-data! (C) Copyright Paul Golding, 2008
  14. 2.0 cliche - it’s a conversation UX is conversation Conversation pulls Facilitate, don’t suggest/own Follow Message = Let the conversation flow! 14 (C) Copyright Paul Golding, 2008
  15. Alerts UserDistributed CMS profiling Clientless Client Ultra- Use-case profiling personalization WAP! Browser ODP Service profiling Socially-enable Geographical profiling everything Video! Video! Video! Video! Centric Centric Enhanced Enhanced Device/technology/ Video downloads! Mobile TV Video downloads! network profiling Video streaming Video streaming Circuit Business modeling Circuit Packet Packet Unicast Broadcast Decision tree, map or matrix Circuit Packet Passive Interactive Message = Be methodical, not dogmatic Mobilising Pathways (C) Copyright Paul Golding, 2008
  16. New Media Platform <Information> Unified workflow Middle Browser ware Conversation <meta-data> Middle ODP ware Workflow Middle CMS Web Rich Media ware Conversation 2.0 Engine DVB-H Middle ware APIs Mashable/open API Middle Others ware Agile design Message = Design where it counts (C) Copyright Paul Golding, 2008
  17. Strongest? Whose metaphor? Must work! Form v function? On mobiles - favour function! Message = meet user expectations (C) Copyright Paul Golding, 2008
  18. Parting advice UX task profiling Which tasks are key (rank them) and define measurement(s) for success Eventually, let the user’s decide Usability testing (still overlooked) Become a mobilist (get help) Join mobilists group on LinkedIn and Facebook 18 (C) Copyright Paul Golding, 2008
  19. Thank you Paul Golding Follow @pgolding (C) Copyright Paul Golding, 2008